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The following lists numerous reports of research and experiments which deal directly or indirectly with astrological premises. Although none of the experiments can be considered conclusive proof of astrology's validity, the results listed below do indicate a growing support in scientific circles for traditional astrological correspondences between the terrestrial and celestial spheres.

1. According to modern thought in physics, matter exists in four states: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma, which correspond precisely with the astrological elements: earth, water, air, and fire.

2. Dr. Eugen Jonas, a Czechoslovakian psychiatrist and gynecologist, has since 1956 been working toward the establishment of definite relationships between the period of a woman's optimal time for conception and the phase of the moon that occured at her birth. He has also found that a child conceived when there is an opposition of the sun and any larger planet (i.e., when the sun and the planet were 180° in longitude from each other) has a much greater chance of suffering birth defects, miscarriage, mental retardation, and other factors which negatively affect his health. There is a thorough report of Dr. Jonas' work in the book As-trological Birth Control by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder (En-glewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 1972).

3. Scientists at Sandia Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico have released a publication called "Intriguing Accident Patterns Plotted Against a Background of Natural Environment Features," in which they state that accident rates — and presumably other manifestations of human behavior — are influenced by phases of the moon, solar cycles, and other natural phenomena. Further research revealed that the variations in the magnetic field around the Albuquerque area seemed to correspond closely to increases and decreases in the accident rate. (Reported in Time, January 10, 1972)

4. The semi-monthly Newsletter of the Knoll Pharmaceutical Company, Hospital Focus, reports:

... the heavenly bodies have distinguishable effects on biologic materials. At the present state of knowledge, this thesis has become testable, and has apparently been verified, at least in broad outline.

The case for celestial influence rests on several pillars: Electromagnetic phenomena can be shown to be associated in some ways with biologic processes; the terrestrial electro-magnetic environment is subject to variations induced by other electromagnetic events in the solar system.

... What it is that causes geomagnetic variations has never been completely clear but, in addition to solar activity, recent research relates it to lunar phases.

Doubts and statistical puzzles to one side, however, it is an almost inescapable conclusion that it will eventually be shown exactly in what ways magnetic fields in biologic matter may interact with magnetic fields in their environment. What it is that causes solar changes is still not known, but one possibility involves disturbances caused by the planets. The angle Jupiter-Sun-Saturn is approximately 0 or 180° every 11 years, loughly in time with a major solar cycle. (Reported in Hospital Focus, February 15, 1965)

5. Professor Frank A. Brown, Morrison Professor of Biology at Northwestern University, has shown conclusively that plants and animals are capable of responding to changes in the earth's magnetic atmosphere, which changes are caused by the sun, moon, and possibly the planets. Although science can't find the "mechanism" used to accept and interpret geomagnetic signals, Brown points out that science has never identified the mechanism involved in the sense of smell either. Brown states that the response to inner "cosmic clocks" or biological clocks is derived "through a continuous response of the living organism to its rhythmic geophysical environment." ("Living Clocks", Science, CXXX (1959, 1535). In fact, Brown states that "living things cannot live without timegivers from space." (ibid.) Brown also found that oysters and rats were responsive to the celestial environment, even when isolated from any direct contact with it. For example, he found that rats kept in a cloud room were always most active when the moon was beneath the horizon and least active when the moon was above the horizon. Since Brown's work, we can see that it is impossible to have "controlled" laboratory conditions. (Reported in Today's Health, October, 1971; "How the Heavens Influence Our Lives" by Martin Cohen.)

6. Russian Scientists have correlated the extent of flu epidemics throughout the world with the 11 year sunspot cycle mentioned in #4 above. (Reported in London Sunday Times, July 18th, 1971).

7. In the January, 1971 issue of Kosmobiologie, H.E. Parker reports that research workers at the Institute for Cosmic Ray Research in Indiana have discovered that not only sunspots but also certain cosmic energy conditions and their cosmic rays may influence life and health, death and disease. Moreover, each month has its own rhythms which, it is suggested, should be indicated on every calendar so that everyone may take advantage of them. Professor Dylhusen, a Danish research scientist in the US, and a specialist in cosmic ray research, has confirmed that hitherto unknown factors play a part in the body's capacity for re-charging itself! For example, in cases where one's health is gone due to overstrain, certain cosmic rays apparently come into play to ensure sufficient rest and sleep.

8. Doctors Bureau and Craine claim to have established a definite correlation between harmonies of the sunspot cycle and complex combinations of the periods of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, the four largest planets. It is pointed out that many different terrestrial events have been correlated with the sunspot cycles, e.g., wheat crop successes, flu epidemics, business cycles, etc. (Reported in Nature, May 12, 1970, page 984).

9. Edgar R. Wagner, Ph.D., a research chemist who has studied astrology for over fifty years, writes:

The earth thus appears in space not only as an isolated planet with a solid core, but also as a complex living composit of all the actions of, and the reactions to, these influences, surrounded by an aura of invisible but exactly delimited shells of electrical, magnetic, and corpuscular nature. It is therefore not only not surprising, but cannot be expected to be otherwise, that this sensitive cosmic structure that is pulsating with every form of energy, reacts directly or indirectly to planetary forces. (Kos-mos, Vol. 1, #9 (August, 1970, p. 15)

10. Protessor Rudolph Tomaschek, the internationally known geophysi-cist from the University of Munich, writes:

I emphasize the adjective "modern" in connection with "scientist" in order to avoid the idea of this being merely one who is prepared to observe the processes of nature in an unbiased manner, but rather one who has also overcome the materialistic viewpoint and has recognized that the structure of Nature, in that part of it that can be investigated by natural science, is a structure composed of fields of force whose energy, in the final analysis, is probably a dynamic network of frequencies whose carrier remains unknown and (indefinable. ... It follows that the earth's surface is continually involved in a constantly changing flow of gratitational, electric and magnetic fields, both external, from the sun, moon, and planets, and from the earth's own electro-magnetic field, (from monograph "Cosmic Force Fields and Astral Influence")

11. Clinical psychologist Vernon Clark designed some interesting and challenging tests for astrology and astrologers in 1959 and the early 1960's. A group of 20 astrologers and a control group of 20 psychologists and social workers were the participants in the series of tests. The first test required the participants to discriminate between a true horoscope and a spurious one. The astrologers came up with results that would occur by chance less than once in one thousand times. Three astrologers had perfect scores, eighteen scored above chance, two scored at chance, and none scored below chance. The control group scored almost exactly at chance. (Reported in Aquarian Agent, Vol. 1, No. 9 (August, 1970), p. 22)

12. The prediction of solar flares has become vitally important to the space program. Hence, Dr. Richard Head of the Electronics Research Center of NASA was reported in the May 15,1967 issue of "Technology Weekly" as having developed an electronic computer technique for predicting solar flares using the gravitational vectors of Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. These solar flares affect our weather and perhaps other things also.

13. John H. Nelson, a radio-weather forecaster employed by RCA Communications, Inc., announced in March of 1951 that, after five years of research, he had developed a technique using the angular config urations of the planets to predict disturbances in radio communications. Although Nelson admits that he doesn't know what forces from the planets affect the earth's atmosphere, his forecasts, done months in advance, are accurate over 85% of the time. His practical use of planetary angles provides the most convincing proof available of the important astrological concept of the "aspects" between planets. (See Nelson's book Cosmic Patterns for details. It is published by the American Federation of Astrologers, 1974.)

14. The American Institute of Medical Climatology in Philadelphia, working with police and fire departments, major hospitals, several large industrial corporations, and the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, conducted a three-year study (1959-61) of human reactions to the phases of the moon. Their conclusions were that cases of murder, rape, aggravated assault, and arson are most common during full moon periods. Their findings related that celestial events like full moon, eclipses, or simply conjunctions of planets are directly related to the ion count in the atmosphere, barometric pressure, amount of moisture in the air, and other terrestrial factors, some of which are not clearly understood. (Similar findings are mentioned in A.D. Pokorny's "Moon Phases, Suicide, and Homicide" in the American Journal of Psychiatry, 121; July, 1964, pp. 66-67; and in S.F. Bauer's "Lunar Effects on Mental Illness: The Relationship of Moon Phase to Psychiatric Emergencies" in American Journal of Psychiatry, 125; November, 1968, pp. 696-97.)

15. Surgeons Drs. Carl S. McLemore and Edson Andrews pooled the graphs of excessive bleeders over a period of eight years. They reported in The Journal of the Florida Medical Association that hemorrhaging dropped to a monthly low at new moon and reached a peak each month as the moon opposed the sun (full moon).

16. A great deal of important research has been done by Dr. Robert O. Becker, an orthopedic surgeon at the State University of New York's Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse. First of all, he has found that the frequency of psychiatric hospital admissions correlates highly with the geomagnetic field intensity. His research was reported in the British scientific weekly Nature after studying over 28,000 admissions. The correlation in this case was so strong that the probability of its occurrence by chance alone was less than 1 in 10,000. In other research, he has shown that, in several respects, biologic tissue (and especially the nervous system) acts like a solid state system of semiconductors. Becker writes:

Every organism, including the human organism, demonstrates cycles of biological and mental-emotional activity closely linked to geo-magnetic force-field patterns and more complex force-field interrelations, both planetary and solar-terrestrial in scope. Human behavior is influenced through the direct current central system of the brain by the terrestrial magnetic field, solar and planetary conditions, and both high and low energy cosmic radiation.

At present, we can only suspect a general relationship of some kind between the whole of the human species and the whole of the electromagnetic phenomenon that engages the sun, other stars, and galaxies.

Reports of Dr. Becker's work are found in the following:

1) Becker, Bachman, & Friedman: "Relation Between Natural

Magnetic Field Intensity and the Incidence of Psychiatric Disturbances in the Human Population", presented at the International Conference on High Magnetic Fields; Cambridge, Mass., June 16, 1961.

2) Becker, R.O. "Relationship of Geomagnetic Environment to

Human Biology", New York State Journal of Medicine, 63, 2215 (August 1, 1963).

3) Becker, R.O. "The Physiologic Mechanism of Action of Magnetic

Fields on Neural Structures," presented at the New York Academy of Sciences, November 12, 1962.

17. In a statistical study of astrological indications of compatibility between married couples, psychologist-astrologer Leslie Furze-Morrish (In Search, fall, 1959) demonstrated a clear relationship between compatible couples and a predominance of 120° and 60° aspects between planets in their two charts. The 120° and 60° angular relationship between two planets has been known among astrologers to indicate mutual harmony of energies and qualities since before Ptolemy. In addition, the planets Venus and Jupiter (the traditional "benefic" planets of ancient astrology) were found to be more prominent in the chart comparisons than other planets. Likewise, Furze-Morrish reported a corresponding relationship between incompatible couples and a predominance of mutual 180° and 90° aspects between planets in the two charts, which angular relationships are the two traditionally most stressful or discordant. Additionally, the planet Mars was found to be the most prominent in these charts, giving support to the astrological assumption that Mars (the ancient god of war) generates or correlates with strife, conflict, and quarrels. This research, plus that of Nelson at RCA, pltis that of Jonas in Czechslovakia (showing non-viable conceptions occurring at 180° angles of planets) all reveal convincing support for the astrological theory of "aspects" between planets, which theory is the foundation for the interpretation of planets' "strength" or "weakness" in an individual chart.

18. The reader should also refer to West and Tooner's The Case for Astrology (which lists other relevant data) and Michel Gauquelin's books: Cosmic Clocks, The Scientific Basis of Astrology, and Cosmic Influences on Human Behavior.


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