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the foundations of tibetan astrology

Tiiietan astrolog) known as tsi rik, the "science of calculation." It is not only a divioatory art but is also used in the study of the rhythms arid cycles of time, whence the working out of Tibetan chronology and the compilation of the calendar also fall within the domain of the Tibetan astrologer.

Astrology is one of the five secondary sciences, along with the literary am. ft is also a valuable adjunct to traditional medicine, assisting in the confirmation of certain diagnoses and in determining the most auspicious times for the preparation and ad-minmraQoit of medicine!;, The preparation and performance of msmy Buddhist and Bon rituals, moreover, require a good knowledge of the astrological conditions of the moment. Astrol ogy is alio crucial at the most important moments in the life cycle, such as birth, marriage, ;tnd death.

Astrology is thus ubiquitous in the daily life of the Tibetans and w akvay;, combined with religious life, h is therefore important to utidersund its relationship with Buddhism and the place tW it occupies within that cumem.

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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