Tibetan xylograph illustrating the orientation of the Parkhas and Mewas karts!


As we have seen, Naktsi Chinese astrology is defined in terras of the observation of cycles ol cosmic energy in time. Wint,1 j^trol-ogy, or Kartsi, which is ot Indian origin is quite different: this is an astrological system bised 011 planetary movements <ii celestial space. In many particulars it approaches Western ¿strologv, wish which it shares a common origin.


The path that the sun ¡•■"¡..■^ iluoc-eh the .eicsu.i' -p-icv :i! il« course of a iv.n is knmw- n.- alipiu I'hb ¡Lk Jewm-ius both longitude 0'' .ind l.uir.idc 0" ol ilw -"Jir\.

The zodiac is .. bn:d i «-ie micuI...i=; tk" (from latitude -.9" to n -uross *hich ihtf :«<»™ ,hi planets move. . . In orde, to <n,;tsme longitude in the ^ •,-n"

oi 10'= each. the nwive stow. The twelve signs were established m' rrrroi of the stars and constclhtkms that define the zodiac. AJs-er thousands of years of observation, a symbolic name was -¿wr. to ewh of the r*dve constellations that form the signs.

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