Discover The Secret Of Immortality

Discover The Secret Of Immotality

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Of The Influence S Of The Stars

Naturally from any other source than the seminal being infused in his composition for seeing likewise that the soul is immortal, and endued with free-will, which acts upon the body, the soul cannot be inclined by any configuration of the stars either to good or evil but from its own immortal power of willingly being seduced by sin, it prompts to evil but enlightened by God, it springs to good, on either principle, according to its tendency, the soul feeds while in this frail body but what further concerns the soul of man in this, and after this, we shall fully investigate the natural magic of the soul, in which we have fully treated every point of enquiry that has been suggested to us by our own imagination, and by scientific experiments have proved its divine virtue originally scaled therein by the Author of its being. ALMIGHTY and most merciful God, we thy servants approach with fear and trembling before thee, and in all humility do most heartily beseech thee to pardon our manifold...

[divine Nature Of The Heavens

Certain people would like to dampen our zeal by describing the difficulties of our science. It is true that we deal with knotty problems not easily grasped by a mind which is weighed down and trapped in earthly pollution even though it is formed of immortal fire. 3. We willingly agree with this point of view and are prepared to show how divine matters are discovered only after laborious research. My opponent must admit that the immortal spirit, when separated from the lusts and vices of the body, retains an awareness of its seed and origin. It recognizes its sovereignty and easily reaches with its godlike searching mind all the things which are supposed difficult.

Early Greek Philosophy

Plato could not rest in the idea of a multiplicity of souls without referring back to one divine reason as the source and end of their spiritual life. Hence, he speaks of a divine intelligence that is the ultimate cause of all order and life in the world, and that the souls of the gods and men are the direct work of the creator. Since soul is a self-moving principle, God only is the First Mover, the source of life and activity in all other beings. Man is not immortal in his own right as an individual, but rather because the divine life is communicated to him.

The Sun In The Eighth House

The Eighth House is the angle of incidence through which the death dealing forces act, and as the Sun is the giver of life it is evident that this position is extremely detrimental as far as vitality is concerned, and it often brings a promising life to an early termination. It also often happens that when genius has gone begging all through life and passed the portal of death in obscurity it gains belated recognition, fame and immortality through this position of the Sun.

Aquarius The Father Of The New

In order to substantiate the conclusion, one has merely to examine the fact that the three Nakshatras, namely, Dhanishta, Satabhisha and Poorvabhadra comprising Kumbha are owned by Mars, Rahu and Jupiter which are intimately connected with the powerful Karmic forces generated in past lives. Jupiter bestows all the auspicious opportunities for the development and fruition of spiritual faculties Rahu bestows immortality, whereas Mars is the planet that gives courage and enthusiasm for ascending to divine heights. Thus in Kumbha sign there is the undercurrent of all the three planets which are greatly connected with all spiritual pursuits in life. The very nature of the ownership of the sign suggests that the persons born under this sign would be very intimately connected with their past lives. Saturn keeps a record of all the past deeds and misdeeds of different person so that by arranging the everyday life of the individuals it could create enough impediments so that the individual in...

Chiron The Wounded Healer

In mythology, Chiron was a compassionate tutor whose students included three heroes the warrior Achilles, the Argonaut Jason, and Hercules. One day, Chiron was accidentally scratched by one of Hercules's poison arrows. The pain was so intense that he wanted to die. But Chiron was immortal. Unable to die, he was forced to cope with the agony. In the process, he became expert in the arts of healing. Yet despite Chiron's knowledge, his pain never lessened. Nor did he develop a tolerance for it. He did, however, find a solution. After negotiating with Zeus, he bequeathed his immortality to Prometheus, who had given fire to mankind and was being tortured as a result. So Prometheus, having been freed from his agony, joined the society of the gods on Mount Olympus while Chiron, relieved of his agony, was allowed to travel into the underworld, release his bodily pain, and take up residence in Hades.

Astrological Symbology

These three kinds of symbols primarily represent certain stages of cosmic ideation and the path of return to the source from which everything began. A cross which is primarily composed of two lines intersecting at their middle points is a very ancient symbol representing regeneration. Madame H.P. Blavatsky has stated that the form of the cross did not originate with the Christianity, rather it was known and used for mystical purposes thousands of years before the christian era. According to her, it formed part and parcel of the various rituals in Egypt and Greece, in Babylon and India, as well as in China, Mexico, and Peru. It formed a cosmic, as well as a physiological (or phallic) symbol. The form of the cross has varied considerably from one country to another and from one period to another, and its use has also been very much different. As Tau, it had been used even as a magic talisman. But essentially, the cross is considered as a symbol of eternal life, the four points...

Yoga and the Three Bodies

Yoga in the Vedic system is-a science of meditation aimed at Self-realization or union with the Divine as its ultimate goal.12 Yoga or spiritual practice of any genuine type is the main concern of the soul or the . causal body, the immortal part of our nature, whose intentions go beyond physical or psychological well-being to our eternal welfare.

Nakshatras The Twentyseven Wives Of The Moon

The Hindu astrology, and specially the topic of Nakshatras are so much intimately connected with the system of Indian philosophical thought that their proper understanding would necessarily require an intimate knowledge of esoteric implications of various Hindu mythologies. S.M. Ahmed Hashmy has very rightly emphasized that the Indian astrology, religion, and mythology are so much mixed up that it is not possible to separate them. The entire astrological nomenclature is symbolic. The Hindu astrology has assigned so much importance to the various devas, angellic hosts, and the planetary regents that the prognostications are never considered in isolation of the eternal life of the individual. The celestial hosts ever-active in discharging their divine responsibilities bring out the latent destiny of individuals, as well as that of the society, nations, mother earth, solar system and the cosmos. In this context, the affirmation of Eliphas Levi that God sows the idea of the Infinite, and...

The Influence Of The Twelve Signs When Rising

The other class is the extreme opposite, symbolized by the human part of the sign. Here is the man rising above the animal nature, bending the bow of aspiration and aiming at limitless space, signifying the loftiest longing of that immortal spark of incipient divinity we call the soul. This class is law abiding and of the highest morals from it come the pillars of the church and beloved rulers of state famed for integrity, benevolence and justice.

Brunos Symbolism

Thus he speaks of the Soul of the World as the formal constitutive principle of the world and of all that it contains for all things, although not animal, are animate . And this doctrine is again and again repeated in the various works of this intuitive thinker, as in the Ceneri, where it is said Everything participates in Life, there are innumerable lives not only in us but in all composite bodies, and when we regard a thing which is said to be dying, we should rather understand that it changes, and that there is an end to that accidental composition and configuration, whilst there yet remain those things that are incorrupt and for ever immortal. From the Spirit, which is the life of the universe, proceed the life and soul of whatsoever is living and ensouled and understood to be immortal, as also are all the bodies as to their substance, being not otherwise dead save in that they are subject to dispersion and aggregation, which is clearly expressed in Ecclesiastes That which is to...

The Inquisition And Peter Of Abano

Shortly after Peter's death, geomancy was immortalized in a Provencal didactic poem written in 1332 and running to 3,700 lines. This labour of love rather than art rhymes its way through all the possible combinations of the figures in the Houses of Heaven one wonders whether the poet sought immortality in art or in didactic verbosity. Nevertheless this exhaustive treatment escaped the flames to provide useful clues about the earlier writers on geomancy.

Edgar Cayce On The Soul

Cayce, Plotinus, and many religious doctrines, have long taught the immortality of the soul. It is embodied in the principles of transmigration, or reincarnation, and its sister doctrine Karma, also known as the law of cause and effect. It seems logical that the soul should require more than one life-experience in the earth-plane to evolve and develop its spiritual life. Edgar was surprised to hear upon waking that he had answered questions about these states of existence between physical lives. There was no Cayce makes a distinction between the personality and individuality he explains that the personality is that temporal, passing aspect of the physical body, while the individuality is immortal and eternal. The personality is a highlighted portion of the individuality, and is shaped by three or four incarnations, that area of earthly experience on which the individuality wants to work. Each incarnation reflects the emotions and talents of the person. Thus a personality is only an...

Driven Proud Groupconscious

Many an Aquarian has said the same thing to me I don't know what compels me to work so hard. There is something inside me that forces me to give of myself, a drive to help. Perhaps it is the old urge for immortality I want to leave something behind me, to make a difference.

Ufe And Training Of An Astrologer

This consideration also makes things difficult for the haruspices because, whatever divinity is invoked by them, since it is of lesser power, is not able to explain the character of the greater power which is in the Emperor. For all free-born men, all classes, all the rich, all the nobles, all the officials, all powers serve him endowed with divine authority and immortality he is numbered among the first ranks of the gods.

Of The Power And Virtue Of The Divine Names

NOW, consequently, we must discourse of intelligences, spirits, and angels. An intelligence is an intelligible substance, free from all gross and putrifying mass of a body, immortal, insensible, assisting all, having influence over all and the nature of all intelligences, spirits, and angels is the same. IB ut I call angels here, not those whom we usually call devils, but spirits so called from the propriety of the word, as it were, knowing, understanding, and wise. But of these, according to the tradition of magicians, there are three kinds the first of which we call super-celestial, and minds altogether separated from a body, and, as it were, intellectual spheres worshipping one only God, as it were, their most firm and stable unity or centre. Wherefore they even call them Gods, by reason of a certain participation of the Divinity, for they are always full of God. These are only about God, and rule not the bodies of the world, neither are they fitted for the government of inferior...


Aeternitas, asteroid 446 (the 446th asteroid to be discovered, on October 27, 1899), is approximately 52 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 4.7 years. Its name is Latin for eternity, and refers to the immortality achieved by deification. When prominent in a natal chart, Aeternitas may indicate a person with interest in the eternal verities or one who can expect a long life.

The Soul

ACCORDING to the word of God, which we take in all things for our guide, in the 1st chapter of Genesis, and the 26th verse, it is said-- God said, let us make man in our image, after our likeness and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. --Here is the origin and beginning of our frail human nature hence every soul was created by the very light itself, and Fountain of Life, after his own express image, likewise immortal, in a beautiful and well-formed body, endued with a most excellent mind, and dominion or unlimited monarchy over all Nature, every thing being subjected to his rule, or command one creature only being excepted, which was to remain untouched and consecrated, as it were, to the divine mandate Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat But of the tree of the knowledge of good and For, from thence hath proceeded another...

Vedic Parable

Dadhyak by his profound austerities had received the highest knowledge of immortality, called the 'knowledge of honey' (Madhu Vidya) because it carried the supreme bliss. Dadhyak gained this knowledge as a special gift from Indra, the greatest of the Vedic Gods, and like his Greek counterpart Zeus, the lord of heaven who wielded an irresistible lightning bolt against his enemies. Naturally this precious wisdom had to be protected. Indra forbade Dadhyak from teaching it, even to the other Gods. Indra placed a special curse on Dadhyak, saying that if Dadhyak tried to teach it, Indra would come and immediately cut his head off.

Of Antipathies

There are very many properties that remain after death and these are things in which the idea of the matter is less swallowed up, according. to Plato, in them even after death, that which is immortal in them will work some wonderful things --as in the skins we have mentioned of several wild beasts, which will corrode and eat one another after death also, a drum made of the rocket-fish drives away all creeping things at what distance soever the sound of it is heard and the strings of an instrument made of the guts of a wolf, and being strained upon a harp or lute, with strings made of sheep-guts, will make no harmony,

Aquinas Thomas

For example, Aquinas asserted that one could utilize powers of rationality to overcome such forces of determinism. The basis for this assertion was the distinction Christian philosophy drew between the immortal soul (governed by reason) and the physical body (governed by sensual desire). As an artifact of this physical world, astrological forces could, according to Aquinas, affect the physical body. The soul, however, was beyond such forces. Individuals could thus exercise their reason and overcome planetary influences.

The Duodecatemoria35

One thing, however, should be noted however favorable the influence of the planet of Jupiter might be, if it be under the attack of Mars and Saturn, surrounded with hostile influences, it is not able to resist them alone. For men would be immortal if the favorable influence of Jupiter were never overcome in their charts. But since God the Creator has made man in such a way that his physical substance is dissolved after a limited span of life, it is necessary to restrain Jupiter, who affords health-giving protection to the life of man. The dangerous and malevolent powers of the unfavorable planets must persist with increased hostility, so that the compound of the body can be dissolved.

Astro U Q C Y69

Cyprian, in his Trearifc on the Vanity of Idols, from the teflrroociids of Plato, Socrates, ami Trilmegiitus. Authors are not fo unanimous about their nature, as of their cxiitence Clemens Alexandrinus believed they had bodies, which was alfo the opinion of Origen, Cafarius, Ter-tullian, and feveral others but Athanafius, St. Bafil, bt.' Gregory, Ni 'tne, St. Cyril, and St. Chryfoltom, hold them to be mere fpirirs. Authors are alio divided as to the time of the creation of angels fbme will have it to have been before the creation of our world, or even from eternity while others maintain that they were created at the fame time with our world. The moil probable conjecture is, hat they were created at different pe iods, whenever it plea fed the Almighty to cail them mto exigence. But, though we cannot fo clearly demonflrate the prec fc nature and duration of angels, we may n-verthelefs conclude, that, though they are of an order higl ly fupcrior to that of men, yet are they not...

Liber Quintus

And you, courses of the everlasting stars, and also Moon, mother of human bodies and you, chief of the stars, who from the monthly courses of the Moon takes away her light and likewise returns it, Sun, best and greatest, who day after day order all things above all things with the rule of thy majesty, through whom, by divine decree, immortal soul is imparted to all living things, who alone opens the door of the realms above at whose will the disposition of the fates is arranged pardon us if with subtle speech we have reached the secret of thy power not the impious desires of a sacrilegious soul drives us to this inquiry, but a mind infused with divine inspiration. Our purpose is to convey to the temples of the Tarpeian Rock whatever the divine ancients of Egypt brought forth from their shrines. Vouchsafe to me, therefore, the protection of your power, and strengthen with your majesty the timidity of my soul, lest I be deprived of your protection and fail in my promised work.

Of Things Lost

Sum total of human knowledge by this means since the dawn of modern spiritualism, ought to prove the futility of the whole pursuit. There are phenomena without doubt, which prove the existence in Nature of certain unfamiliar forces, but they prove nothing that is spiritual, are most frequently grossly material, and in no instance are they to be compared with the daylight performances of the Indian Yogi. The spiritualist seance has only succeeded in perpetuating the fact of post-mortem existence, of which the world at no time has been seriously in doubt, but it has failed to prove to us immortality. Indeed, it presents only a doubtful case for spirit identity. If its claims were not so foolishly preposterous, its contribution to modern speculative problems would be received with greater respect and consideration. The results of years of patient study and research having recently been described by a certain ignoramus as due to the exercise of a special psychic faculty or to spirit...

Fate Or Free Will

That which has a beginning must have an end, and conversely, that which is without ending can never have had a beginning. If the human spirit is immortal and cannot die, neither can it be born if it will live to all eternity, it must have lived from eternity, there is no escape from this truth pre-existence must be accepted if immortality is a fact in nature.


Gilgamesh, asteroid 1,812 (the 1,812th asteroid to be discovered, on September 24, 1960), is approximately 14 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 5.2 years. It was named after the Sumerian hero of the Gilgamesh epic. Gilgamesh was a king of Uruk who, after his best friend died, embarked on an unsuccessful quest for immortality. The asteroid represents an interest in death and physical immortality. The sign and house position of Gilgamesh in a natal chart indicates how this interest manifested. If prominent in a chart (e.g., conjunct the Sun or the ascendant), it may show a person for whom this interest is a major life theme.


Ambrosia, asteroid 193 (the 193rd asteroid to be discovered, on Feburary 28, 1879), is approximately 42 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 4.2 years. It was named after food of the ancient gods that was said to have bestowed immortality. Jacob Schwartz also connects Ambrosia with Saint Ambrose, the Italian bishop, musician, writer, and warrior. When prominent in a natal chart, Ambrosia may indicate long life.


While Gemini has been associated with different pairs of people, the primary association is with Castor and Pollux (the Roman version of the Greek Castor and Polydeuces). Castor and Pollux were the sons of Leda, who coupled with the god Zeus and then, in some accounts, lay with her husband, King Tyndareus. The resulting offspring were Pollux, the son of Zeus, and Castor, the son of Tyndareus. They were warriors and members of the Argonauts' crew (the band of mythological adventurers who sailed with Jason in quest of the Golden Fleece) and came to be regarded as patron deities of sailors and navigators. During a cattle-stealing adventure, Castor was slain. Pollux, the immortal brother, asked Zeus that either he might die also or his dead brother might share his immortality. In deference to his son's wish, Zeus allowed the brothers to alternate so that one spent a day in the underworld while the other was among the gods on successive days they traded places.

Part The First

IT is not necessary here to enter into a long detail of the merits of Alchymical Authors and Philosophers suffice it to say, that Alchymy, the grand touch-stone of natural wisdom, is of Divine origin it was brought down from Heaven by the Angel Uriel. Zoroaster, the first philosopher by fire, made pure gold from all the seven metals he brought the sun ten times brighter from the bed of Saturn, and fixed it with the moon, who thereby copulating, begot a numerous offspring of an immortal nature, a pure living spiritual sun, burning in the refulgency of its own divine light, a seed of a sublime and fiery nature, a vigorous progenitor. This Zoroaster was the father of alchymy, illumined divinely from above he knew every thing, ye t seemed to know nothing his precepts of art were left in hieroglyphics, yet in such sort that none but the favourites of Heaven ever reaped benefit thereby. He was the first who e ngraved the pure Cabala in most pure gold, and, when he died, resigned it to his...


Chiron, the son of Philyra and Chronos, was a highly learned and refined centaur. A wise teacher who tutored Aesculapius, Jason, Achilles, and Hercules, Chiron's vast knowledge encompassed hunting, ethics, music, medicine, and the martial arts. Wounded by a poison arrow, he was unable to heal himself. He gave his immortality to Prometheus so that he could die and put an end to his own misery. Out of pity, Zeus is said to have transformed Chiron into a constellation. The figure of the kindly Chiron, however, is somewhat at odds with the image in the constellation Sagittarius, which points its drawn bow menacingly at Scorpio. Thus, an alternative image for Sagittarius is as an average, nondivine centaur with all the impulsive, savage brutality normally attributed to this mythical species.

The Power Of Numbers

Time and space. Duration, distance. Old age, decadence, death, or endurance, stability, immortality. The seven ages, days of the week, etc. The seven seals, principles in man, notes and colours. The triad and quaternary the perfect man, Adam Kadmon the cycle of evolution wisdom, perfection, equipoise, balance, rest. The symbol of Saturn.


If Jupiter comes into aspect with the waxing Moon, this will create men of almost divine and immortal nature. This happens when the Moon is moving toward Jupiter. It is difficult to observe this. If Jupiter is in the north and the waxing and full Moon comes into aspect moving from the east (with Jupiter in his own house or exaltation or in signs in which he rejoices), the result is unconquered generals who govern the whole world. This is especially true if the Sun in his exaltation is in trine aspect to Jupiter. For Jupiter rejoices by day when aspected by the Sun or Saturn, especially if he is in a morning rising.


IT is the opinion of divines, that all evil spirits are of that nature, that they hate God as well as man therefore Divine Providence has set over us more pure spirits, with whom he hath entrusted us, as with shepherds and governors, that they should daily help us, and drive away evil spirits from us, and curb andrestrain them, that they should not hurt us, as they would otherwise as is read in Tobias, that Raphael did apprehend the demon called Asmodeus, and bound him in the wilderness of the Upper Egypt. Of these, Hesiod says, there are 30,000 of Jupiter's immortal sp irits living on the earth, who are the keepers of mortal men, who, that they might observe justice and merciful deeds, having clothed themselves with air, go to and fro every where on the earth. For there is no potentate could be safe, nor any woman continue uncorrupted, no man in this vale of ignorance could come to the end appointed to him by God, if good spirits did not secure us, or if evil spirits should be...


Saturn relates to Yama, the God of death as his overruler. Yama is sometimes regarded as the first man like Manu, himself a solar figure, or as Manu's twin brother, the death born as the shadow or background companion along with human life. Yet Yama can also grant us the power to transcend death and gain immortality, which comes through self-discipline, self-sacrifice and voluntary death while living - the spiritual qualities of Saturn which represent the practice of Yoga.


Mercury is neutral however, and it depends upon the indwelling Ego represented by the centrally placed circle whether it will use its divine attributes of choice and free-will to aspire heavenward for soul-growth as symbolized by the signature of the soul, the half-circle, placed above the circle of spirit, or whether it will stoop towards the cross of personality below the circle and wallow in the mire of worldliness. No creature has such divine possibilities as man, none many aspire higher, and conversely, none may fall lower. This struggle between the higher and the lower natures for mastery, symbolized by the half-circle and the cross which are placed above and below the circle in the symbol of Mercury, was well voiced by Goethe in the lines of his immortal Faust where the hero says

Mantras for Saturn

In the third verse Saturn's supreme ruler is Yama, the God of death, not in a mere outer sense of suffering but as the primal sage and leader of the ancient rishis, the supreme yogi. Yama or death as the great teacher shows us the path beyond death and mortality to deathless-ness and immortality. These mantras show the spiritual side of Saturn, which is the main power behind the soul's inner growth.


It glorified its ideal of earthly life and projected it into the life beyond. These ideas, as they spread throughout the Roman world, could not fail to modify profoundly the whole conception of man's destiny. In to-day's lecture we shall devote ourselves to exhibiting this transformation. is that of the majority, perhaps, of the theorists of astrology. Among those who prided themselves on philosophy, many denied immortality or at least doubted it, as for instance Ptolemy, who was influenced by the ideas of the Peripatetics, or Vettius Valens, who represents purer Stoicism. According to them the divine spark which animated bodies, became merged after death in the cosmic fires, from which it had issued, without preserving any individuality. From death, then, they expected nothing but liberation from Destiny, of which they were the bondsmen here below henceforth they were freed from those cruel necessities and pitiless vicissitudes to which those beings are...

Mantras forRahu

The second verse is the Divine Mother Durga as the overruler of Rahu, in the form of the spotted Cow (Prishni) who symbolizes the night sky. The cow is also the Prana or life force that extends beyond Heaven and Earth to the realm of the immortals. Rahu gives that power of transcendence. The third verse is to the Goddess Nirriti, the supreme ruler of Rahu, who represehts karma, bondage, disease and death. We can better understand her as the Goddess Kali in her grandmother or crone form. Propitiating her we can overcome disease, gain longevity and ultimately gain immortality.

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