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Transform Grief

With Transform Grief you will get a systematic approach to replacing your grief with newfound happiness. Heres how: Your first step will be to gain the understanding that it is okay to start feeling better. Grief oftentimes makes us feel shame for being happy and through this introduction you will understand that your loss doesnt mean you have to mourn for your own life. Understand the 7 stages of grief and how you can navigate them in a healthy and productive manner. Conventionally, there have always been 5 stages of grief but this adaptation will provide you with the vital turning points experienced in the journey. Forgiveness is often overlooked when discussing grief, you will discover why and how you can forgive yourself, forgive others and most importantly, forgive the situation that got you here. Forgiveness is for you and it stands in the way of your ultimate happiness you need to move on with your life. Identify the facets of your support system that will carry you back to life as you once knew it. The smile on your face will return as joy and enthusiasm become possible again. Discover the 10 powerful actions that will help you deal with your grief in a constructive and helpful manner. Each exercise in this section will bring you one step closer to the peace you strive for. Its just one foot after the other towards resolution. Youll find out the two most important questions to answer in your grief circumstance and those answers will guide you to the finish line a world that your love every moment living in. Read more...

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Highly Recommended

This is one of the best ebooks I have read on this field. The writing style was simple and engaging. Content included was worth reading spending my precious time.

This ebook does what it says, and you can read all the claims at his official website. I highly recommend getting this book.

Back To Life! A Personal Grief Guidebook

Back to Life is a comprehensive, quality bereavement handbook. It consists of 73 pages that explore many aspects of grief in detail. There are 19 chapters or lessons, each addressing a different aspect of grief, a coping skill or a strategy for emotional survival. Here you will learn: Good, solid information on how the grief process really works. Which symptoms of grief are normal, and which are dangerous warning signs. Valuable and practical coping skills to help you get through each day. Secrets to getting a good night's restorative sleep without prescription drugs. How to endure the holidays and thoughtless visitors. How to identify and defuse anger, guilt, and regret. Family changes to look for and how to keep your family intact through this. Just the right activities and comforting rituals to help ease you through your darkest days. Tried and true psychological exercises and strategies to help lessen the raw pain. Satisfying and therapeutic creative expressions of grief. Effective memorializing techniques to honor and remember your lost loved one. How to cling to hope and move surely towards brighter days. Read more...

Back To Life A Personal Grief Guidebook Summary

Contents: 73 Pages Ebook
Author: Jennie Wright
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Price: $17.95

Grief Relief Audio Program

The Grief Relief Audio Program is a thoughtfully organized grief management program. 7 downloaded audio files unfold a step by step journey through enjoyable and highly effective guided techniques based on sound clinical practices. The user-friendly recordings are easy to download and access. Also included is a written pdf Guide & Instructions, as well as 3 bonuses well worth the cost of the entire program. The Management of Grief Grief Relief Teaches You How To: Put an end to Grief Paralysis Defuse consuming anger or guilt you may feel about your loss. Decrease isolation and find the support you need and deserve. Practice proven techniques that reduce stress and anxiety. Cope and make it through each day intact. Find hope that your dark despair will one day ease up. Reach for joy and happiness despite your loss. How to confront and acknowledge your grief so you pave the way for true healing to begin. An effective technique for admitting guilt and regret, and how to release it. The secret key that leads to understanding so you can get your life back. Read more...

Grief Relief Audio Program Summary

Contents: MP3 Audios, Ebook
Author: Jennie Wright
Official Website:
Price: $27.00

Pluto Transits Endings and Beginnings

Under a Pluto transit, suppressed feelings, even those from the very distant past, may come to the surface due to circumstances that mirror and evoke them. For instance, if you've never allowed yourself to grieve over some loss, current events under a Pluto transit may bring that grief to the surface, as fresh as when it first occurred. Or you may relive some betrayal of trust or abuse of power, even from childhood, under the spur of a difficult interaction in the present. The textbook Plutonian individual exerts control over the self and all too often may be unable to express anger or other negative feelings, at a considerable cost to spontaneity and to mental and physical health. When long-suppressed emotions like these are brought to the surface and allowed expression, you rid yourself of a great backlog of frozen emotions. In addition, what you learn in this process can leave you free to react to present-day challenges without the old baggage.

Nonconformist Taboo Breaker Leader

Scorpio can also work especially well within the American death industry. She can be a good funeral parlor administrator, embalmer, counselor for the grieving, religious leader, or cultist. She can break through traditional notions of death and dying and share her own deep wisdom with others.

Sagittarius Relationships

A dear friend of hers may have just died. She may be grieving very deeply, but she may never want her lover to hold and console her. More often, she will want his advice on how to handle the business arrangements that are left behind. She will feel the pain deeply, but her way of coping is to treat it like a business matter.

The Names Of The Twelve Houses What Planets Are Allotted To Them And What Are Their Predictions

This also you can easily observe from human behavior. If you enter anyone's home by invitation and the master of the house has just been blessed with an increase in good fortune, you too become a participant in his good fortune, for you share in the happiness of the good fortune of your hostTBut if the host is suffering from miserable poverty and is embroiled in the wretched accidents of misfortune, you make yourself also a partner in his grief and trouble, and the adversity in which you share overwhelms you too.


Despite being a grown woman, on that day I was no more than a grieving child. I buried my face into the clothing, which still smelled of her perfume the loss was almost unbearable. I knew that her mother, my maternal grandmother, was a poet and a Goat born in 1907. In a weathered nightstand amongst my mother's belongings, I found both her's and my grandmother's poetry. My tears were replaced by a smile as I read the tattered piece of paper that was addressed to me

Hades Astrology

Hades is the planet of sorrow, widows, orphans and grief in general. It rules disintegration, waste, bacteria, depletion, erosion, regression, withering, shriveling and decay. Above all others Hades is one planet that should be treated with all the seriousness the medical astrologer can muster. More than any other planet it hints at the threat of a worsening of a condition or death through disintegration comes a leveling or breaking down, which left unchecked may mean death. In medical diagnosis I've never seen a time yet that Hades could be totally circumvented. That is, the person will more than likely take ill. By forewarning the person and getting him or her to a doctor for tests, we can modify the projected illness but never totally halt it.


Saturn by night on the MC indicates misfortunes loss of inheritance, no marriage, no children, especially if he is in the house or terms of a malefic planet. But if a benefic planet, that is, Venus or Jupiter, is in favorable aspect to Saturn thus located by night, those things which were denied will be given in another way. But in general, Saturn by night on any angle indicates the greatest evils. He destroys wives and children and always predicts grief from loss of relatives.

Chap Xlii

Had I found Jupiter either fortunating the cusp of the 5th house, or in any aspect to the Lord of the Ascendant, or unto Saturn, or if any reception had been betwixt Saturn and Jupiter or Jupiter and Mercury, or any collection of light from Mercury to Saturn, and that Planet so collecting had received Saturn or Mercury, I would not have been so peremptory but when I found no one promising testimony, I gave my judgment in the negitive, viz. she should not conceive or ever have any children for whoever considers the positure of Heaven exactly, shall find it is a most unfortunate Figure for having children as the Moon was in Square of Saturn, Lord of the 6th, and Mercury Lord of the Ascendant, applying to his Opposition, so was the Querent very sickly, and extremely afflicted with the Wind and Chollick in her Belly and small Guts the South Node in the Ascendant shewed very great paine in the Head, so did Mercury in Gemini, being afflicted by both the Malevolents, represent extreame grief...

Mercury In Taurus

This location gives the native excellent powers of concentration and assimilation even though they may be a little slow. It confers on the native a patient, solid, and painstaking mentality. He has a practical, solid, firm and determined mind, somewhat obstinate and stubborn, inclined to be dogmatic or opinionated. You must tell him that his stubborn nature will cause him considerable grief if he does not attempt to minimize its nature.

Of The Twelfth House

The last house for us to describe is the twelfth house of the celestial circle, or the house of private enemies imprisonment, cares, anxieties, misery, and suffering. In horary questions, it denotes every kind of grief, persecution, malice, secret toil of mind, envy, incarceration, treason, sedition, assassination, and suicide. It is also the house of cattle and great beasts. In nativities, the rule above does not hold good, for the student in celestial philosophy will soon perceive in the course of his practice, that the evil planets therein, are far less evil and weaker in mischief than when angular or even in the eleventh or fifth houses. This axiom (the author's own experience) no former author has recorded it is nevertheless strictly true.


Writings, and fcaipiures, Mars has the fecond phafis in Gemini which is the phaiis of fiudy, perfevcrance, and labour, of trouble, grief, and painful anxiety. 'i he Sun has the third phaiis in Gem mi i and it s the pb*ffe of boldnefs, contempt, and difdain of indolence, forgctfulnefs, and ill manners.

The Moon And Saturn

If the waxing Moon is in aspect with Saturn or moving toward him, this indicates widowhood for the mother and constant grief for the house of women. The natives themselves have occupations in temples and lose their entire inheritance. But in the course of time they gain it back through their own efforts.


Orpheus, asteroid 3,361 (the 3,361st asteroid to be discovered, on April 24, 1982), is approximately 12.2 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 5.3 years. Orpheus was named after a masterful player of the lyre who is best remembered for his attempt to rescue his wife Eurydice from the underworld. According to Martha Lang-Wescott, Orpheus represents haunting, lyrical music, mourning or grief, or a sense of loss or longing for what is past. This asteroid's key words are loss, grief, and sad songs. Jacob Schwartz gives Orpheus's astrological significance as mourning or loss, grieving for a missed opportunity or missing person.

Part The First

Seeing that, afterwards, many other cures we re performed upon certain gentlewomen, I asked Butler why so many women should be cured, but that I (while that I sharply conflicted with death itself, being also environed with pains of all my joints and organs) should not feel any ease --But he asked with what disease I had laboured --And when he understood that poison had given a beginning to the disease, he said,--that, as the cause had come from within to without, the oil ought to be taken into the body, or the stone to be touched with the tongue because the grief being cherished within, it was not local or external and also observed, that the oil did, by degrees, uncloath itself with the efficacy of healing, because the little stone being lightly tinged in it, it had not pithily charged the oil throughout its whole body, but had only en nobled it with a delible or obliterable besprinkling of its odour for truly that stone did present, in the eyes and tongue, sea-salt spread abroad,...

Eighth House

Some very strange and rather uncommon friendships are displayed when Uranus is in this House. The native continually experiences the sudden gain or loss of friends throughout his life. These sudden and unexpected occurrences concerning his friendships can cause the native a tremendous amount of grief. He must learn to accept that this is part of life and nothing can change it. There are indications that some of the friends are directly associated with masonic, scientific, astrological and occult matters and they can assist the native in the strengthening of personal desires.

Uranus In Aries

Here Uranus is operating through Venus' field. Emphasis is on feel* ing rather than action. Taurus deals with the world of matter, and Uranus tent interested in material matters. It belongs to the intuitive and higher realms of thought It is in the sign of its fall in Taurus. When Uranus went into Taurus the U.S. went off the gold standard. The banks were closed. The depression set in and the values inherent in materialism were challenged as never before in the country's history. With Uranus in Taurus note its relation to Venus in the chart. If the two planets are afflicted there will be upsets and separations where love affairs are concerned. Unconventional attitudes can bring grief where marriage is concerned. Unexpected upsets could cause upheavals, especially when there would be a Uranus transit to the natal Venus. If Venus and Uranus are harmoniously configurated in the birthchart there would be charm, magnetism and the promise of a union that would bring great happiness to the...


When the Pleiades are descending in the sixth degree of Taurus, if this degree is attacked by malefic influence, the natives will perish in a shipwreck. But if benefic planets aspect this place equally with malefic, a pleasant death will come to them, either in sexual pleasure or at banquets or drinking parties, without grief. If the ascendant is in the split of the hoof of Taurus and one of the benefic planets is in aspect to this place, as well as malefic with equal influence, they will make a painter who acquires honor from his occupation. But if only malefic planets are in aspect, famous gladiators will be born. After taking many palms and prizes they will die fighting with the sword in the favor and applause of the spectators.

Dorotheus Of Sidon

Now I will make the whole thing clear to you. If you find in nativities Jupiter and Mercury not injured, then judge an abundance of children. If these two are not in their illuminator the Sun or their dejection, then they do not indicate the existence of children, but if he should have a child, then he will die and grief will reach his father.103

House Twelfth

Fourth House) the secret effects ot sins of omission and commission - defects of character that make necessary a spiritual rebirth. Since we can rid ourselves of the presence of these ghosts of the past only by liquidating our indebtedness to them, the Twelfth may be termed the House of the Hangover of crime, punishment and grief the pawnshop of the Ego the Gethsemane of the soul the Hell wherein one atones for his errors through compassionate self-sacrifice, whereby ultimately to achieve freedom from conditions that limit and restrict. Thus it is also the House of Charity given and received.


Whoever has the ascendant in the eleventh degree of Virgo will gain fame and honor as an athlete, will be rich, and the husband of a wealthy woman but he will die a violent death. With the ascendant in the twelfth degree he will be religious, just, and in high position. He will be a prophet, priest, or a ruler of great temples, states, or provinces. Often he will be in charge of public courts. But he will have great grief from misfortunes of children.

The Twelfth House

It shows the subconscious, where our rational mind and ego are dissolved and can indicate fantasy, illusion, mental disorders or trance. It is an astral house and shows how we connect with the subtle planes. It indicates our after death state, where our latent impressions and unresolved deeper attachments will lead us.


AS concerning an action locally at a distance, wines do suggest a demonstration unto us for, every kind of wine, although it be bred out of co-bordering provinces, and likewise more timely blossoming elsewhere, yet it is troubled while our country vine flowereth neither doth such a disturbance cease as long as the flower shall not fall off from our vine which thing surely happens, either from a common motive-cause of the vine and wine, or from a particular disposition of the vine, the which indeed troubles the wine, and doth shake it up and down with a confused te,mpest or likewise, because the wine itself doth thus trouble itself of its own free acco by reason of the flowers of the vine of both the which latter, if there be a fore-touche, d conformity, consent, co-grieving, or congratulation at least, that cannot but be done by an action at a distance to wit, if the wine be troubled in a cellar under ground, wh ereunto no vine perhaps is near for some miles, neither is there any...


Cancer, the moist and feminine sign ruled by the Moon is next to Leo, the hot and dry sign ruled by the Sun. It is therefore required by the law of analogy that the exaltation-sign of the Moon should be next to that of the Sun, in Taurus. Venus, the planet of Love, offers an avenue for the expression of the lunar forces of fecundation, and the moist feminine and fruitful sign Taurus is in entire agreement with these tendencies, hence this sign offers the most powerful expression for the force working though the Moon, and she may therefore rightfully be called exalted in Taurus. Venus blinds us in the bonds of love for the perpetuation of the race, therefore that love is essentially selfish, hence productive of sorrow. Who has loved much, has suffered much, hence the tear-stained Venus is exalted in the watery twelfth-house-sign Pisces, the sign of sorrow. There, by the purifying effect of grief, the earthly, sensual love is transmuted to Altruism under the benefic ray of Jupiter, the...

Planetary Lords

The lord of the eleventh functions like that of the sixth, but with less power. The lord of the third functions like that of the eighth but with less power. The lord of the twelfth causes sorrow, grief, emotional disorders, and shows confinement to a bed or hospital--often a chronically sick person.


When Venus is ruler of time she allots 15 months to Mars he brings evils and frequent griefs. For he agitates the mind with various illicit loves and imposes grief from the harsh torment of love, so that frequent lawsuits ensue. Riots and dangers are stirred up by the worst kind of wives, or on account of them or adultery is instigated, or impure love affairs.

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