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Joe Barton has created this comprehensive report that provides detailed information about gout and the various treatment options, including natural remedies. Some of the things that you will learn from the report include the link on the food that you are consuming and gout, how sleep affects your gout, the medical treatments available, the best alternative home remedies that you must try, and how to eliminate high levels of purines in your diet, among others. Since arthritis is a complex problem, results from treatment methods given in this report is going to be different for different individuals and nothing can be guaranteed for sure. Those people who read the report and implement the natural remedies do have a chance of getting rid of gout permanently.

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Cure Gout Now

You'll learn: How to cure gout quickly and naturally in seven easy steps these tips will put you on the fast track to better health. 6 high-risk factors for gout if you read nothing else, you absolutely must know this . this information will have a dramatic positive effect on how you live your life. The primary causes of gout and what this means for you and your future. The painful symptoms of gout and how to quickly and easily eliminate them. The secondary causes of gout and how to quickly assess your risks. Who's at the greatest risk of developing gout and how to dramatically lessen your chances of getting it. And so much more including over 20 delicious recipes that won't set off a gout attack. How to change the underlying cause of your gout. How to stop painful gout symptoms in their tracks. How to lose weight quickly and easily. How to lower your levels of uric acid naturally and effectively. Gout friendly foods as well as how to avoid unhealthy options that will set of another attack.

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The Gout Solution

What you will discover: The night and day difference between symptomatic care and treating the root cause of the problem never be tricked again by ongoing expensive cures that just cover up the symptoms as I give you the blueprint for correcting the underlying root cause of your gout (see page 4) The one gout causing food group you must avoid if you want to eliminate your gout symptoms (most gout sufferers are eating this at least twice a day). The answer is on page 17. The dangerous side effects that pharmaceutical companies dont want you to know about of the most common drugs used to treat gout (this is shocking). Find out if you are doing more harm than good to your body on page 10 The purine fallacy as I debunk once and for all the myth about low purine diets and reveal how they can actually cause more harm than good for gout sufferers save time, effort and never be fooled again (everything is revealed in Chapter 3) The simple equation that determines the total amount of purines in your body (when you understand this you will see why purines in the foods we eat has very little to do with gout). And you will understand what does control your purines and what you can immediately do about it. (see page 15) The one issue that is often blamed for gout sufferers high purine levels (hint: its not how many purines youve eaten) and how you can stop it. Get it on page 24. A food substance (that most gout sufferers are having way too much of) that can shoot your uric acid levels sky high I show you how it does this, how to find what foods it is in and how you can easily avoid it on page 22 The 10 known risk factors for gout find out which risk factors you can influence (you will be surprised at some of these risk factors and you will see them all in Chapter 6)

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The Four Triplicities

Earthy signs rising (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn), give fair vitality but a secret fear of disease arrests the vital processes in the body and poisons these people so that they become victims of chronic ailments oftener than those of the other groupings. The throat, stomach and intestines are specially threatened rheumatism and gout are also frequently experienced. When a person has many planets in earthy signs it favors the acquisition of material wealth.

Of Sympathetic Medicines

The loadstone possesses an eminent medicinal faculty, against many violent and implacable disorders. Helmont says, that the back of the loadstone, as it repulses iron, so also it removes gout, swellings, rheum, & c. that is of the nature or quality of iron. The iron attracting faculty, if it be joined to the mummy of a woman, and the back of the loadstone be put within her thigh, and the bel.ly of the loadstone on her loins, it safely prevents a miscarriage, already threatened but the belly of the loadstone applied within the thigh and the back to her loins, it doth wonderfully facilitate her delivery. Uldericus Balk, a dominican friar, published a book at Frankfort in the year 1611, concerning the lamp of life in which we shal.l find (taken from Paracelsus) the true magnetical cure of many diseases, viz. the dropsy, gout, jaundice, & c. For if thou shalt enclose the warm blood of the sick in the shell and white of an egg, which is exposed to a nourishing warmth, and this blood,...

Judgment upon the Figure beforegoing

The Significators in ayery Signes, shew the Blood purified or corrupted, Gouty Diseases, Leprosies, the Hand and Foot Gout. Pisces The Ancle-bone and Feet, Gouts, Swellings in those parts. Deafnesse, Tooth-ach, paine in the Bones, in the Bladder, all cold Diseases proceeding from a deflux of the Humours, the Gout, Scab, Melanchollick, infirmities, Leprosie, Palsie, Consumption, black-Jaundies, quartan Agues, the Iliack-passion, Dropsie, Chin-coughs, Catarres of Rheums falling upon the Lungs and Pectorals. stirs up, or is the Author of, are more permanent and long, and generally are regulated by the Sun hot and dry Diseases, which are procreated from the influence of Mars and the Sun are but short, and are determined by the motion of the Moon Saturn produceth chronick Infirmities Jupiter and Sun short Mars more short, violent and quick Venus a meane betwixt both Mercury divers and unconstant the Moon such as do againe revert, as the Falling-Sicknessee, Giddinesse, Swimming of the Head,...


It governs the legs and ancles and its diseases are lameness, fractures of limbs, the gout, cramp, rheumatism, and those proceeding from foul blood. It reigns over Arabia, Petrea, Tar-tary, Russia, Denmark, Lower Sweden, Westphalia, Hamburgh, and Bremen. Its colour is etherial blue. In horary questions, it denotes, quarries of stone or marble, mines of precious metals, as well as of lead or copper, or any place recently dug up, uneven grounds, aerostatic machines, and aeronautic experiments, or apparatus relating thereto also springs, conduits, roofs of houses, and deep wells it is deemed * fortunate sign.

Mars Neptune

On the other hand, there may be too much sodium in the body. The sodium may be retained because of drug therapy, such as cortisone injections. If Neptune is in Libra, weakened kidneys, renal insufficiency or acidosis may develop, causing sodium retention and edema. Too much sodium may result in gout if there is also a hard aspect from Saturn without sufficient pantothenic acid sodium settles with uric acid needles into the soft tissue surrounding the joints, causing inflammation because of insufficient vitamin C (Saturn) to stop the process.


Other problems Todd had were acidosis (Libra and hard aspects to Mars), deficiency in stomach acid (Saturn in Cancer) and liver dysfunction (Jupiter and Virgo). The BUN was low, meaning a block in protein metabolism. He will have a tendency toward gout in later age if he doesn't watch his intake of acid-forming foods. And mucus was found in the urine.

From The Stars

BUT the celestial images, according to whose likeness images of this kind are framed, are many in the heavens some visible arid conspicuous, others only imaginary, conceived and set down by the Egyptians, Indians, and Chaldeans and their parts are so ordered, that even the figures of some of them are distinguished from others for this reason they place in the circle of the Zodiac twelve general images, according to the number of the signs of these, they constituting Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, for the fiery and oriental triplicity, report that it is profitable against fevers, palsy, dropsy, gout, and all cold and phlegmatic infirmities and that it makes him who carries it to bc acceptable, eloquent, ingenious and honourable because they are th e houses of Mars, Sol, and Jupiter. They made, also, the image of a lion against melancholy phantasies, dropsy, plague and fevers, and to expel diseases at the hour of the Sun, the first degree of the sign Leo ascending, which is the face and...

About Diseases

For example,' practically all diseases can be cured when astrological laws are properly used. On this specific angle I am working for over a year. I have discovered that we have a limited span of life alio we'd to us by God. But many people get sick and die before the allotted span of life has' expired. All those diseases which develop within the actual allowed span of life are curable with the proper diet and other procedures, involving nothing but the correctly proportioned use of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. This is why Cancer, Paralysis, Dropsy, Gout and other so-called incurable dinatts are curable provided our life span is not exhausted and many a time, when such diseases get into one's system, the life span is not exhausted for a long time

Part The First

'My most dear friend, unless thou come hitherto, so as to be able, by one only remedy, to cure every disease, thou shalt remain in thy young beginnings, however old thou shalt become.'--I easily assented to this, because I had learned that from the secrets of Paracelsus and being now more confirmed by sight and hope. But I willingly confess, that that new mode of curing was unaccustomed and unknown to me I therefore said, that a young Prince of our Court, Viscount of Gaunt, brother to the Prince of Episuoy, of a very great House, was so wholly prostrated by the gout, that he thenceforth lay only on one side, being wretched, and deformed with many knots he, therefore, taking hold of my right hand, said--'Wilt thou that I cure the young man I will cure him for thy sake.'--'But,' I replied, 'he is of that obstinacy, that he had rather die, than drink one only medicinal potion.' 'Be it so,' said Butler 'for neither do I require any other thing, than that he do, every morning, touch this...

Astrology And Magic

Munich Manual Demonic Magic

Here are the instructions for healing gout by a magical amulet, in a papyrus in the Egyptian vernacular Demotic Another amulet for the foot of the gouty man You should write these names on a strip of silver or tin. You should put it on a deerskin and bind it to the foot of the man named, on his two feet 'THEMBARATHEM OUREMBRENOUTIPE AIOXTHOU SEMMARATHEMOU NAIIOU, let NN whom NN bore, recover from every pain which is in his knees and two feet.' You do it when the Moon is in Leo.48

Capricorn vl

Capricorn .s an earthy, cold, dry, melancholy, feminine, notfurnaj, moveable, cardinal, folfiieial, domeflic, lbuthern, quadruped n, fign,, of the earthy tripliejxy, the houfe of Saturn, and exaltation of Mars aud conta-ns twenty-eight liars. When this fign governs a nativity, it produces a ilender ftuture, of a diy conftitufon, long thin v fige, fmall beard, dark hair, long neck, and narrow chin and breail wi.h a d'f-pufition collected, witty, and fubtle. The difeafes peculiar to Cap torn are the gout, lp rains, fradtures, aiflocations., leprofy, . tch, fcabs, Aquarius is an hairy, hof, moTc, rational, fixed, humane, diurnal, fim-guine, mafculine, v.eitern, Hgn, of the airy tiiphcity the day houle of Saturn, and comprehends, in its degrees of the zodiac, twenty-four itirs. In a nativity, it denotes a perfon of well-fet, thick, rjbuit, ltrong, body, long vilage, and pale delicate countenance clear fanguine complexion, with bright fandy or dark llaxrn ha r. The difeaies common to this...