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Those with too little emphasis on the air element in their charts rarely perceive this to be a problem, for they are too involved in action, feelings, and material concerns to consider the implications of their involvements. However, it is just this lack of perception, this inability to reflect on life and one's self that creates problems for these people. It is difficult for them to achieve detachment from their personal actions, and hence they often find themselves burdened by involvements that were not sufficiently considered beforehand or by a lack of satisfaction in close relationships stemming from their inability to cooperate effectively. The element air is a unifying quality and enables one to adjust easily and quickly to new ideas and different sorts of people. Those who lack this attunement naturally have difficulty adjusting themselves to new ideas, and therefore to new people. This can lead to a distrust of anyone who seems too "intellectual." A good example of this type is Governor Wallace, whose chart emphasizes mainly fire and earth. His campaigns in the past have been noted for constant criticism of "pointy-headed intellectuals." In other words, these people often distrust others who seem to think too much. A strong Mercury emphasis can to some extent off-set this imbalance.

An attunement to air indicates that one can easily see things in a certain perspective, but those who lack this attunement have difficulty getting a perspective on themselves and can't reflect easily from an objective viewpoint. They don't analyze themselves as a rule (unless Virgo is emphasized to off-set this) and they are rarely known for their reasoning power and articulate way of expressing themselves. At times, the nervous system is weak and the lack of ability to adjust quickly to new ideas can in some cases cause psychosomatic problems. These people can have violent reactions if they hear an idea that they can't assimilate mentally and emotionally. Their physical reaction to unassimilable ideas or to new types of people jolts them to such an extent that they either get physically ill or lash out irrationally in an effort to eliminate the source of this threatening thought.

Those with too much emphasis on the air element have an over-active mind which must be guided and controlled. This is the sort of person to "lives in his head" and, if there is little earth or fire to motivate him to act on the ideas, he can become a dabbler in all sorts of curiosities without having much effect or developing much depth within himself. These people can't do anything without thinking about it first, which can lead in extreme cases to a paralysis of will and severe psychological disorders. The mind can run away with them, leading them at times into a world of imagination and conceptual brilliance but at other times to a sense of "reality" totally out of touch with what is possible. With proper mental discipline, this type of person can be an innovator in the world of thought. (Witness the fact that more Nobel Prize winners have had the Sun in air signs than any other element.) He often has special abilities for coordinating activities with diverse sorts of people.

Physically, this type of person can be so out of touch with his body that he allows the mind to run away with him until he is utterly exhausted. The nervous system is highly activated and extremely sensitive, but these people exhaust their nervous energy more quickly than others since they are using it more. A restful period of recuperation or meditation is necessary to allow the nervous system to recharge itself and to keep the mind from driving them to a state of psychic exhaustion. It is necessary for these people to have a periodic change of scenery away from their usual work and domestic duties to allow the mind to get out of its deep rut of worries, second thoughts, and endless plans

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