Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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ing oil the Parkha, as well as the individual's La. In this case, it is necessary to perform the "repurchase of the La."

A man born in the Fire Dog year (1946), for example, will be entering his thirty-ninth year in 1984 (Wood Rat). His Parkha is thereto!e Tsin. During this year, his favorable directions are East, Southeast, South, and "North. He must avoid Smilbwesl., W^ts Northwest, and Norl beast.

The orientation of the Cosmic Turtle. The gooJ or bad character of the directions is shown by the following symbols;

San; Sky Medtctne Vajra: Life Support Knot of Eternity Pro\penty Swastika: Message of luck Triangle: injury Five points. Fur demons Phurba: I ife-cuttmg demon* Body part bodtly pu nishment

The central an le contains the Mcms. ft » s*rro*nded by the twelve animals and h. ,'."<■ l :! - '.'»r.r;:-

tree (Wood), flames ;F»eI, Mionl¡Metd}- tuWÎ i**"1*

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