Are we to believe all stars are the result of some mental or spiritual activity? I would tend to think that because not all stars follow the same process of development or result in the same type of star, there are probably many distinctions to be made.

We do know for sure that the Earth's star has produced life, and therefore must be the source of Spirit. There is no problem in holding that all stars are a product of soul, but we must assume there is a different activity and outcome for each star. We know many large massive stars develop quickly, live short lives, and then self-destruct. It is obvious that the exploding star has suffused itself throughout the cosmos thus ending its self-identity. The extinction of its Self-hood or One-ness is not a loss but just the opposite; it leaves behind a vast collection of raw material necessary for the development of stars that can produce life. Science tells us that such "first" generation stars lack the material to produce elements necessary to generate life as we know it; but that "second" generation stars, such as our sun, are born out of the materials left by first generation stars. These galactic nurseries give birth to stars able to produce such diverse elements as gold, and the element necessary for life itself--carbon.

To be consistent with observation we must assume that every galaxy is ensouled by virtue of the stars that make it a galaxy. So also clusters of galaxies, and other structures, until the void is filled with Spirit to the very edge of the universe itself.

I tend to think that out of the chaos of the early universe the "stuff" of Mind and the formation of matter took opposing forms yet required each other. The Idea of Life at this stage could only have been a vague dreamlike image from a dim unknown past that gradually dawned as a remote possibility. As the universe evolved into its present form, so also did the Idea of life as the energy of Soul coalesced into stars. As spirit gives rise to mind through flesh, so does spirit give rise to mind through the solar orb. If the cycle is to be completed, then Living Soul must return to the form from which it was created. The formation of stars through Soul insures the continued maintenance of the universe.

If stars represent a very real spiritual power, then we must take account of the forces underlying star formation. Dr. Franklin of the Hayden Planetarium states that: "The very fact that you can see a star indicates that it must die. It's giving you energy--but it does not have an infinite store. So it's going to have an end. And if it had an end, it had to have a beginning." Another astronomer Michael Zeilik offers a theory of the birth of massive stars that may be triggered by shock waves traveling through large cool clouds of interstellar gas and dust. But he concedes that how stars such as the sun are formed remains one of the most vexing problems of contemporary astrophysics. One of the physical theories behind star formation is gravitational instability. Zeilik asks us to imagine a uniform, static cloud of gas in space:

""Imagine then that the gas is somehow disturbed so that one small spherical region becomes a little denser than the gas around it so that the small region's gravitational field becomes slightly stronger. It now attracts more matter to it and its gravity increases, which increases its gravity even more, so that it picks up even more matter and contracts even further. The process continues until the small region of gas finally forms a gravitationally bound object."46

What could be this "disturbing" factor in star formation? It's a fact that stars are born, and the simplest theory suggests a beginning through a slight gravitational imbalance. A perfect and powerful Soul spiraling in a field of dust and gas could account for this beginning. Mystical teachings allude to something akin to the idea of a spiritual beginning in this quote:

""The expansion of the universe is maintained by the birth of individual spirit-sparks which as drops of His cosmic identity are scattered throughout the universe as billions of seeds of light, each one with a unique destiny, yet each one an exact replica of the original unity that was and is God." 47

For many of us this idea requires a greater stretch of the imagination than our scientific attitudes will allow. Lack of any physical evidence relegates this view to the realm of superstition and fantasy for those who demand proof. But logically, it allows for the cycle of spiritual and physical processes to be completed, and must remain as a reasonable possibility.

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