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The First House

The angular fire house is the first house and represents one's IDENTITY in ACTION, the phase of life wherein one is identified with specific, self-directed action. People with a strong emphasis on their first house are impatient for action since their sense of self begins to fade if they abstain from active individual involvement with the outer world. Traditionally, this house is also associated with the energy and appearance of the physical body; and, using the key-words, one can see that the body is one's identity in action. People recognize us and are influenced by our most characteristic manner of physical movement and expression; and anyone begins to feel devitalized if the qualities shown by the first house planets and the ascendant are suppressed or thwarted.

The Fifth House

The succedent fire house, the fifth, represents the search for IDENTITY SECURITY. Those with an emphasis on this house are seeking a secure sense of self by identifying with things or people in which they see themselves reflected. These people want to be significant in some way, not simply to be as in the first house phase. An emphasis on this house can indicate a self-centered attitude toward life, but it more deeply reveals the individual's emotional attitude and religious feelings about all of life. The urge toward significance and the attempt to gain a secure sense of identity are reflected in each matter commonly associated with this house. Children, for example, are often a focus for one's own desires for a secure identity. Not only are many children named after their parents (especially sons being named after the father), but also we have all seen how many parents foist their own desires for recognition and accomplishment upon their children. A person with a strong creative bent (fifth house) finds that he has to produce something in order to feel good about himself.

One of the greatest attractions of love affairs (another fifth house matter) is that such a relationship, although it may be totally impractical and often extremely disruptive, gives us a brief experience of self-worth simply because another person has found us worthy to love. In an intense love affair, our sense of identity is confirmed; we see ourselves in the other person; and, because we feel better about ourselves, our outlook on life itself brightens considerably. To sum up, a strong emphasis on the fifth house in the natal chart indicates that the individual must project himself into the world, that he must exercise his creative powers responsibly and consistently in order to attain the sense of joy and security he needs.

The Ninth House

The cadent fire house, the ninth, represents LEARNING on the level of IDENTITY, in other words, learning who one really is. From this essential principle flow all the religious and philosophical attitudes, searchings, and activities with which this house is usually associated. The motivation behind all religious and philosophical speculation is the need to know own's true identity. The question "Who am I?" is the spring from which every religious quest flows. Therefore, people with an emphasis on this house are drawn to activities which widen their horizons of self-awareness, enable them to improve themselves, and help them to gain a perspective on human nature. Foreign travel and higher mental studies are the beginning stages in this quest. In the next stage, the person identifies himself with a religion, philosophy, or metaphysical doctrine; and thereafter, he often devotes himself to learning directly from a teacher or from an organization which he believes embodies the truth.

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