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vital air* the Wind Horse can unify, harmonize, and strengthen Vital»"'" Health, and Personal Power. It symbols our fortune, our good luck, *ad our capacity to avoid bad situations When the Wind Horse is weak, bad luck strikes-one dreams that one-is descending a hill and sinking »no a bog. When the Wind Horse is strong, one dreams of flying through the air or riding a white horse.

animals, elements. and individual forces

Each animal corresponding to the elements represents one of the five forces. According to our astrological text:

The Vitality of the animals resides in the elements of the directions. The Vitality of the Tiger and the Hare is Wood, that of the Horse and the Snake is Fire. The Vitality of the Monkey and the Bird is Metal and that of the Rat and the Pig is Water. As for the Cow, the Sheep, the Dog, and the Dragon, all four have the Vitality of the Earth element.

This refers to working out the elements of the Sok. The text .continues, "The mother ol Vitality is called the La." The elements of the La are simply those that engender the elements of the iok. For example, the in element of the Horse is Wood, because Wood produces ] ,re, which is the Vitality element of the Horse.

The War.? ihanv element is the same as the element thai rules the year. For a person born in the year of the Metal Tiger, the Klemcru of Personal i'owei is also Metal.

The elements of the I,h arc arrange«! in a particular order over " thjrly yeaf pctiod, each one governing two successive years.

I he. Lung Ta elements are deiei mined according to the following ruhs-

The 'J tijer, the Horse, and tin- all hav.- the Wind of the Vitality element of the Monkey namely Mcui, The Rat, the

Dragon, and the Monkey 3|| ha¥t lhe Wm(j ^ clement of the figer, namely Wood. The Bird. the Cow, J

ITJ u"v- P'r t,W Sh"P' Snd the »» ><»« the of thc V,ullt>' ^ the Snake, rumely Fire Thes, signs are grouped in harmonious sets of three. There is no Wind Horse of the Earth element.

This law brings to mind the rules of affinity for the animals; the animals that are grouped in a triad by the same Wind Horse are those that enjoy excellent relations. It should also be noted that enemy-animals are those whose Wind Horse elements are opposed. This is the case for the Dog (Metal), which has bad relations with Dragon (Wood)—Metal is the enemy of Wood.

Table 9 (pages 90-91) shows the elements ot the five individual forces in the sixty-year cvcle.

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