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ajons wiih the eight Parkim and the magic squ,1]C o(- ^ Circuí,!!' protective diagrams .ire arranged around i/ ^^^ corresponding mantras. On each side there are geomW|t^ t'1e',r reminiscent oi Chinese Taoist seals, which are intended K ^^ evil influences in the twelve-year cycle, as well as those bv the I..-U, N) en, and Saciak spirits. Mañjusrí, the prote«^ astrology, sits at the top, along with the Kalacakra etritíí^ f "len Powers, an important apotropaic talisman made up cf ^ six intertwined syllables of the Kalacakra mantra (om ha ksaiv/ la va ra yam svaha) in Lentsa letters.

The design is accompanied by a prayer of invocation to the astrológica! deities, who are the same as the local deities

Eight Great Planets, respect your vows!

God of the element Wood, dwelling in the East,

God of the element Fire, dwelling in the South,

God of the element Metal, dwelling in the West,

God of the element Water, dwelling in the North,

God of the element Earth, dwelling in the four intermediate directions, all of you, maintain your great oath!

And you also, the five deities of the cosmic turtle!

Pay attention!

Take no notice oí us, who are miking offerings!

Do not go astray!

All you deities of the five elements, keep to your vows!

You twenty-eight constellations, Mindruk, Dranye, and the others, keep your vows!

May all the malevolent Sadaks keep their oath in this gr^t assembly today!

Sagyal, King of the Earth, do nor be angry today!

Do not break the Parkhas or the Mewasl ^

Do not. destroy the year or trouble the months, do not sua the days or change the hours!

■ Do not invert the rising and setting of the stars!

Do not cause all the Düd demons to descend!

Do not bewitch the Earth!

protective seal

/or the twelve-year cycle protective seal against Lu, Nym, and Sadai protective seal against Lu, Nym, and Sadai protecti ve seal for the lords and. ministers of the Saditk


Some protective talismans

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