Air Water Combinations

Although this individual often feels pulled between intellectual and emotional orientations to life, this combination at best can produce individuals who are attuned to both realms of experience. Neither the abstract nor the feeling-intuitive world is alien to this person, and he is thus able to develop a mode of operation that encompasses both types of perception. This results in the person being able to give depth to his ideas and in his ability to gain detachment and perspective on his feelings and deeper yearn ings. Although this is the most sensitive of all combinations (physically as well as psychologically) and although this sensitivity can prompt one to be a dreamer, escapist, or fantasy-prone malcontent, the sensitivity need not get the better of the person. At best, they have amazingly fertile imaginations, genuinely creative abilities in all the arts and sciences, and specialized skills for dealing with people in all the counseling or healing arts. The ability used in all these fields is that of tuning in on the subtler perceptions of the unconscious and being able to verbalize it concisely.

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