The Element Water

Those with the water element strongly activated in their charts realize from birth that various intangible factors play a greater role in life than is commonly believed. The water signs are in touch with their feelings, in tune with the nuances and subtleties that many others don't even notice. The water element represents the realm of deep emotion and feeling responses, ranging from compulsive passions to overwhelming fears to an all-encompassing acceptance and love of creation. Since feelings by their very nature are partly unconscious, the water signs are simultaneously aware of the power of the unconscious mind and are themselves unconscious of much of what really motivates them. When they are in tune with the deeper dimensions of life with full awareness, they are the most intuitive, psychically sensitive signs. In that case, the water signs are in touch with the oneness of all creation and are able to help others by means of an empathetic responsiveness to the feelings of fellow beings. When, however, they are not fully aware of their own feelings, they find themselves prompted by compulsive desires, irrational fears, and great oversensitivity to the slightest threat.

The water signs, like the nature of water itself, have no solidity or shape of their own. They are therefore happiest when their fluidity is channeled and given form by someone else, particularly the earth signs who have the solidity that water can trust and rely on. The water signs tend to dislike those who are boisterous or who have strong personalities, such as the air and fire signs. They feel most comfortable with others who are rather secretive and self-contained, which gives them a greater feeling of protection and security. This secretive quality of the water signs, by the way, is rather deceptive; for, although they may be calm on the outside, there are constantly storms brewing on deeper levels and hidden undercurrents which can drag them down. In fact, the water signs can be sensationalistic at times, for they will unconsciously cultivate emotional storms and upheavals if their lives get too dreary.

The sensitivity of the water signs is so great and their vulnerability to hurt so pronounced that, if the emotional reactions are not controlled and channeled properly, it can lead to a state of emotional instability and a predisposition to being too easily influenced by the slightest wind that blows. The sensitivity of the water signs should not be considered weakness, however, for water has great force and penetrating power over a long period, especially when it is channeled in a concentrated way. A beautiful example of the power of this element is expressed by an 11th century Chinese scholar:

"Of all the elements, the Sage should take water as his preceptor. Water is yielding but all-conquering. Water extinguishes Fire or, finding itself likely to be defeated, escapes as steam and reforms. Water washes away soft Earth or, when confronted by rocks, seeks a way around. . . .It saturates the atmosphere so that Wind dies. Water gives way to obstacles with deceptive humility, for no power can prevent it following its destined course to the sea. Water conquers by yielding; it never attacks but always wins the last battle." (from John Blofeld's The Wheel of Life, p. 78)

Lastly, the water element corresponds with the process of gaining consciousness through a slow but sure realization of the soul's deepest yearnings. The water signs know instinctively that they must protect themselves from outside influences in order to assure themselves the inner calm necessary for deep reflection and subtlety of perception. The realization of the true nature of their emotions and yearnings is a slow and often painful process, but as long as they are willing to face their real motives, they are assured of increasing inner contentment as the years pass.

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