Other Element Combinations

The other combinations of two elements within one person are comprised of "incompatible" energies. This can obviously make for certain problems of integration, for such different types of energies represent two different and alien dimensions of life which are able to be focused simultaneously only with the greatest effort, discipline, and practice. In extreme cases, the individual will feel pulled toward two radically different modes of self-expression, with a feeling of depletion if either one is neglected. The fact that the square (90°) aspect in astrology is usually found between two planets in such incompatible elements and the fact that this aspect invariably represents areas of life wherein the person will have to strive harder for expression and integration indicates clearly the nature of this dilemma.

However, what is usually not taken into consideration in the interpretation of such aspects or such incompatibilities in traditional astrology is that these combinations represent an interaction of conscious and unconscious tendencies. This interaction within one person, while it is often productive of severe frustrations and conflicts, can also manifest as specialized skills of a high order. Through the effort to integrate these energies, one will have to develop a high degree of concentration and mastery in the areas indicated; and this can result in the development of a broadened perspective, a deeper understanding, and unusually creative abilities. The following examples should clarify what is meant by this.

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