Mind And Quantum Gravity

There are two very common things within our lives and the universe that are still a mystery. The first is usually thought of as a function of living things, but highly developed in human beings, that mystery is Mind, the seat of intelligence. Mystics and philosophers throughout history, and all major cultures and religions including anyone believing in a higher creative power, have to consider Mind to be fundamental before all else. The second mystery is gravity. Galileo first discovered that all things fall at the same rate or speed and formulated one of the early laws of physics: V=gt. Newton described gravity as instantaneous action at a distance, but Einstein's general theory of relativity showed that gravity is the way in which mass curves space-time. Matter produces curvature through gravity affecting the shape of space around it, and that "determines the trajectories of objects moving through it: Matter tells space how to curve; space tells matter how to move." 45 Newton's gravity is still a force, but now described through its geometrical (differential) properties in Einstein's field equations. This sounds similar to Plato's assumption that the Forms or Ideas reduce to mathematical content by geometry (Euclidean). On a large scale gravity is obvious to everyone, but on a small scale, the quantum level, it is still a great mystery.

It seems to me that these two strange mysteries might share something in common. In fact, the more I think about it, the more convinced I am that they require each other. There should be a point of contact that is ubiquitous and total, or universal. The universe is wrapped in thought and that wrapping is gravity, it is everywhere and affects everything. In the "Sentient Universe" I said that Mind is a form of mass/energy, and referred to it in my own terminology as M-Force. Now it appears that this force comes in two forms.

Through General Relativity, Einstein made a huge advancement in our understanding of how the universe operates. Had he left things alone, Hubble's later discovery that the universe is expanding would confirm what his equations predicted. At the time, the popular view supported the belief that the universe is static, eternal, and at rest with itself. Einstein realized at once that his new theory resulted in a restless universe that under the attraction of gravity would eventually collapse under its own weight. He didn't want that to happen, so to fix the problem he modified his theory; he called it Lambda, and it came to be known as the cosmological constant.

This is where it gets mystical. What Einstein does is ascribe existence to the void, the nothing. The vacuum can produce gravity, it soon comes to be called vacuum energy, but this energy because of its tension is not what we're familiar with; it is not attractive, but repulsive. With the right proportion of repulsive gravity the expanding universe could now reach a balance in which the universe sits still; cosmic expansion can be brought into balance with 'normal' gravity. We discussed the flat universe model in the Sentient Universe chapter in which cosmologists say that Omega=One. I think it's also mystically significant that without this critical balance the universe would not have survived long enough for life and intelligence to evolve on this planet, or possibly many planets. So how do I conceive mind and matter sharing two opposing types of gravity? M-Flux, or primordial, or shall I say unembodied mind, works through repulsive gravity because it's affect is only apparent on a cosmic scale, and can be summoned out of the so-called Void to adjust the finally tuned balance of Omega=one. On the other hand, attractive gravity is about matter or objects in space-time such as M-Field entities like stars and galaxies, and M-Factor beings such as intelligent people. Our home universe is a neutral being in a negative/positive state of existence in a delicately poised balance, a titanic state of tension locked in a swirling dance of living energy destined to never end . . . unless . . . .

It's all hypothetical of course; some scientists think there may never be a quantum theory of gravity simply because where physical limits end, metaphysical reality begins, and that's not a subject for science.

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