Imbalance of Fire

If one has too little emphasis in the fire signs, the fiery energy is lacking and the digestion is likely to be weak. A lack of fire usually manifests as a lack of spiritedness, a tendency not to trust life itself. The joy of living is often markedly absent, and the person is often devoid of faith and optimism. Self-confidence may also be poor, and there is often a tendency towards despondency and lack of enthusiasm for meeting life's demands. Challenges often scare these people, and any major life problem takes a long while to overcome, since the residual psychological effects tend to linger long after the experience has reached its peak. A lack of fire is almost always indicative of a major problem in the way the person approaches life. Vigorous physical exercise tends to stimulate the fiery energy and is highly recommended for this type of person. The diet should also be watched carefully, especially if the person also lacks earth, for he then doesn't have the digestive strength to burn up heavy, concentrated foods. Everything, including exercise and dietary habits, should be done with moderation so that the person doesn't exhaust what energy he has. These people often, however, have great patience, and strong Mars or Sun emphasis may somewhat compensate.

Too much emphais on fire is rarely felt to be a problem by the individual until it is too late to do anything about it. This could manifest as "burning yourself out," leaving an exhausted shell of a person, especially if alcohol or drugs are abused. They tend to be overly active, restless, and overly concerned with making something happen in the world. Too much fire can also lead to problems in dealing with others, for the impulsiveness, self-centeredness, and unrestrained desire to act directly at all costs can give rise to an extremely insensitive, crude way of approaching other people. (This could be off-set if there is a good deal of water or air in the chart.) C.E.O. Carter evaluates this imbalance in the following terms:

Under affliction this force becomes uncontrolled and causes those under its influence to be wild, turbulent, given to extravagance and exaggeration, passionate and reckless, over-confident and self-indulgent. We get primitive traits, and marked tendency to ego-exaltation, self-importance, vanity, and love of pomp and grandeur.

At best, those attuned strongly to fire are self-motivated go-getters, and often successfully start and promote new enterprises, projects, and idealistic ventures that demand trememdous dedication, courage, and energy.

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