Background Philosophy

• 1 John Locke, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, Book II, Chap. I, Sec. 2.

• 2 Plato Theaetetus 158c.

• 4 Heisenberg, Werner; quoted in Quantum Questions.ed. Ken Wilber (Shambala Publications, Inc. 2001). p. 52.

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The System of Plotinus

• 6 Plotinus, The Enneads, trans. Stephen MacKenna, third edition revised by B.S. Page (New York: Pantheon Books, n.d.), V.3.14.

• 8 Plotinus, VI.9.6. The universe, because it has been ordered by a reason-principle, is also a moral universe. Plotinus often refers to the ONE as the GOOD.

• 9 We will see how Plato's world of forms or Ideal Theory, especially as conceived in Plotinus' Second Hypostasis, will correlate to the Archetypes of the collective unconscious in the psychology of Carl Jung.

• 10 See Chap. IV "Concept of the Soul" for a discussion of the soul's involvement with the material world.

Philosophy and the Solar System

• 14 Darwin, Charles. The Origin of Species and Descent of Man.

New York: The Modern Library, Random House, n.d.

Concept of the Soul in Plotinus

• 15 Frederick Copleston, A History of Philosophy,vol. 5: Modern Philosophy: The British Philosophers. [Garden City, NY: Doubleday and Co. Image Books, 1964]. 2:106

• 19 When Plotinus uses terms such as eternal, immortal, infinite, etc., we assume he is using them in the sense that their meaning conveys. But I am trying to re-structure Plotinus' philosophy to fit modern cosmological models and concepts. For Plotinus, the universe is eternal; he had no reason to think otherwise. But today we have good reason to believe that the universe began with a big bang about thirteen billion years ago. When it will end is anybody's guess. For my purpose, it is not necessary that souls be immortal, only that they have the potential to last a very long time. And who knows, maybe souls are immortal; suppose they can enter black holes that might be doorways into other universes. Or maybe they can manipulate time so that the end can always be put off. It's interesting to speculate, but I mainly want to avoid contradictions and any confusion to the reader.

• 23 IV.3.24. It seems natural that souls evolve, that is, attain greater perfection. Some esoteric groups teach that highly evolved souls have more control to choose their future incarnations. These souls have a greater or more sweeping vision of their place in the cosmic plan.

The Psychology of Carl Jung

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• 35 C.G. Jung, On the Nature of the Psyche, p. 105.

Astrology and Psychology

• 36 The archetypes of the collective unconscious as primordial images are basic to humanity, but the archetypes of astrology are fundamental to the culture that uses them.

• 37 Wilson, Collin; The Theory of Celestial Influence,(New York: Samuel Wiser, 1973). p. 86.

• 38 Christian theologians have always been interested in Plato's Theory of Forms because it gives a philosophical reference point for how God might have gone about creating the world in Genesis.

Cold dark Matter

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