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Horoscope for May 7, 1978, m Wferew style'

The Tibetan horoscope strikes us as very imprecise: there is no notation for degrees, aspects, and so on. In this case there is also a gross error in the position of Venus {out by one sign). However, it must be borne in mind that the Tibetan horoscope is not used in the same way as its Western counterpart.

This type of horoscope, diawn for the full moon or the new moon, is found in the almanacs tor each month.

The PLinefi in AslroLw

The planets arc also used m the Chinese-based system, in which they are related to the hve Yemenis and thi I'.whe animals.

According to out text:

i'hu, .tie Ujdn tl)L "i ll. iiu Moom. Win, Mmmt, lui'llei. VliUI'l. .t:d K.tllll.

I'll.- Sun ..ml Mil-» lie t I.c -ill -III. the Wh. .fit M«"> ■IU.I Men. Ill \ ,ue W.iti ! .inJ rule .he NUth. .1»^. i> ^..d liMMMMMMH

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