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Although astrology has been described in terms of symbolism, karma, synchronicity, psychological functions, planetary "rays," and so on, most astrologers have overlooked the basic foundation upon which astrology is based: energy. Indeed, all physical and mental life is a manifestation of energy. When the great astrologer Dane Rudhyar wrote "Planets in a chart represent modes of functional activities within an organized whole," he was referring to specific energies that operate in each of us. Probably, the reason we have overlooked the energy foundation of all astrological phenomena is the fact that it is too obvious. It sometimes seems easier to develop elaborate schemes and theories rather than to open our eyes to what's right in front of us.

In the field of modern psychology and parapsychology, researchers are now beginning to emphasize the importance of energy flow and energy blocks in dealing with their clients. Psychotherapeutic techniques such as Gestalt Therapy, Structural Integration, and Bio-Energetics are more and more concentrating on mobilizing the client's own energies and integrating these energies into a functional whole. Likewise, this is the purpose of astrology when applied to psychological and physical problems.

Researchers in Bio-Energetic Therapy, which has developed from the works of Wilhelm Reich, are now measuring and even seeing the energy fields that emanate from living organisms. Dr. Robert O. Becker, an orthopedic surgeon at New York's Upstate Medical Center, has achieved remarkable results from his research correlating the body's magnetic field with biological cycles and changes in the earth's geomagnetic field. Dr. Becker has even traced negative electrical currents emitted from broken bones and changes in the electrical charge of the brain and nervous system, all of which promise a science of healing based upon energy for the future. (See Appendix A for more information on Dr. Becker's work.)

An osteopath and chiropractor named Dr. Randolph Stone, whom we will mention again later, has already developed an energy approach to healing, called "Polarity Therapy," that harmonizes with astrological principles. Dr. Stone has written many books on the subject, among which are Energy: The Vital Principle in the Healing Art and The Wireless Anatomy of Man. Astrologers have long known that the natal horoscope can be used for diagnosis of physical ailments, but Dr. Stone's work provides a definite technique for changing the blocked energy fields and currents. (For a full explanation of Polarity Therapy, see Appendix C.)

Other popular books which have dealt with the question of energy in the healing arts are Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain, Dr. Karagulla's Breakthrough to Creativity, and Ruth Montgomery's Born to Heal. All of this modern research into the importance of energy in both healing and astrology is really nothing new. Clairvoyants such as Eileen Garrett and Edgar Cayce have long claimed to see "auras" surrounding each person from which they are able to diagnose and even predict illness or psychological crises. (See Appendix B for more on Eileen Garrett's work.) However, there is one thing missing in all these attempts to describe people's energy, and that is a proper language. Those engaged in the healing arts, whether psychological or physical, need a language in order to differentiate accurately between all the various energies operating in the human organism. Astrology can provide us with that language; in fact, astrology could be to the healing arts what the periodic table is to chemistry: the foundation for a new healing science.

The reason the natal horoscope is drawn for the exact moment of the first breath is that it is only then that the newborn human organism begins to exchange energy with the universe in an immediate way, uninfluenced by the energies of the mother. At the moment of the first breath, the infant begins his own rhythm of life; he establishes his own individual attunement with the energies of the universe. Astrology indicates that certain specific energies and energy patterns are established at birth and con tinue to operate within and through an individual person during the course of his entire life. If anything in astrology can be said to be "fated" or predetermined, it is this initial attunement to the energies of the cosmos that takes place at birth. But what any individual will do with these energies and how he will direct them can only be determined within the limits of the astrologer's experience and subtlety of perception.

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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