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History and Characteristics

Although its effects have not been clearly determined, biotin is active throughout the body and may be found in trace amounts in almost every type of food, indicating its importance to many bodily functions. To be effective the vitamin must be broken down by acid hydrolysis and gastric enzymes to the free form. It acts as a coenzyme factor in the making of fatty acids and in the oxidation of fatty acids and carbohydrates. It also affects the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids. And recent findings indicate biotin reduces high cholesterol levels and hyperglycemia (diabetes, or excessive sugar in the blood).

The Pituitary

Hyperglycemia Hyperglycemia is commonly known as diabetes, but not always. Simply put, diabetes is any condition in which the blood sugar is elevated and not assimilated. For sugar to be taken up into tissue insulin is necessary. If there is a deficiency of insulin, the sugar is not absorbed, and a great metabolic imbalance occurs, involving mineral, protein, fat, carbohydrate and water metabolisms, A metabolic imbalance of such proportions is called diabetes mellitus. There are several possible reasons for diabetes to occur. A person suffering from Cushing's disease may experience elevated cortisone levels that will trigger elevated sugar levels. Cushing's disease itself may be caused by a pituitary tumor involving the growth hormone and causing elevated blood sugar. Tumors or abnormal growth of tissue within the pancreas will also antagonize insulin production. And any destruction of the cells of the islands of Langerhans wilt result in either acute or chronic pancreatic...

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