For example: date of birth 12/12/1888. The Tibetan year is Earth Rat. December ยก2 falls in the 11th lunar month, which begins on December 4. Since there is no 4th day in that month, 12/12 falls on the 10th day. The Tibetan equivalent for this date is therefore Male Earth Rat year, iOth day, 11 th month.

The Names of the Tibetan Months

Since there are a number of parallel naming systems, it is not always easy to orient oneself. (See table 23, page 173.)

1. In one system, the months are named in numerical order; Dawn Dangpo or First Month, Dawa Nytpa or Second Month, Da-ma Sumpa, or Third Month, and so on.

2. In the Indian system, the months take the name of the constellation in which the full moon occurs: Cbu Dawn is the first month, since the full moon falls in the gyukar

3. : )n another system, the months are named after the twelve animals of the Chinese cycle; but here there are three dif-

. ferent systems Used. Suffice it to say that in the first system, the most common, the first month, is the Month of the Dragon, the second is. the Month of the Snake, and so on. This is the-ivstem used in Jungtsi astrology.

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