Astrology Psychology and The Four Elements


The Art Of Astrology

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An Energy Approach to Astrology & Its Use in the Counseling Arts

Stephen Arroyo (Author of Astrology, Karma & Transformation)


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© 1975 by Stephen Arroyo

All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever (including photocopying) without written permission from the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.

INTERNATIONAL STANDARD BOOK NUMBERS: 0-916360-01-6 (paperback) 0-916360-02-4 (hardcover)

LIBRARY OF CONGRESS CATALOG CARD NUMBER: 75-27828 Published simultaneously in the United States and Canada by: CRCS Publications Distributed in the United States by CRCS Publications Distributed in England by L. N. Fowler & Co. Ltd.

Designed by Kathleen Mullins

See acknowledgements for other copyright information.

Cover Design: Collage by Betty Spry (original approx. 39 inches square), based on a Mandala from Secret of the Golden Flower, translated and explained by Richard Wilhelm, reproduced by permission of Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc.


Some of the material incorporated in this book has been printed in the form of articles in Dell's HOROSCOPE magazine, Popular Library's astrology magazines (such as ZODIAC and AQUARIAN ASTROLOGY), and Llewellyn's ASTROLOGY NOW newspaper. We appreciate, therefore, the editors' permission to bring it forth in this entirely revised and enlarged presentation.

I would like to express special gratitude to Pauline Hutson, April Fletcher, and Barbara McEnerney for their typing, proofreading, and constructive suggestions. If any errors remain in the book, they can be attributed to the author's negligence.

I am also indebted to Betty Spry for allowing the use of her beautiful collage on the cover of the book, to Pacia Ryneal for her artistic talents, and to Kathleen Arroyo for endless help and patience in her design and layout of the book.

I wish to express my thanks also to Jim Feil, Dr. Pierre Pan-netier, and Dr. Randolph Stone for helping me to gain some degree of insight into the workings of the four elements, and also to the many friends and students who have encouraged my writing and teaching.

Finally, we appreciate the permission of the following publishers to make use of copyrighted material from their books:

From ACCENT ON FORM by L.L. Whyte. Copyright 1954 by Lancelot Law

White. Used with permission of Harper & Row, Publishers, hie. From PSYCHIC DISCOVERIES BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN by Ostrander & Schroeder. Copyright 1970 by Sheila Ostrander & Lynn Schroeder. Used with permission of Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, N.J. From ASTROLOGICAL BIRTH CONTROL by Ostrander & Schroeder. Copyright 1972 by Sheila Ostrander & Lynn Schroeder. Used with permission of Prentice-Hall, Inc.

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Astrology is assured recognition from psychology, without further restriction, because astrology represents the summation of all psychological knowledge of antiquity.

— C.G. Jung, Commentary on The Secret of the Golden Flower

The task of science is not merely to identify the changing structural pattern in everything, but to see it as simple. Science starts with the assumption which is always present, though it may be unconscious, may be forgotten, or may sometimes even be denied: There exists a simple order in nature; a simple way of representing experience is possible; the task of science is to discover it.



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