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A page from the Tibetan lo tho. The translation appears in table 14.

'llie Tibetans use the allocation of space and the seasonal correspondences established by King Wen, using the river Lo as a model. Occasional slight differences exist, such as the reversal of the trigrams Chen and Sun. According to our text:

Starting at the South and moving to the right, [these trigrams] art: found, in order: Li ■ ■ J ¡¡re, Khon — Earth, Da — Metal, Khen — Sky, Kham — Water, Kin — Mountain, Tsin — Woud, and Zm — Wind. Although Sky, Mountain, and Wind are new, lht> .ieiivt, in far.i, from the five elements.

/Vs the text suggests, ihr eight Ilirkii.is are an extension of the theory o| the fr.v elements. (See diagrams opposite,)

Tibetan and Chme$e Ingram,

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