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Have you wanted to work a job that does not require you to come in at certain hours just to allow you to keep it? Would you rather make more money doing something that is more interesting than spending a lot of time in a cubicle? This is the solution for you: become an expert in scrap gold! Gold is historically one of the most stable investments, so your market is not going under any time soon! You will learn how to start dealing in scrap gold and how to start your business for less than $50! You will also learn how to test the gold that you come across so that you don't get ripped off. You will learn how to trade peoples gold for cash, and how to find gold in the first place. Start making your own business that deals in the most secure investment of all time! Read more...

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Highly Recommended

I've really worked on the chapters in this book and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

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Sf X Neptune In Pisces

Neptune was last in Pisces from 1847 to 1861. Brigham Young settled in Utah with his Mormon followers John Sutter started the California Gold Rush and Marx and Engels wrote The Communist Manifesto. It was the time of the Pony Express, the Suez Canal, the first commerical oil well, Darwin's theory of evolution, the beginning of oceanography, the Bunsen burner, the glider and the safety pin.

Fjxed Stars

Another astrological folly is the use of fixed stars. Some books give great big registers of the places oi fixed stars, they show in special chapters the supposed effect of many of these fixed stars. I have tried them too, since there his not been a. stone Jeft unturned that I did not turn around several times to make sure it does not contain a gold nugget. But, the harder I put the fixed stars to use, the worse my forecasts became. So, since you have now a book wherein the bid sides of things are also brought to the open, not only the good and glorious parts, follow my tip leave Fixed Stats alone


Natives who have Mercury in the fourth house (the IMC) are sharp of mind, in charge of public activities, erudite in many kinds of learning. If Mercury is in a morning rising they will be teachers of certain secret arts. But if Mars and Saturn hold other angles, that is, in opposition or square aspect to Mercury, this produces indictments, condemnations, and prison terms. But if Mercury is in an evening rising this will make goldsmiths or gold miners, teachers of certain secret arts, or those who appear learned in computing and calculating or they will be in charge of wrestling schools.

T Pluto In Aries

Pluto was last in Aries from 1823 to 1851. This was the era of the American pioneer, the exploration of the Wild West, the California Gold Rush and the invention of the Colt revolver. During this period, the first college degree was given to a woman, the first postage stamp was issued and ether was used as an anesthetic for the first time.

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