Each of the nine Mewas is associated with i color rohi'^rj to one of the five dements. According to oyr astrological text:

The first is White, the second Black, the third Biw. The tnurth is Green, the fifth Yellow, the sixth White, the wvewh Rt*d, the eighth White, and the ninth is Red.

The three Whites (1, 6, 8) are Metal, the Black ami the Blue (2,3) are Water, the Green (4) is Wood, the Yellow « !:ji;h, and the Reds (7, 9) ire Fire,

The correspondences arc as shown iti uWe U ip^g1-'

The system of the nine Mewjs is dynamic: c.ith vc,ir. i-aeh month, and each da)', the Mew as move. 'The order of pio^'c^k-Hi follows the increasing or Jem-Jsiiti: figures, depending on tlw case. The course of movement ¿cross the ftut;te squire dcseriks

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