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Research in many fields (especially physics, psychology, and medicine) is increasingly concerned with the "energy" aspect of life and of the individual human being. Although we can choose to see astrology as "merely" a symbolic language, we must admit that symbols are symbols precisely because they refer to some reality which is otherwise inexpressible or incomprehensible to human consciousness. The rather transcendent reality referred to by astrological symbols is "energy," a term which is hard to define although everyone speaks of it and experiences it. Not only physicists, but also the more progressive members of the healing professions, are increasingly referring to energy as the fundamental reality underlying all particular manifestations. The reason why astrology is the most complete and accurate symbolic language, as well as the most useful diagnostic tool in the healing and counseling arts, is because astrology is essentially a language of energy, thus enabling practitioners in these fields to differentiate accurately between all the various energies operating in the human psycho-physical organism. Astrology, as the most complete language of energy known to man, can be for the healing arts what the periodic table is for chemistry. And, in the field of parap-sychological research, it can help to unify our understanding of such diverse phenomena as auras, ESP, and altered states of consciousness.

The following list includes various aspects of current research into the "energy" dimension of life, and I feel that any attempt to unify the findings in such diverse fields would necessitate the use of a comprehensive and precise language of energy, such as astrology.

1. Quoted from the April, 1971 issue of the ARE News:

The new focus of medical science is on electrophysiology. Case Western Reserve University is now using electrical impulses to treat backache, sclerosis, and to minimize the pain from terminal cancer.

Electricity is generated in the body by the movement of muscles. There is so much electricity in human blood that we can harness it and use it to run a motor! Scientists have learned that they can submerge two tiny electrodes in a beaker of human blood and electricity flows therefrom.

2. Dr. Lloyd Graham of Grants Pass, Oregon, who uses magnetism in the treatment of illness and injury, writes:

The human body is a wonderful and orderly arrangement of electromagnetic light wave vibrational patterns in gravitational and radiational motion. (Goodavage, J. Astrology: The space age science. New York: Signet, 1967, p. 137.)

3. Wolf (In Disease as a way of life: Neural integration in systemic pathology. Perspectives in biological medicine, 1961,4,288-305) states that both health and illness are aspects of man's way of life. Thus, disease is not a special state or a temporary derangement but rather a part of man's state of being. This approach regards symptoms as temporary flareups or intensifications of continuing energy processes within the individual, in the same way as astrological transits produce (or correspond with) intensifications of experiences, energy flow, or discord indicated as potential in the natal horoscope. Numerous studies have, in fact, shown that physical "dis-ease" manifest particularly during times of mental or emotional stress.

4. Recent research in the Soviet Union points toward the existence of an "unknown energy factor" other than electro-magnetic energy. Various experiments in the Soviet Union dealing with ESP and clairvoyance (labeled "biological radio communication") point toward "the hypothesis . . . that telepathic transmission is accomplished by some kind of energy or factor so far unknown to us yet belonging to the highest stage in the development of matter . . .." (Reported in R. Schaffranke. Telepathy: A science of the future. ARE Journal, 1970, 5 (6), pp. 215-220.) Soviet research finds that this energy is (1) independent of distance, (2) achieved without the use of the senses, (3) has no apparent relation to electro-magnetic waves, and (4) contradicts the "law" of causality.

Another report (Jackson, J.H. Pictorial Guide to the Planets. New York: Crowell, In press.) points out that the Mariner II flyby of Venus revealed that the planet has little or no magnetic field, suggesting that if the planetary cause of sun-spot activity is substantiated, the effect is probably neither wholely gravitational nor magnetic. Both of these reports point toward an energy factor that might be made to account for astrological "influence" and toward a dimension of activity that transcends the known laws of gravity, magnetism, electricity, and time-space causality.

5. Two books by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder (Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain and Astrological Birth Control) include many reports of research into the energy dimension of physical, psychological, and parapsychological phenomena. Although too numerous to mention all of them here, the following give some idea of how wide-spread this new area of research has become. (Botli books also contain extensive bibliographies of research on human energy fields.)

a. Dr. Harold Burr, Professor of Neuroanatomy at Northwestern University, "established in 1935 that all living matter, from a tiny seed to a human being, is surrounded and controlled by elec-trodynamic fields which are in turn affected by the moon and sun Burr's findings seem to imply that the electrodynamic fields of the entire body are involved in ovulation." For millenia, the Chinese acupuncturists have claimed that factors in the environment, including the sun and moon, have profound effects on the fields of energy, (p. 70; ABC)

b. At the Institute of Clinical Physiology in Kiev, Russia, it has been demonstrated that the "bioenergies circulating along these acupuncture points on the skin react instantaneously to activities on the sun such as solar flares. The moment a solar flare erupts, the electrical potential of the acupuncture points on the skin rises. The skin reacts virtually simultaneously with the events on the sun before the cosmic particles released by the explosion reach the earth one day later." (p. 71; ABC)

c. Burr and his colleagues, particularly Dr. Leonard Ravitz, have come up with a new model of living things as "steady-state electrical systems." They speak of "electric tides" in the atmosphere from the sun and moon and their influence on the steady state of organisms. In an article called "Periodic Changes in Electromagnetic Fields" {Annals of the New York Academy of Science, LCVIII (1960), 1181.), Ravitz writes that he has found that the action of the sun and moon affect the energy field surrounding each of us. Similar findings are reported by Dr. Becker (See Appendix A), to the effect that subtle changes in the earth's magnetic fields ("caused" by the sun, moon, and planets) actually alter the force field of the human body, which in turn affects the nervous system.

In the April 1959 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, Ravitz writes: .. the living organism pulsates to individually-timed rhythmic variations, whose intensities, elasticities, and directions are amplified, condensed, accelerated, decelerated, and reversed in accord with other frequencies. Beyond all this frenetic energy ebb and flow, the moon remains silently aloof, itself propelled . .. along invisible tracks ... by the same forces operating upon and within living matter." (p. 72; ABC)

d. A section of Psychic Discoveries deals with the discovery and photographing of specific "forms of energy" or "energy patterns" which in fact constitute the real life of any organic whole. The fact that this essential energy pattern in every living thing determines the material form that we apprehend with the senses points to the fact that some kind of invisible organizing pattern is inherent in living things, just as L.L. Whyte writes in his book Accent on Form (see Chapter 4). This is what Dane Rudhyar has for years called the "seed-pattern" shown in the birth-chart. It is simply this organizing pattern within each human being that astrology revelas and symbolically graphs.

e. "The late Dr. Gustaf Stromberg, an American astronomer of world reknown, was one of the first to go into this idea of rhythms and frequencies. He postulated the idea that the structure of living organisms is determined by 'wave systems' or plusing 'elec-trodynamic living fields'. These fields seem to be the matrix which gives living matter its form and shape by organizing the molecules into complex forms of plants, animals, and humans. Wounds heal, and damaged organs rebuild themselves to their original symmetry. This implies a stabilizing energy pattern responsible for shaping living tissue." (p. 125; ABC)

" 'We can compare a living field with a melody,' Stromberg says. A melody is a time sequence of frequencies. The melody is the same whether it is played slow or fast, loud or soft. In the same way, the living fields of a growing embryo retain the same pattern of frequencies as it undergoes great changes in size and eventually grows to become a mature human being. In the human egg cell, Stromberg postulated, the fields could be imagined as existing in extremely contracted and dormant form, almost as a pre-physical potentiality." In Stromberg's view, the physical body of living things is not the cause of the fields of energy, but the result, (pp. 125-26; ABC)

f. Dr. Eugen Jonas of Czechoslovakia states that "an individual, at the moment of creation, accepts a basic impulse from the universe, a sort of vibrational range that will be more or less permanent with respect to its organism. In other words, when the sperm and ovum unite to create new life, the organizing force fields of the fertilized egg are set cycling by the frequencies of the energy wave patterns of the universe at that particular instant. If the patterns are unusually favorable, the individual will be extremely vital Jonas suggests that the configurations in the cosmos are part of the imprint forming the frequency pattern of a human at the beginning of his life." (p. 121-ABC)

g. "Acupuncturists believe Vital Energy in the body links man with the cosmos. If there is a change in the universe and environment, a resonance is produced in the Vital Energy of the human body which in turn affects the physical body." (p. 229; Psychic Discoveries)

h. The total effect of modern Soviet research in parapsychology is to lead one to assume that the human energy field "reacts to thought, emotion, sound, light, color, magnetic fields, any subtle change in the environment from the grass we walk on to the planets we rarely notice." (p. 234; PD)

6. The current interest in energy fields is really not concerned with a new phenomenon. Not only have Indian yogic systems referred for millenia to the kundalini (a kind of libido comprising both physical, psychic, and potentially spiritual energy) and to chakras (centers of whirling energy within man), but many clairvoyants have reported seeing the "aura" of individuals from which they can deduce the person's state of psychological and physical health. Clairvoyant Eileen Garrett writes:

I am convinced that every living organism has its own type of external being by which it contacts other energies ..'.. This "magnetic" mesh, then, is a map through which illness of the body and mind can be reached and studied by those who understand its principles and functions. (Adventures in the Supernormal. New York: Creative Age Press, 1949, p. 173.)

Since the magnetic field interpenetrates the physical body and also reaches out to relate itself to other energies in the universe, man becomes closely linked to all the cosmic forces that play upon our planet through his magnetic field, (ibid., p. 174.) This last quotation seems to refer to the same reality that Soviet research has recently encountered. (See section 5-h. in this appendix.)

One might conclude from this last idea that the astrological birth-chart symbolizes the specific attunements of the individual to cosmic forces, thus establishing at birth the basic frequency, rhythm, and resonance of his particular energy field. As Garrett writes, "The 'nativity' of any substance marks its nature and its natural destiny, and, in the case of manufactured things, their making and the purpose for which they were made." {ibid., p. 175.)

7. A great many systems of healing utilize no other tools than the actual energies of the patient and the healer. (The difference between "medicine" and "healing" becomes clear when we realize that the words "heal" and "whole" are etymologically related. Hence, a true system of healing is concerned with restoring the patient to a state of wholeness, whereas much of modem medical practice ignores the question of wholeness and concentrates on superficial symptoms.) The following quotation from Arthur Ford gives a clue of how certain healing systems work:

That the human body gives radiation has been known scientifically since 1923, when it was measured by the Leningrad scientist Alexander Gur-witsch. George W. Crile demonstrated in 1934 that brain tissue gives off radiation in the visible, infra-red, and ultra-violet ranges. The strongest human radiations — reported the Cornell researcher Dr. O.H. Rahn — emanates from the fingertips of the right hand. . .. (Unknown but Known, 1974, p. 61.)

This fact might explain why "laying on of hands" has been a respected healing method in many cultures and religions, as well as why the right hand is usually considered to be the "positive" hand. Dr. Randolph Stone, whose healing system called "Polarity Therapy" uses nothing more than the two hands and the two people's energies, writes:

Our research in Psychiatry would benefit greatly if we could reduce this jumble of man's mental-emotional impulses to an exact science of mental-emotional anatomy, coordinated with the physical one. Then a sound Psycho-physiology and even a Pathology of these finer energy fields could be established. This would be a great step forward in the science of understanding the mystery of man's complex being, which defies all present man-made rules and findings. (Polarity Therapy. Pub. by author, 1954, p. 14.)

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