Sun Moon Ascendant

The Sun sign element has been discussed rather thoroughly in earlier chapters, and therefore there is no need to deal with it further in any detail here. One can simply say that the element of the Sun is the energy which feeds one's basic sense of purpose and feeling of well-being. The element of the Ascendant is somewhat similar, although it denotes a way of approaching life that is more specific and less all-encompassing than the Sun's element. The element of the Ascendant reveals the mode of expression of one's entire self in action in the world, a natural and spontaneous way of immediately confronting life outside one's self. It reveals what sort of approach to outer life one would prefer to take in order to feel free and unencumbered by other concerns, but there are often other factors in the chart which can inhibit such an intensely personalized approach (especially close aspects to the Ascendant). One can say, however, that the element of the Ascendant represents a type of self-projection that is physically energizing and which has a strong impact on one's self-confidence and sense of individual freedom and uniqueness.

The element of the Moon's position represents an attunement from the past that manifests automatically, a mode of feeling and being that one needs to pay attention to in order to feel inwardly secure and at home with one's self. This element and experiences related to it feed your need to feel right about yourself; for, by such modes of self-expression, you are satisfying a deep inner need that can give stability to your entire personality. The Moon's element also shows how you react instinctively to all experiences, with what energy you adjust yourself to the flow of life spontaneously.

For example, if the Moon is in an air sign, one will have to express one's thoughts to others in order to feel right about oneself and in order to feel an inner peace and tranquility coming from the satisfaction of that subconscious need. Likewise, one will adjust oneself to life by first gaining detachment on any experience in an effort to evaluate objectively whatever is at hand. In other words, one with the Moon in an air sign always reacts by thinking first, and then acting according to the dictates of his evaluation. This quality of forethought is usually quite absent in people who have the Moon in water or fire signs, although it is present in those whose Moon is in earth signs.

The Moon in water signs indicates a way of reacting colored by emotional intensity. This can manifest as fear or feeling vulnerable, or it can simply indicate an immediate and deep involvement with every demand placed upon the person by life. The person will inevitably have to contend with past conditioning and old habit patterns as a daily requirement in his efforts to adjust to changing circumstances within and without.

The Moon in fire signs is found in the charts of people who react to changing conditions or to immediate circumstances with enthusiasm and direct action. They tend to leap before they look, but they are never known for lack of decisiveness. Impatience is often a problem, however, especially when the Moon is in Aries or Sagittarius.

The Moon in the earth signs indicates one who tends to react in a very grounded, steady, matter-of-fact way. The reaction is so self-contained in those with Taurus or Capricorn Moon, in fact, that others often think there is no reaction at all! Those with Moon in Virgo, however, generally react quite obviously and nervously to any stimulus. It might be mentioned here that those with the Moon in Virgo or Capricorn have a hard time feeling right about themselves; self-acceptance for these people is generally based on the amount and quality of practical work accomplished, and their ability to adjust to life successfully usually depends upon their role in the world of work. It is in this area of life that those with the Moon in the "work" signs feel at home.

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