sifAr*r, Earrls, CJog, Horse, Fig

Fire, WokhJ, M^nkcs^ Clow, Snake

MetaJ Monkcv

Dragon f 1

\Xbod gives an animal mobility and vitality, a supple and balanced creative power, and a quality of softness. Wood years are years of transformation.

Fire transmits a vital, brilliant, and transforming energy am) enhances expression, extroversion, and the ability to make decisions; although it often brings about violence, intolerance, and destruction. Fire years are marked by rapid evolution, conflict, and drought.

Earth gives stability to the animal sign, along with realism and slowness of action- Earth years are calm, stabilizing, prosperous, and favorable for agriculture.

Metal makes an animal sign more rigid. The character is clear and cutting, or sometimes brittle and authoritarian. Metal years are energeiic and positive but disturbed, and few compromises can be expected.

Water gives openness o! mind, suppleness, reflection, communication, and intuition. The animal sign associated with Water becomes more thoughtful, lucid, and sensitive, but also more passive. Water years are auspicious for change and communication.

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