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After having used this key-word system for a while, it will become apparent that it is valuable not only for understanding the general life pattern shown in the natal chart, but also that it makes the meaning of current and future trends and cycles much more accurate and psychologically significant. For example, if a particular birth-chart has a lack of the air element as indicated by planetary placement, why is it that this person is so interested in people and continually involves himself in social activities? An emphasis on the air houses will reveal that, although he may not have an energy attunement to that element, he still may focus some of his water, fire, or earth energy toward social, intellectual, and relationship activities. Or if a person has no attunement to the fire element, why is it that she seems to exemplify the high-spirited and optimistic qualities that she supposedly lacks? An emphasis on the fire houses in her chart indicates that, although she does not have the energy attunement to the fire element, she nevertheless pours her air, water and earth energies into inspired, creative, and idealistic fields of experience.

In cases like those mentioned above, the individual will still lack attunement to a certain element and will usually still manifest some of the problems associated with that lack. However, since the sorts of activities that interest them compensate to some extent for their elemental imbalance, such people will often experience a more moderate form of the expected difficulty. It is only by a patient and detailed examination of the entire birth-chart that the astrologer can evaluate the degree in which one astrological factor compensates or balances off another. If, however, a particular person lacks emphasis on the water signs and the water houses, for example, one can almost be assured that the problem indicated has reached a severe degree of imbalance.

In the area of understanding transits, progressions, Key Cycles, and similar projection techniques, the astrologer who uses this system will no longer have to choose one of the many possible meanings of, for example, transiting Jupiter or Saturn in a certain house, leaving the distinct possibility that the main point will be entirely missed. He will be able to know with confidence that the advice and explanations he gives will help clients to look within themselves for the real meaning of a particular time period, rather than encouraging them to focus on some trivial or non-existent event. By clarifying the basic principle involved in a particular phase of life experience, a principle that invariably pertains to the situation regardless of the surface conditions that the client may talk about, the astrological practitioner will be able to eliminate much of the usual guesswork and to avoid being misled by the client's lack of perspective or self-deception. In short, the utilization of this key-word system can be in actual practice one more step in making astrology what it should be: a tool for promoting self-knowledge.

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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