What has been said here is not meant to sound like some kind of religious function at work; yet, nonetheless, might be thought of as the well from which religious ideals spring--the ground and source of religious thought. No system of belief is excluded. I have written from the standpoint of my own Western heritage and culture, yet the Hindu or Buddhist should not find this inconsistent with their own beliefs. Mohammed speaks of the Allah of Islam and there is no contradiction. The "uncarved block" of Chinese Taoism remains as it has for generations without dispute. With only slight modification every culture and religion can adapt to the ideas stated here without losing anything. If nothing else, there is an ontological ground upon which all religions can stand.

As human beings we have an innate tendency to anthropomorphize everything, that is, to make things understandable on human terms. In the West, people like to think of God as the wise old bearded man in heaven. This image is easy to pray to, and probably much more effective than seeking consolation from a giant gas fireball in the sky. Yet logic demands that life and soul have a cause and reason, and a power to bring it about and sustain it all.

I am well aware that critics will accuse me of luring modern scientifically enlightened men and women back to the age of ignorance and superstition. Astrological paganism deified the forces of nature to explain ordinary physical phenomenon long before simple scientific knowledge became available. Worship of the heavens was probably the oldest and widest held religious practice of the ancient world. Many older religions were cults of the sun, and human sacrifice an unfortunate part of life. It is a history that need not be repeated in our day. In my view, life, mind, soul, and spirit are terms that describe the human entity, and I don't believe that human beings will ever be content without knowledge of their ultimate source.

If stars are ensouled and a focus of mind, and life generated by the power of a star, then creation describes a process with an intention contained within the process itself. If religions insist that God stand outside the process, then no harm is done, Jews, Christians, and Muslims will always maintain their own unique individuality.

It is with an open mind that inquiry leads to discovery. I am ready to accept the facts of nature, and to modify my ideas, as they become known. If what I say can be shown in error, then I will be the first to correct it, or reject it. The ideas represented herein are merely a framework, an outline, of what is possible. Like one of Plato's forms, or Jung's archetypes, empty until born into actuality. We all need to believe in something; whether these ideas work or not, until further notice, I leave up to you.

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