The Element Fire

The element fire refers to a universal radiant energy, an energy which is excitable, enthusiastic, and which through its light brings color into the world. This element has been correlated with the dynamic core of psychic energy by C.G. Jung, that energy which flows spontaneously in an inspired, self-motivated way. Marc Edmund Jones equates fire with "experience centered in personal identity," and this explains why people with the fire signs dominant in their charts are so self-centered and usually rather impersonal. They feel themselves to be channels for "life" and they cannot easily hide their pride about this fact.

The fire signs exemplify high spirits, great faith in themselves, enthusiasm, unending strength, and a direct honesty. They need a great deal of freedom in order to express themselves naturally, and they usually ensure themselves that space by their unrelenting insistence on their point of view. Fire signs also are able to direct their will power consciously (although not always consistently) better than other signs. Their will to be and to express themselves freely is rather childlike in its simplicity, a quality which at times appears endearing to others but at other times seems offensive to those who are more cautious and sensitive. The faults of the fire signs rarely manifest as a result of bad intentions, but more often simply through a lack of self-control and sensitivity to others. They may come across as rather willful, even overpowering at times, rushing into things with such haste that they unintentionally cause destruction or hurt feelings in others.

The fire signs tend to be impatient with more sensitive or gentler people, especially those who are dominantly water and earth. The fire signs feel that water will extinguish it and that earth will smother it, and they often therefore resent the heaviness and emotionalism of these signs. The air signs, on the other hand, fan the flames of fire by providing new ideas that the fire sign person can act on. For this reason, fire is generally considered compatible with air, but it should be pointed out that the fire signs are often too flagrant and impatient for the delicate nervous system of the air signs to tolerate for long. In fact, although the fire signs will often be stimulated by the air signs, they easily become tired and bored with intellectual observations that can't be acted upon rather quickly.

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