The Symbolic Approach

Sign Season

Aries Germinating time, unfolding energy

Psychological Correspondence

The will, the urge to act, the spirit of enterprise, self-consciousness, the desire to lead

Taurus Invigoration and strengthening, the creation of form

Perseverance, consolidation, the power to shape, sense of form.

Gemini Vivification, blossom-


Vivaciousness, versatility, superficiality

Wealth of feeling, the feeling of fatherhood and motherhood

The will to create, self-confidence, all offspring

Cancer Fecundation and fertilization

The maturity of the seed


The harvest, utilization of what has been grown

Diligence & care, tidiness, a domesticated nature, the critical faculty







Balance & adjustment in nature's economy

Life-terminating processes of nature, continuation of life in the seed

Wintersleep of nature

Crystalization of forms in winter

Waiting time, before spring

The swelling of the seed in the earth

Sense of justice, striving for harmony, communal sense

Endurance and perseverance, the ruthless struggle for survival

Cultivation of the inner or spiritual side of life, hopeful planning for the future

Untiring struggle for self-preservation, patience, attachment to crystalized social forms

Expectant attitude, good powers of observation, wealth of plans

First stirrings of new life within the remains of the old

The signs of the zodiac have also been symbolically analyzed in regard to their constellational image (e.g., the ram, bull, twins, etc.). All of these approaches can be fruitful; but no matter which approach is taken, one must admit that astrology must answer a great need in man to have lasted so long and to have been elevated to such a high standing in many cultures. The fact that astrology is the most complete symbolic language has been noted by many psychologists, as shown in the quotations in previous chapters. But the question of what these symbols refer to remains unanswered. Symbols are, after all, symbols for the very reason that they refer to living realities that are inexpressible (at least at the present time) in any other way. Perhaps this question can never be answered. Perhaps man can never express in words the transcendent realities of the cosmos. Still, we can make use of this symbolic language if we consider it to represent universal patterns, principles, and forces, however transcendent such factors may be. Nevertheless, the symbolic approach to astrology is only complete and useful if it is seen within the framework of a holistic approach to all of life.

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