Over Emphasis on Air Fire Lack of Water Earth

This type at best represents an idealistic, aspiring, positive-thinking person whose intentions and motives are above reproach. Their approach to life is not particularly realistic, however, and they often find that they must learn about the darker side of life through hard experience and disillusionment. They often neglect the very needs and feelings which can give them more stability and inner strength. Those with this emphasis, however, often gravitate (by way of compensation) to the study of the unconscious, emotional problems, and how to take care of physical necessities. This is a marked step in their growth toward a more comprehensive way of life. This type of person has the ability to put his ideas into action and the capacity to gain a perspective on the meaning and implication of his actions. The danger with this emphasis is that the person will live in his head and in his aspirations and thereby neglect the emotional depth and physical needs from which he could derive inner resources.

This type is known for a keen sense of humor, an optimistic approach to life, and often a marked verbal ability. At best, this is an exceptionally creative combination, harmonizing ideas, inspirations, and plans with the ability and drive to execute them. The problem with really getting things done, however, comes from the fact that this person is not grounded; they would rather stay high, rising above the more mundane necessities of dealing with responsibilities, emotional needs, and persistent work. They can therefore scatter their energy and over-extend themselves until they are burnt out and exhausted. The lack of depth and sustaining power makes it difficult for them to recharge their batteries in an effort to recuperate from everyday stresses. The rejuvenating, healing qualities of earth and water are lacking in this person; they therefore need to realize that they can't just pour out their energies unreservedly without simultaneously tuning in on their deeper resources if they are to avoid a state of constant depletion.

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