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The experience that a woman has during childbirth shapes how the rest of her child-raising experience goes, in many ways. A good birth can have a huge effect on how good you feel about your child, whereas a bad birth can often lead to feelings of sadness or PDST-type symptoms due to the pain and struggle of the birth experience. However, you don't need to worry about that now, because the information in this book gives you ALL of the experience and expert advice that you need in order to have a really amazing birth, that really marked that day as the truly special day that it is. This book teaches you how to use natural, holistic remedies to heal yourself during pregnancy in order to make sure that you feel your best during the whole birth experience. You can also learn everything you need to know about natural birth Everything you need to know to have a great pregnancy and birth is in this guide! More here...

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The author presents a well detailed summery of the major headings. As a professional in this field, I must say that the points shared in this manual are precise.

I give this ebook my highest rating, 10/10 and personally recommend it.

The Movement For Birthing

More and more research is showing that having your baby naturally can help both you AND your child later in life, and cause a better pregnancy than one that is focused around drugs and doping the mother until she can't feel a thing. Penelope is a natural birth expert and knows exactly how to make sure that you have the pregnancy and birth that you actually deserve, instead of going through a lot of pain that you should not have to deal with. Her method makes birth much more manageable and even pleasurable for both you AND your baby. This online course goes into far more detail than the advice that too many courses offer; there is no nonsense about passive relaxation This course teaches you what to DO when you're about to have a baby. You will also learn the exercises that you need to know to strengthen your body. For childbirth Come into the birth prepared and ready!

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The Practical Value Of Astrology

To the medical man Astrology is invaluable in diagnosing diseases and prescribing a remedy, for it reveals the hidden cause of all ailments. If you are a parent the horoscope will aid you to detect the evil latent in your child and teach you how to apply the ounce of prevention. It will show you the good points also, that you may make the better man or woman of the soul entrusted to your care. It will reveal systemic weakness and enable you to guard the health of your child it will show what talents are there, and how the life may be lived to a maximum of usefulness. Therefore, the message of the marching orbs is most important, and as we have shown the great danger of giving birth data to anyone else, there remains only one course To study the science yourself.

How the Gemini Woman Relates Lovers and Other Intimates

The Gemini Woman generally has the lazy-mother approach to child-rearing. She likes children and wants to have them around. Unlike many women, she isn't at all dismayed to learn that she is pregnant after all, it's really another adventure, another experience that will certainly enrich her life in one way or another. I sense that succeeding pregnancies won't be as thrilling for her, for giving birth does require a certain amount of staying still and establishing roots.

Chiron Has a Special Impact on Personal Relationships

Discovery of Chiron would put an end to astrology. They were very wrong. Instead, we will see in this book why Chiron will give birth to a resurgence of astrology unseen since the days of Johannes Kepler, when astrologers were respected and influential advisors to European and Asian monarchs.

The Romance Planets and Romance Aspects

There are also planets that help give birth to, fortify, and strengthen love and harmony between two persons. There are three such planets, and we call them ROMANCE PLANETS. Like the Sexual Planets, the Romance Planets are the ones you would expect from their symbolisms. Chiron, Venus, and Neptune are all Romance Planets. Chiron is the most important and most powerful, but the other two are not far

History and Characteristics

Scientists became acutely aware of the roles copper plays when sheep and cattle grazing on grass deficient in copper developed anemia and osteoporosis. Further examination showed degeneration of the motor tracts of the spinal cord, a disease resembling multiple sclerosis in humans. Ewes deficient in copper to begin with gave birth to lambs that developed uncoordinated gaits, a condition known as enzootic ataxia (swayback). Abnormalities in the pigmentation of their hair and wool fibers also occurred. On the other hand, ewes given supplements of copper before birthing produced strong, healthy offspring. Scientists have also found that severe deprivation of copper in cattle produces fibrosis of the myocardium (middle layers of the wall of the heart) and what is known as falling disease, where a cow suddenly drops dead.

Descending Parkha Bap Par

The descending parkha for the current year is counted differently for male and female persons. For males, start with the parkha Li and count clockwise females start with the parkha Kham and go counterclockwise. The count, in either case, is to the agesign, or the number of years from birth to the current year, starting with the birth year as one. Thus, the agesign in 2003 for someone born in 1941 is 63. Once the descending parkha for the current year is determined, refer to the following table to determine the good and bad directions for that year.

Progressed Lunar Directions

The Moon travels through the Zodiac at an average rate of between twelve and thirteen degrees a day, and as the day in the art of progression is 9aken as a time measure equivalent to a year, we may say that the Moon by progression from birth to death travels at the rate of between twelve and thirteen degrees a year, or about one degree per month. Thus in the course of about twenty- eight years she circles the whole horoscope and forms all the aspects that can be formed to all the planets in the radical figure, and she may thus travel two or three times around the horoscope in the life of the average man or woman. It is her passage around the horoscope that makes the life fruitful of events for the aspects of the planets themselves which indicate the year when a certain influence is ready to be reaped as ripe destiny and produce events in the life, do not of themselves cause either

The Ziping Method Of Fatecalculation

Imagenes Pentagonos

Being an unorthodox subject in traditional Chinese scholarship, the art of fate-calculation was generally frowned upon by Chinese scholars. The exception to this rule was the Yijing (Book of Changes). Practitioners of the art of fate-calculation often wrote in an obscure style to discourage the uninitiated. Hence, unlike other branches of Chinese studies, it is difficult to gain access to reliable documentation concerning this arcane art. We know that by the Han period (206 bc-ad 220) some Confucianists were already talking about the three types of human fate (sanming Him). The first type was endowed during birth, known variously as 'normal fate' (,zhengming lE'np), 'great fate' (darning 'bp), 'endowed fate' (shouming npT) and 'longevity fate' (shouming iSMr) the second was determined by one's behaviour in life, called the 'resultant fate' (suiming BS'wi) and the third was determined by something that modern insurance companies call 'an act of God', namely the 'fate of meeting (with...

Astrology as a Diagnostic Tool

Not only does astrology present a comprehensive portrait of the psyche in all its rich complexity, it is also capable of looking backwards into the past or projecting forwards into the future. Astrology is a diagnostic time machine that allows the therapist to gain access to psychological events that span the period from birth to death. For example, by examining the transits and progressions for any year of the life the astrologer is able to discern clues to traumatic events that might have occurred in early childhood, or project into the future and target periods when the individual is liable to face new crises. Such projections do not just predict a generic crisis, but a crisis of a specific type and duration. A chart assists the therapist in both diagnosis and prognosis, for where it symbolizes inborn conflicts, complexes, and areas of repression, it also points to latent potentials and areas (and times) of probable growth. In effect, the chart can be seen as a symbolic map of the...

Astrological Strong Forces For Riches And Fame

Venus in the sixth house, by day or night, if there is no planeton the MC, indicates wives who are low-born widows, sickly, and not agreeable to men. If a woman has Venus in this house she will suffer great difficulty and danger in childbirth. She will frequently abort or have the foetus lacerated in her womb and brought forth by physicians.

Ascendant Lord in the First House

Located in its own sign, the Ascendant lord is good for health and vitality as well as for overall expression and achievement in life, adding energy to the body and strengthening congenital vitality. However, if afflicted by malefics in this location, it can cause significant health problems from birth because both th Ascendant and its lord will be compromised. If aspected by Saturn or Rahu, long term Vata problems or degenerative disorders are possible. If afflicted by Mars, long term Pitta problems are likely, not only infectious conditions but also accidents and injuries.

Electric planets v Planets

The difference between mean solar time and apparent solar time. The moment the Sun is exactly on the Midheaven of any place is apparent noon at that place hence an apparent solar day is the interval between two consecutive passages of the Sun across the Midheaven, or the elapsed time from one apparent noon to the next. However, since the Sun - or more correctly speaking, the Earth - does not move at a uniform speed throughout its orbit, the length of the apparent day varies at different times of the year. To make possible the use of time-keeping mechanisms, there was adopted a standard fixed day of 24 hours, known as a mean day - the length of which is the average of all the apparent days of the year. The result is that mean noon is sometimes earlier and sometimes later than apparent noon. The difference between mean and apparent noon on any particular day, the Equation of Time, may amount to as much as sixteen minutes. (2) Astrol. It is generally...

What We Can Learn from the Symbols for Uranus

The glyph for Uranus is rather different from the glyphs of other planets, and Uranus's placements in our chart do show our individual differences. The late astrologer Donald Bradley believed that Uranus has to do with the birth process, whereby we leave the womb and become separate individuals. Bradley felt the glyph for Uranus symbolized the birth process, for in stylized form it shows the infant, head down, passing through the birth canal. Uranus and Pluto are both connected with birth, but Pluto represents the reproductive process, in which something gradually grows within us. Uranus represents expelling that new life out of the safe, protective womb and into the world. As we grow spiritually, we leave less tangible wombs behind and become more and more individual. For example, astrologers associate divorce with Uranus, and divorce means that both parties now have to become individuals in their own right.

Gemini The Sign Of Polarity

Gemini is Dioscure of the Greek mythology. It i . the joint name of Castor and Pollux who on their death were elevated to the sky and immortalized by Zeus, the father of gods and men. Castor and Pollux were twin sons of Leda who begot the former by her mortal husband Tyndareus whereas the latter was the progeny of Zeus who visited her in the form of a swan, the vehicle of heavenly voice. The union of Zeus and Leda also gave birth to Helen, Gemini's sister, whom Paris seduced, led her off and thus caused the battle of Troy which represented ike many other world epics, the soul's evolutionary drama in very many ways. Undoubtedly, the origin of Gemini is full of deep metaphysical implications, suggesting a particular stage in human evolution when the real home of the Prodigal Son is disturbed by the conflicting material and spiritual loyalties thus driving him on his outward joumev in the world of manifestation. The Hindu Puranas give out the significance more clearly. According to Shiva...

How To Deal With Plutolet Go And Let Live1

One of my astrology teachers, Charles Jayne, called Pluto the planet of female sexuality. At first, I felt this was rather sexist, but upon deeper study, I agree. While both men and women give birth to things other than children, Pluto represents a feminine type of reproductive process in which you allow something new to grow within yourself, out of the substance of yourself. Like the female sexual organs, this process is internal and hidden and, like the growth of a baby within the womb, Plutonian processes develop gradually. One common keyword for Pluto is transformation. The effect of Pluto by transit is rebirth and transformation and whether the results are positive or negative depends on how well we are able to embrace the deep changes it brings.

Bianca and M ick Jagger

There was also a Synchronization of Jupiter, Chiron, and Uranus, meaning the relationship would move toward a successful (Jupiter) and famous (Uranus) marriage (Chiron). That's for sure. They got married less than eight months later. Five months after that, and only eleven months after they first met, Bianca gave birth to their daughter, Jade. We told you Mick doesn't pussyfoot around. (Aspect lines connecting Jupiter, Chiron, and Uranus are not drawn. Sometimes we will not highlight the less important aspects.

Symbolisms for the Planets

Where Vanuatu Located The Map

* Chiron is the planet that has rulership over emotional ties, marriages, weddings, the family, spouses, and children. It represents the target of a person's romantic and marital interest. Chiron also has rulership over promises and commitments of love, including engagements and marriage vows. It governs fertility and pregnancies, and the act of giving birth to children in marriage. Chiron rules the marital and romantic instinct and desire of romance, as well as romance itself. It also signifies karmic bonds and intuitive trust. Chiron has dominion over charisma and a person's public image and being noteworthy, esteemed, distinctive, and distinguished in appearance. Chiron is ruler of your career and how you choose to make a living, as well as where you could be most successful. It also signifies your earning power, the economy, and economics. Chiron imparts extraordinary qualities. It also represents life, death, and reincarnation, and it is symbolic of the future. To say that Chiron...

Uranus In The Twelve Signs

Uranus in Leo gives a very determined nature, rebellious and impatient of restraint or contradiction, with strong likes and dislikes, and an utter disregard of the conventions where the passional nature is involved. The personality is strong, forceful and self-assertive, therefore these people often incur the displeasure of others and create much opposition. They are very inconstant in affairs of the heart-- on with the new love before it is off with the old. In a woman's horoscope an afflicted Uranus shows difficulty in childbirth, perhaps the death of a child by accident or in a sudden, unexpected manner, also a strong tendency towards palpitation of the heart. When Uranus is well-aspected in Leo both courtship and domestic affairs run much more smoothly and it indicates original and inventive genius, particularly along educational or journalistic lines, also for entertainment and amusement of the public and gain thereby.

Uranus In The Twelve Houses

The Fifth House rules educational activities, publications, pleasures, courtship, and childbirth. The erratic Uranus in this House will in the first place give some very unconventional ideas concerning the intercourse and relation of the sexes and usually leads to a clandestine relationship contrary to the laws of the land. A woman with this condition in her horoscope is particularly prone to be taken advantage of even though she may not consciously be guilty of inviting undue advances. It also makes parturition very difficult and if a child is brought to birth there is danger of loss by some sudden accident or unusual disease. If other influences in the horoscope give a leaning toward literature, a person who has Uranus in the Fifth House will be found to espouse some unconventional cause, like socialism, anarchism, or kindred movements, and if Uranus be afflicted by Saturn, Mars, or Neptune, the articles written by him, or the paper published by him or...

Alexander The Great

Alexander the Great was born at a particularly propitious moment - partly because his mother, Olympias, was advised by the astrologer Nektanebos to hold back until the precise moment when a great man would be born. Then he announced, Queen, you will now give birth to a ruler of the world, and as Alexander was born thunder and lightning welcomed him. Later, when he was 11, as Nektanebos was showing him the stars, it is said that the child pushed the astrologer down a pit, pointing out that there was something to be said for keeping your eyes on the earth.

The Soul

It is likewise told Eve, after her transgression, that she should bring forth in pain. Therefore, what hath the pain of bringing forth common with the eating of the apple, unless the apple had operated about the concu piscence of the flesh, and by consequence stirred up copulation and the Creator had intended to dissuade it, by dehorting from the eating of the apple. For, why are the genital m embers of women punished with pains at child-birth, if the eye in seeing the apple, the hands in cropping it, and the mouth in eating of it, have offended for was it not sufficient to have chastised the life with death, and the health with very many diseases --Mo reover, why is the womb afflicted, as in brutes, with the manner of bringing forth, if th e conception granted to beasts were not forbidden to man

Of Antipathies

IT is expedient for us to know that there are some things which retain virtue only while they are living, others even after death. So in the cholic, if a live duck be applied to the belly, it takes away the pain, and the duck dies. If you take the heart out of any animal, and, while it is warm, bind it to one that has a quartan fever, it drives it away. So if any one shall swallow the heart of a lapwing, swallow, weasel, or a mole, while it is yet living and warm with natural heat, it improves his intellect, and helps him to remember, understand, and foretel things to come. Hence this general rule,--that whatever things are taken for magical uses from animals, whether they are stones, members, hair, excrements, nails, or any thing else, they must be taken from those animals while they are yet alive, and, if it is possible, that they may live afterwards. If you take the tongue of a frog, you put the frog into water again --and Democritus writes, that if any one shall take out the...

Moon Mars

Pregnancy may also be difficult when the Moon is in hard aspect with Mars, especially if either planet is in Cancer. For example, there is the potential for an anemic state in pregnancy if Saturn is also in hard aspect or if Saturn is in Cancer, indicating potential poor assimilation of cobalt, vitamin B-12 and folic acid (all ruled by Mars) because of minimal amounts of hydrochloric acid being released in the stomach. A deficiency of folic acid, especially, can mean before and after problems related to the birthing process. In addition, there may be difficulties with conception caused by a deficiency of selenium (Mars). There is also speculation that miscarriages may occur if the levels of Mars-ruled sodium are too high.

Crabs at Work

Crabs are often found in creative areas like writing, too, because writing involves the part of motherhood that requires gestation, creating something new and unknown, and then birthing it. In addition, Crabs' empathy for others, as well as their prodigious memories, come into play with the creative arts, helping them generate works that connect with everyone. Alternative ways that mothering may come out at work can be birthing new products, projects, or companies, taking care of others by feeding them, or nurturing their emotional selves via teaching.

Moon Jupiter

Since the sign Cancer, ruled by the Moon, has authority over pregnancy and the birthing process and, along with Scorpio, corules the menstrual cycle, a hard aspect between the Moon and Jupiter may point to problems with female reproduction. Therefore, any pregnant woman with this configuration in her natal or progressed chart should receive enough cholin (Jupiter) or lecithin to insure proper fetal growth research indicates that insufficent cholin in a pregnant woman can produce a child with a smaller-than-normal thymus gland. Using breast milk to feed the infant helps insure that the thymus gland will function properly in the child. With the Moon in hard aspect to Jupiter, especially if one of the planets is in Cancer, a deficiency of manganese (Jupiter) may cause the postpartum blues, or dislike of the newborn infant. Furthermore, soreness or tenderness of the breasts before menstrual periods may occur, a symptom relievable with proper amounts of vitamin B-6 (Jupiter),


As the span of life is usually not more than seventy years, the planetary positions after seventy days from birth do not have as marked an effect as described in the foregoing paragraph, but they have nevertheless an appreciable influence on the lives of mankind, according to their natures. But because of the rapid transit made, the effects are ephemeral, even in the case of the slower planets. These movements of the planets are called 'transits.'


Tortured by constant intestinal pains and will die of them. If it is a woman she will die in childbirth. The one who has the ascendant in the 17th degree will be a bird-catcher, or a hunter and breeder of birds or animals. If Mars is in aspect, the native will be torn by dogs or wild beasts and die.

Martha Lang Wescott

Hera, asteroid 103 (the 103rd asteroid to be discovered, on September 7, 1868), is approximately 96 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 4.4 years. Hera was named after the Greek goddess of women and childbirth. She was the sister and wife of Zeus, king of the Olympian deities. Hera was the most jealous wife in ancient mythology, and she persecuted both her husband's lovers and the children of Zeus's many love affairs. Jacob Schwartz gives the astrological significance


Those who have the ascendant in the tenth degree of Gemini will die of pain in the lungs. In the eleventh they will be heavily-armed fighters. In the twelfth, if Mars is present, they will die of a spear-wound if women, they will die in childbirth. In the 13th degree they will die of dropsy in the 14th, with Mars present, they will die of a fall from high places.


Lucina, asteroid 146 (the 146th asteroid to be discovered, on June 8, 1875), is approximately 140 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 4.4 years. It was named after the Roman goddess of childbirth and the travails of women, who was the daughter of Jupiter and Juno. In addition to indicating something about one's children, Lucina's position by sign and house shows where one gives birth to various activities or ideas.

Planetary Octaves

Mercury is usually associated with reason and intelligence to him is ascribed rule over the cerebrospinal nervous system, which is the medium of transmission between the embodied spirit and the world without. Thus as Neptune signifies the sub- and superhuman intelligence who live and move in the spiritual realms of the universe, but who work with and upon us, so Mercury indicates the human intelligence focused upon the terrestrial, physical world wherein we live from birth to death. Therefore it may be said that Neptune is the octave of Mercury, but there is a deeper sense.

The Pituitary

The reasons for hypoglycemia are many and varied. A tumor in a cell in the island of Langerhans may secrete insulin without the monitoring of the normal metabolism orders. A tumor within the abdominal cavity or liver may interfere with the pancreatic duties. A diminished pituitary function may result in diminished hormone secretion. Similarly, a hypofunction of the adrenocortical hormones (Addison's disease) may result in hypoglycemia. Liver ailments, such as hepatitis, can badly damage the liver, creating a sugar (glucagon) problem without pancreatic influence. And a diabetic woman giving birth may pass on hypoglycemia to her child via genetic and nutritional deficiencies.

The Moon

Doge Palace Cancer

Selene is one of the ancient Greek gods, born of the primordial gods called the Titans. She is associated with sleep. Artemis is also ancient, and there is evidence that she was worshipped in Minoan Greece, although she must date from far earlier. She is called a virgin goddess, but this is misleading. She is properly called the unmarried maiden and governed female rites of passage such as reproductive maturation, marriage, childbirth, etc. She is called the Goddess of the Hunt and Mistress of the Animals. Her animal is the deer. If Selene is the expression of the Moon in the heavens, and Artemis is the expression in the physical world, then Hecate is the expression of the Moon in the underworld. She is a chthonic goddess belonging to the graveyard. Hecate is the goddess of the dark Moon and rules witchcraft, potions, crossroads, and death. She is Persephone's attendant during her yearly stay in Hades known as the season of winter. In all her forms, the Greek Moon goddesses are...

The Element Water

Those with the water element strongly activated in their charts realize from birth that various intangible factors play a greater role in life than is commonly believed. The water signs are in touch with their feelings, in tune with the nuances and subtleties that many others don't even notice. The water element represents the realm of deep emotion and feeling responses, ranging from compulsive passions to overwhelming fears to an all-encompassing acceptance and love of creation. Since feelings by their very nature are partly unconscious, the water signs are simultaneously aware of the power of the unconscious mind and are themselves unconscious of much of what really motivates them. When they are in tune with the deeper dimensions of life with full awareness, they are the most intuitive, psychically sensitive signs. In that case, the water signs are in touch with the


Cupido is the first of the eight Uranian planets discovered by Alfred Witte of Germany. This planet rules the family, marriage, divorce and childbirth as well as creative, cultural and artistic pursuits. To the medical astrologer Cupido is of use in determining the birth of a child or illness within the immediate

Dark Matter

There has to be a mechanism by which Mind perpetuates itself in a system designed for that purpose. How this works comes out of the esoteric realm and is mystical in origin but physical in structure. That structure is becoming known through the laws of physics. What determines the shape of the universe, which also determines its outcome, is dependent on the role Mind plays as it shapes reality. Mind takes the form I've defined as M-Force, M-Flux, M-Field, and M-Factor. In the beginning primordial or ontological Mind gave birth to the universe (M-Force), and was empty of everything but itself over time it eventually stirred and gathered as M-Flux, or Dark Matter. Through the attractive force of gravity, and the formation of simple particles, stars of massive size, but brute M-Fields, began forming. It took a very long time for evolving stars to become sentient enough to acquire M-Fields capable of generating life. With life taking hold (M-Factor) the universe reached a point of...


Many Hindus believe that establishing correct patterns of thought and behavior leads to actions (karmas) that will improve life. These patterns (samskaras) are established from birth onward by means of rituals that refine the human being on individual and social levels of life including physical, psychological, intellectual, and spiritual levels. There are usually 16 samskaras, including naming ceremonies, the first feeding of a child, commencement of education, marriage, cremation, and similar rites of passage in human maturation. Because each of these samskaras requires a proper muhurta or commencement time, muhurta is an essential part of the process of evolving towards the state of optimal human maturity known as moksha or liberation, whereby the soul completes the wheel of karma. In much of Indian thought, such an enlightened state is the ultimate goal of right action arising from the influence of the samskaras. This function of muhurta is very different from the typical...


Whoever has the ascendant in the 15th degree will also die in war. In the 16th, if Mars is found in that degree, he will be a mechanic who makes engines of war, and will die from a lance if a woman, she will die in childbirth. Whoever has the ascendant in the 17th degree will be an athlete if Mars is in aspect, he will be a hunter if Jupiter, a horse-breeder.

Moon Uranus

In addition, this configuration may help create sporadic needs for riboflavin because of stress factors. Since the rods and cones of the eyes are ruled by Aquarius, eye problems caused by a lack of riboflavin may occur. There is also speculation that irregularities in childbirth can result if the mother's diet is deficient in riboflavin and she is on drug therapy as well during the pregnancy.


Female complaints, such as scanty menstruation, cramping and miscarriage, are possible with this configuration. If a woman is pregnant and progressed Admetos is at the midpoint, there is the possibility that the baby will be strangled by the umbilical cord before being born. The involvement of progressed Zeus or Hades can indicate birthing complications such a woman should probably not have a child at home but should be under the care of a doctor throughout the delivery. Progressed Cupido could indicate the death or illness of a family member.

Success And Failure

But it is perhaps a waste of words to argue each case on its own merits, and the ground can be covered by a single tabular statement of the sympathies and antipathies represented by the key number of an individual. This number, I need hardly add, is the result of adding together the day, month, and year of birth. In this scheme the year is generic, the month specific, and the day individualistic. For there are many thousands born every year, about one twelfth being born in each month while a comparative few come out under the particular day, still fewer in any hour, and less still in any minute. Thus, in London the population of 4,758,218 in 1907, with a birth-rate for the year of 25.6 per thousand of the population,

The Stars As Gods

By this stage they carried with them the connotations of a complex amalgam of myths from different civilisations as well as the independent developments which had come from astrology. This is evident if we look at the planets individually. The Sun, in Babylon Shamash, had taken second place to Sin, the Moon. In Greece the Sun, Helios, was quite a minor deity, and the Olympian god Apollo had taken over control of the Sun as one of several provinces. But astrologers like Vettius Valens drew on Egyptian mythology, associating the luminaries with Isis and Osiris.41 In Babylonian cosmology, the Moon came from Anu, Enlil and Ea, who gave him all powers in the course of his phases. He presided over destiny and royalty together with his daughter Ishtar (Venus). In Greek mythology Artemis was the goddess associated with the Moon, as well as with childbirth the Roman Diana took over the same roles.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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