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be started and important tasks finished on days of success, for accomplishment is assured. On enemy days, all discussion, competition, argument, or battle will be lost.

When the weekly and monthly cycles are contrary to each other on the same day for a given individual, the weekly cycle is considered stronger than the monthly (planetary energies are stronger than monthly energies). Nevertheless, the two influ ences are complementary, and both must be taken into account in fine-tuning one's judgment.

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Tibetan almanac? give a number of (actors for each day, soii'ie ofthemdrawn irom Jungui astrology and othcis from Kattsi. It m WM

1S i,es( to study both in corning to a tuil unditMandin» of thr character of a day, and then to create >,sntheus

Certain factors derive- from dait • .«mbimnum and «then must be examined independently. Isch <k\ also possums a^en-eral tone that Can be felt at the collective level u ,,e|( ^ nt live or positive quality for each individual

Clearly, it would be a tiresome business to 'perform analyses every day—and there would be little rime Sett for am ~ thing else. However, it is useful to perform thtsc calculation for important days in our lives: choicc of marnage dat, the for laving the foundations of a house, the best days for nuking important decisions, signing contracts, setting off on tourney;, and so on.

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Mlkurv Moftdrr W^fUi I Vnc ud Coupk UiMiäi

Birth tr'

fiige of iW dlmanac s/xwmg >■■" tht astrological omfigurttiom for 2/20/8$ (Titian AV-k* Kw'-¡'¡Tattslator'i mrtc: lags w iki' ¿M* should be Icags./

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Dativ Ämmäi-Bement Combination

Each clav is associated wirb an animal arid an element, The daily animal is simpte to work out: since there are 30 days in a month, it lakes two months to complete a cycle ot 60 animals (5 x 12). The animal for the 1st day of the äst month is therefore the same as that for the ist day of the 3rd month, and so on. According to our text:

The sis male months (ist, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and Hth) begin with the Div of the Tiger. The full moon {¡5th d.iv) falls on the Dav of the Dragon, ind the new moon (30th day) falls on the Dae of the Sheep. The six female months (2nd, 4th, 6th, iirh. i Oth, and 12th) begin on the Day of the Monkee, and the new moon falls on the Pay of the Cow. The Ist. 13th, and 25th aar? <bv twelves) have the same animal.

The daily element is also easily established. It depends on two simple rules:

1. The elements change each day in their order of production, i.e., Wood—Fire—Earth—Metal—Water, and so on.

2. The element of the 1st day of the month is the son of the element of that month. For example, in a Fire month the 1st day will be Earth, the 2nd Metal, the 3rd Water, and so on,

■Because of the numerical rules that connect years, months, and day-,, the ■.amt v)ek !< repeated e\ei v ren \e-ars Wlitii a da}' is doubled, it retains rh- sam-* animal eknieni eombinjtiois, whew, on miy,ed da;, s rhc <_> ele h.Hosvs the normal eoursc

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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