t...»1 |: . / i p. f.ta n day ergy is at us highest. This wilt be an excellent d4v par-itcularly it much energy has to be expended

3. The Day of Obstacles (Gek) is the day on which planetary energy is agamst the individual and creates obstacles h is best not to undertake important activities and nur to travel on this day-

Each animal of the twelve-year cycle is thus connected with an excellent day and a day of obstructions (see table 26, page f 80). If the day of birth corresponds with one of those three days, there is a particular meaning for the individual:

• if the individual was bom on a La day, he or she will be intelligent and resourceful.

• if the individual was born on a Day of Vitality, his Or her life will be well-omened. These are both signs of long life.

• if the individual was born on a Day of Obstacles, he ot she will meet hindrances. This also sometimes indicates a short life.

If you art a Monkey born on a Friday or a Thursday, congratulations! These- two days will be generally favorable for vou, Tuesday, however, wil! be your worst Jay,

Central Character of the Thirty Days of the Month

The 30 days of the month are lunar davs. In one luaar dav, the moon travels 12° from the sun The days of the month are therefore related to the different phases of the moon. In the course of the month, the moon makes different aspects to the sun, and these nuv be either favorable ot unfavorable. This^ what rivl-s the dav. theit particular chaactef, In she Indian, Cht-nese, and Arab uaditions, there are IIms showing the characteristics of the phases of the moon and the lunar days. and MmHar lists are also found in Western raagic.

The follow,m; list shos.s ,iu sun-moo.t distance-u deSrces the corropondins aspects m Western a.trologv, and the prucM characteristics of each djv.

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