The Air Houses

The entire range of personal relationship is represented by these houses, comprising not only the way one approaches various kinds of relationships but also the social urges and intellectual needs that motivate specific types of behavior in these areas.

The Seventh House

The angular air house, the seventh, symbolizes ACTION at the SOCIAL and INTELLECTUAL level. Since one-to-one relationship is the basic meaning of the seventh house, and since all social structures and activities depend upon the quality of such relationship, it is appropriate that the angular air house focuses on this field of experience. More specifically, all advanced societies are founded upon the "marriage" unit, and the stability and efficiency of that social unit to a great extent determines the viability of the social order. On the individual level, the quality of a person's chief partnership has such impact that its influence pervades all the other areas of life: health, finance, children, sex, professional success, etc. (Sociological research exists which indicates that an individual's career often suffers when his marriage breaks up.)

The intellectual aspect of this house can be seen in the way that people with a strongly accented seventh house so readily appeal to the public in their presentation of ideas. Such people are often sought out as consultants, advisors, and counselors purely on the basis of their intellectual competence and objectivity.

The Eleventh House

The succedent air house is the eleventh and represents the search for SOCIAL and INTELLECTUAL SECURITY. Those whose natal charts focus on the eleventh house invariably tend to associate themselves with others who share their ideas and objectives. This is so because they feel socially and intellectually insecure and therefore find great comfort in the knowledge that there are other people who can understand and accept them as they are. These people often join groups or align themselves with friends who share their intellectual bent, although they may not agree at all on specifics. Their search for intellectual security also leads them into vast systems of thought, whether political, metaphysical, or scientific. These people have a marked ability to facilitate group activities, social change ventures, and the "management" of large masses of people.

The mental rigidity so common in these people stems from the fact that they are intellectually insecure and therefore extremely hesitant to change their ideas once they find concepts that satisfy them. (It is an interesting sidelight that an Aquarian president, F.D.R., devised the system known as "Social Security"; and the eleventh house is naturally correlated with Aquarius.) The most effective way that a person with a strong eleventh house can achieve the security he seeks is to establish a strong sense of individual purpose which not only fulfills his personal needs but also harmonizes with the needs of society as a whole. To avoid the rigidity and opinionated characteristics of this house, he would do well to focus on the purpose itself rather than upon oversimplified concepts that purport to state absolute truth. In that way, he can apply his ideas concretely toward the amelioration of society.

The Third House

The cadent air house, the third, is the field of LEARNING on the INTELLECTUAL and SOCIAL level. It therefore represents all forms of exchange of information, such as basic communication skills, media work, merchandizing, sales, etc. Those with a third house emphasis have an insatiable need to communicate with others and an ability to deal in an easy and friendly way with people of the most diverse qualities and interests. Their curiosity about people and ideas is endless; and this inquisitive-ness leads them to make numerous casual acquaintances and to evolve a broad and flexible intellectual background. Basic facts and abstract ideas are both important to these people, even if such information is isolated from any "significant" context. Whereas the learning represented by the ninth house comes about through the use of the inspired intuitive mind, the learning of the third house occurs through the application of one's own logic and reason.

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