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Gemini in Friendship Love and Permanent Relationships

For those of us who are laid-back about life - like to sit and linger over morning coffee, lunch, or a drink after work - our Geminian friends can, at times, be a little exhausting. Not just because we know they are anxious to get up and move on, but because sometimes they simply will not stop talking. They'll ask for our opinion and then, without listening to it, go on to deliver their own. But they are enlivening. Even if they are years older, they will encourage us to do things we have never considered doing - or thought we could possibly get away with. Their youthfulness will inspire us to climb out of our comfortable routine, and turn the clock back. In a friendship with a Geminian considerably older

Cancer in Friendship Love and Permanent Relationships

Cancerians are one of those groups with whom friendships last for a very long time - and they will remember precisely what we were wearing and what was said when we first met, even if that first meeting was way back in kindergarten. Taking a stroll down memory lane with them will be delightful fun. us, along with other friends they think we will enjoy meeting. Their intuition works very powerfully in friendship. They will be thinking about you and suddenly realize you need some kind of help, then will phone or text you.

Libra in Friendship Love and Permanent Relationships

To keep one step ahead of them, offering lots of encouragement and gentle goading so that they don't go off the idea and waste what could turn out to be creative or innovative potential. Librans benefit from sharing interests with like-minded friends and generally discussing related problems, and this makes for really good opportunities to strengthen the ties of friendship.

Capricorn in Friendship Love and Permanent Relationships

Capricorns are like the salt of the earth when it comes to forming friendships. They are constant, true, and faithful, and for the most part we can have a great deal of fun when we get together with them. If we have known them for long, we can reminisce about old times. However, while j

Love and Friendship

The most important element in a partnership with an Aquarian is friendship. There must always be plenty to talk about, to discuss, and to argue over but if there has been a row, cool indifference - even in a serious disagreement - is likely. Somewhere along the line it may be necessary for the non-Aquarian partner to find ways of thawing out the chilly one. The thaw will happen over time -and so it should, for otherwise the feeling that the couple are moving in opposite directions will have a damaging effect. Even if togetherness as a slightly gooey and sticky concept is not an especially cosy element of their relationship, a warm, glowing friendship and good sex should be.


At the beginning of the year, romances are apt to be far more difficult than friendships. They're likely to be highly emotional and confusing. You may have to learn the usually painful lesson that ultimate love doesn't restrict, but rather supports freedom (9 Essence). Love affairs may prove to be sudden, unusual and short lived. Marriage probably has its rough spots. Unbalanced emotions are likely to cause problems (N Transit).

Gifts and Capabilities

As children, little Rats are sweet and loving, and have charming dispositions. However, like Monkey and Tiger children, Rat children are extremely hyperactive. They may seem shy, but inwardly Rat children are quite competitive. These little survivors are blessed with an accelerated metabolism, and even the most premature of Rat infants have a good chance for survival. This child will talk at an early age and take an interest in cooking and helping around the home. Being affectionate and demonstrative, this child will enjoy group play and will make friends easily. The highly intelligent Rat child will be an avid reader and will learn to use words early in life.

Auspicious Careers

Whether as a philosopher, a diplomat, an administrator, a politician, or a priest, Rabbits function well in almost any role except that of frontline fighter. In business, as in friendship, the Rabbit gets along with almost everyone. They have a knack for adapting themselves to circumstances. Gifted in the arts, many Rabbits excel in music, performing, dance, voice, and other forms of the fine arts. In diplomatic situations, where tact and utmost discretion is critical, the Rabbit will shine. Good career choices for the Rabbit include diplomat or ambassador, artist (any medium), publicist, public relations specialist, performer, commercial or financial advisor, musician composer, attorney, magistrate, judge, stockbroker, high-fashion model, beautician, and designer or interior decorator.

How the Cancer Woman Relates Lovers and Other Intimates

The Cancer Woman tends to have many, mostly female acquaintances but few close friends. She can keep friends for a lifetime, for she is usually connected to those she loves by an intuitive link strong enough to counteract physical separations. She is also a good correspondent and loves to select and send cards for every occasion.

Chiron Has a Special Impact on Personal Relationships

Although Chiron is always important, Chiron is most important when it comes to matters involving relationships between two people. In any relationship, be it one relating to love, sex, friendship, or business, Chiron is the most important planet. It is so crucial, that in about 80 percent of all married couples, the positions of Chiron in the birth charts were the most reliable signs of whether the couple would or would not marry each other. We will explain all of this later on in the book.

9 d W Venus Conjunct Uranus

Self-willed and emotionally tense, you have a sparkling personality and may be a genius. You crave peace, you intellec-tualize life, and you refuse to be taken for granted. Where uniqueness is required, you function well. If you are artistic, you will be very original in your work. Involved in many unusual liaisons, you tend to end romances suddenly, and you rarely remain true to one person, often confusing friendship and love. You are very sociable. Actress Elizabeth Taylor, Senator Edward M. Kennedy.

Of The Observation Of The Celestials Necessary In Every Magical Work

EVERY natural virtue works things far more wonderful when it is not only compounded of a natural proportion, but also is informed by a choice observation of the celestials opportune to this (viz. when the celestial power is most strong to that effect which we desire, and also helped by many celestials), by subjecting inferiors to the celestials, as proper females, to be made fruitful by their males. Also, in every work there are to be observed the situation, motion, and aspect of the stars and planets, in signs and degrees, and how all these stand in reference to the len gth and latitude of the climate for by this are varied the qualities of the angles, which th e rays of the celestial bodies upon the figure of the thing describe, according to which celestial virtues are infused. So when you are working any thing which belongs to any p lanet, you must place it in its dignities fortunate, and powerful, and ruling in the day hour, and in the figure of the heavens. Neither must you...

Mars In The Eleventh House

You work hard to achieve your goals, whether they are material or spiritual. A social leader and born promoter, you make friends easily, but you may lose them by being too pushy or demanding. You are energetic and enthusiastic, but with hard aspects you can be touchy, overly sensitive and easily frustrated. You need to develop caution and integrity in your dealings with others. A lot of your energy goes into creative endeavors.

Who shall doe best in a suit of

Whether Society or Friendship shall endure, behold if a good Planet be in the 7th, then he pretendeth thee or the Querent good fellowship and meanes really, especially if the same Planet or the Lord of the 7th behold the ascendant, or the Lord thereof, with a Trine or Sextile aspect also it shall endure so many Moneths, Dayes or Yeers, as he hath Degrees to goe in the same House, or Signe, fixed, common, or moveable.

Saturn in the Eleventh House

An eleventh-house Saturn has a few strong and meaningful friendships and, in fact, avoids any superficial relationships. There are high hopes here, but there can be delays and obstacles before one achieves them, and, while there may be inner insecurities, there is also strong loyalty to friends and family. Older people are often very helpful to these people. This placement can add structure to ideas and ideals, turning them into practical inventions, uses, or applications. There also can be strong organizational ability, because this is one of Saturn's home houses.

The Houses Of The Zodiac

(11) The Eleventh House indicates the friends you have acquired and those whom you circulate among. It exerts influence over your hopes and wishes and determines your main objective or goal in life. The Eleventh House has rule over friendships and associations and shows the degree of benefit or loss sustained through the influence or actions of friends and the nature of the associations that are formed.

The Sun progressed parallel conjunction sextile or trine Jupiter

If Jupiter is well aspected at birth these aspects are among the most fortunate in the whole gamut of directions, for they indicate a period of financial prosperity, where every undertaking succeeds, hence speculation, investments, and new ventures in business will bring success and gain, the person will rise in popularity and esteem in the community or his immediate sphere of associations, he may gain much credit in connection with philanthropic or charitable undertakings, and he will enjoy much social success and domestic happiness. There is a tendency to travel or changes which will bring both pleasure and profit, and ambitions that for years seemed impossible of realization are likely to be gratified. Under these directions lasting friendships of benefit to the person are often formed. They also strengthen the constitution and bring radiant health, but the exuberance of animal spirits may later, under evil directions, bring disease. If this is guarded against the increased flow of...

Aspects Of Uranus To The Other Planets

The Sun sextile or trine to Uranus makes the person original, inventive and independent in his manner of conduct and personal appearance. With respect to food and certain mannerisms, he is what people call eccentric and conspicuous, yet not offensively so, given to pursuits and studies which people consider queer such as occultism and astrology. But he also loves delving into the unknown realms after nature's secrets concerning electricity and often becomes a successful inventor if other aspects give the mechanical ability to work his schemes out. Uranus rules the ether and now that we are nearing the Aquarian Age his vibrations will be felt in increasing measure, bringing to our ken methods of using nature's finer forces and the people with Sun sextile or trine Uranus will be the media who attract and interpret them for us as the aerials and receivers in a wireless station collect and transcribe the messages carried by the ether waves to which they are attuned. These people often...

The Sagittarius Woman in Love

For the Sagittarius Woman, love is sex. To her, romance is the mystery of a one-night stand. Love comes out of friendship, because any continuing relationship with a Sagittarius Woman depends on mutual honesty and a high level of communication. She will only fall in love with a man who is her equal and who will grant her the independence she offers him. Sex for her is religion but is also a completely animal experience, for the animal is sacred to her. Her goddess is Diana the Huntress, and the Sagittarius Woman will constantly seek new heights of cosmic experience

Astrological Strong Forces For Riches And Fame

By night in this house Venus brings public approbation over a period of time and friendships with great men. The natives will be handsome, charming, lacking nothing, even in youth. But they will suffer from some kind of mental or emotional affliction according to the nature of the signs. In tropical or double signs they will suffer from death of wives, court sentences, law suits brought by women or over women. In fixed signs the wives are agreeable, are greatly loved by their husbands, and bring great fame and possessions, except for the sign of Aquarius. For, if Venus is found in this sign in the fourth house, with the Moon either in opposition or square aspect or conjunction with her, the natives will be sterile, not able to engender children, never enjoy conjugal life, and always prefer intercourse with boys.

Meaning And Usage Of Harmonic Charts

Harmonic charts are commonly used for determining planetary strengths. Planets gain strength as they are located in the signs of their exaltation, own signs, or signs of friends, and lose strength in the signs of their enemies, or fall. We can examine the signs in which each planet is located in each of the harmonic charts. We judge these by the same rules of planetary friendship and enmity as used in the basic birth chart.

Planets As Benefic Or Malefic

To determine the benefic or malefic nature of a planet both its natural and temporal statuses must be carefully considered. Moreover, planetary nature changes with planetary association. Such influences are aspects between planets and the nature of the signs and houses in which they are located. Friendship and enmity between planets comes into consideration here (see section). A preponderance of malefic influences and aspects can neutralize a benefic and vice versa.

Alternative Lifestyles

The Taurus Woman prefers men to women in friendship. Her possessiveness may get in the way of her natural flow with people, but she will exercise her patience and tolerance to overcome this if she feels the end result will be worth it. She is close to expert at endearing herself to others, and when she gets a good handle on the worth of exchanging experiences with friends, she makes good choices.

Gemini Through The Houses

Gemini begins in the eleventh house of friendships, goals, and objectives. Friends are more important to Gemini than to any other sign. He has the capacity to make friends and remain uniavotaed. He has the gift of sociability and makes the most of his contacts. He is Interested In and attracted to ai) classes and aD levels and is able to become one with whomever he is with at the moment, though once out of sight, oat of mind. Gemini Is a joiner but not a stayer and is often foond to be the life of the party. He is apt to take things too lightly and turn his back at the first sign of unpleasantness. He needs to learn to be a leader of truth, not a mere reporter of rumor. Extremely communicative where his Wfw and goals are concerned, his power is often wasted by talking plans over before they have gone through the seeding process. He needs to learn to be more silent. His nervous system is very highly geared and he knee a great deal of energy by scattering his forces.

2060 to 2080 Aries 1 to Pisces

The three fire signs are invited to intensify their spirited natures and develop new forms to communicate their uniqueness. Aries 1 Sun signs need to discover how to best articulate their pioneering and courageous ideas. Leo 5 Sun signs need to create communities and friendships in which personal creativity and skills are mutually shared. Sagittarius 9 Sun signs need to release judgment and dogmatic stances in relationships and be willing to learn deeper truths from others.

Pluto In The Eleventh House

This is the house of friendships, goals, and objectives. Therefore the choice of friends and the goalB chosen are going to be of the utmost importance. If the wrong choice of friends is made, there can be sudden and unexpected disruptions. Remember that Pluto too often can be unbalanced and uncontrolled power. Great care muBt be taken in choosing the right groups with which to associate. Great discrimination must be used. Virgo is the 11th house sign of Scorpio. There is great necessity to choose your associates with care. This is shown by the underlying tone of Virgo in this house, friends will come and friends-will go with Pluto in this house. While they are in your life serve them well and you will purge yourself of all the negatives inherent with this position of Pluto.

Venus in the Signs and Houses

Venus is the ruler of Taurus and is powerful in an earthy sense in this sign. Physical and sensual responses to emotions and feelings are strongly accentuated. Demonstrative and affectionate as well as passionate and extremely possessive. Material possessions are important because Taurus is the sign that brings everything into focus on the material plane. Emotions color the life. Fond of comfort Can have a pleasing voice. Strong domesticity. Good disposition if not heavily afflicted. Very stubborn in a quiet and unassuming way. Loyal in friendships and in love if jealousy and resentment do not enter in.

Saturn In The Twelve Signs

Saturn in Aquarius when well-aspected gives a humane outlook upon life, a sympathetic and friendly disposition, very distinct and deliberate speech and a seriousness in all affairs of life. These people therefore make friends among the aged, the wealthy and the intellectual who are able to help then rise in life. But when Saturn is afflicted in Aquarius it makes the disposition shrewd, cunning and alert to prey upon others by gaining their confidence and friendship and such people therefore sink to the lower levels of society. This position also carries with it a tendency to heart trouble and varicose veins.

Monogamy and Nonmonogamy

Monogamy means that extramarital intercourse is out, though friendship between the sexes is permissable. On this definition, anything short of intercourse still keeps one monogamous. (I've always wondered what to do with our sexual fantasies. If a woman makes love with her husband and only fantasizes about her neighbor, is she still faithful )

2080 to 2100 Aries 1 to Pisces

Diesel Injection Timing

The three fire signs are invited to bring their fire to their world on an intellectual and relational level with others. Aries 1 Sun signs need to seek out friendships and group experiences that honor their courage and strong individuality. Leo 5 Sun signs need to seek balance and harmony in their lives. Sagittarius 9 Sun signs need to quest for new understanding about their personal truths.

Elements Of The Planets

However, elements in harmony, balance or in their right place tend towards Sattva. Those in conflict move towards Rajas and those disconnected fall towards Tamas. In this regard a chart with a lot of earth may not be Tamasic. It may manifest the harmonious use of the earth element or Sattvic earth qualities like devotion, loyalty, friendship and sensitivity to the world of nature. The traditional association of elements and planets in Vedic astrology is as follows

Aspects East And West A Comparative View

Vedic astrology judges planetary relationships by a more extensive system of which aspects are only one part. These are based largely on planetary location, like the series of planetary relationships of friendship and enmity we have already examined, as according to other special planetary strengths and weaknesses (the factors of Shadbala). Of primary importance for it are special yogas or planetary combinations. These depend upon various factors including aspects, sign and house location and rulership. We will examine these in the later part of this chapter.

How To Give A Sagittarius Woman An Orgasim

Sagittarius is capable of keeping love and sex quite separate, and she is very comfortable with the one-night affair. At breakfast, she will be happy and relaxed, full of humor but clearly ready to walk out the door after a wink and a sincere kiss. Even in her longer affairs, she prizes friendship more highly than love. Sagittarius is a masculine sign, and no matter how womanly the Sagittarian may be, there is a comradely quality to her affairs with men. One thinks of Garbo as Ninotchka, and of the poor Polish lancer who underestimated her. When she remains with a man, it is out of admiration and respect for him as an equal. Love is often the last thing to flower in her as the relationship continues.

The Planets through the Houses

SUN Here is a strong need to relate to others, not only on a one-to-one basis, but also more generally good relationships with business partners and colleagues is important too. The Venus sign house placing will be very significant in this case. MOON The Moon increases the ability of these individuals to respond sensitively and well to their partners' needs. A tendency to attempt to be wholly at one with the partner results in suppression of individuality. MERCURY In this case, a lively intellectual rapport will be necessary within all permanent relationships, as too a strong level of pure friendship. Shared interests, along with empathy, will make for great understanding and successful relationships. VENUS There is a tendency to fall in love with love, which can lead to above average heartbreak. But here is potential for a superb relationship, provided that friendship and good communication are not ignored. MARS A vibrant and long-lasting sex life is important here. There is also a...

Aquarius Relationships

All's equal in love and friendship is her motto. If she carries out her obligations, she feels, the relationship will tend to take care of itself. She is typically slightly eccentric, nevertheless in her own way a devoted mother, wife, and friend, responsible and unusually imaginative. She can be the life of the party, the one with the humorous, odd ideas to make any social occasion memorable. Children adore her, responding to her zaniness, her willingness to share ideas and to treat them as complete, albeit smaller, human beings. She loves to inspire children. She teaches by the inductive method, challenging them to ferret out answers to some of life's questions for themselves.

The Children Of The Twelve Signs

The children of Gemini are, generally speaking, of a very kind and affable disposition, easy to get along with. They are able to adapt themselves to other people and to circumstances so that they become all things to all men and in that way they usually make friends and few enemies. They are of a roving disposition and love to travel about from one place to another. They excel in scientific or clerical activities, as agents or representatives of others where their Mercurial talents find an avenue for expression. The children of Cancer are usually very timid and returning, yet they want and need friendship and sympathy, though they are very sensitive about seeking it but when they get well acquainted they can at times be very exacting with their become friendly with any one they also make very good friends and treat their friends well. The Mercurial disposition infused by this sign brings many changes of environment and therefore new associations and friendships are constantly being...

The Moon in the Eleventh House

The Moon in the Eleventh House is emotionally intuitive when it comes to people, and its charm can attract many admirers. These people may use their home for group meetings or activities, and often join up with a variety of causes, which may change over time. These are primarily people who need to develop their goals and future through a constantly growing and changing social sphere. There is also an emotional need for friendships or an association with others. These people may have many female friends and associates, or they may meet other people primarily through their family members.

Sporty or Intellectual

The fact that there are two distinct types of Sagittarians is nowhere more evident than in their ties of friendship. Again, here are the sporty and the intellectual types. If we prefer the outdoor life, and like to hike, bike, or go camping outdoors, then our sporty Sagittarian friends will be

Mutual Planetary Directions

Mars and Uranus in good aspect by progression indicate a good period for perfecting inventions or starting new and original enterprises. Friendships of a beneficial nature are often made under these directions, and not infrequently a psychic awakening takes place through associations with people, or groups of people, or a Uranian nature.

How the Sagittarius Woman Relates Lovers and Other Intimates

He will often wonder whether theirs is a romance or a friendship, and with good reason. The Sagittarius Woman easily combines the two, and her dual expectations may leave them both in a muddle. She believes in honesty and spontaneity, and she will not play the game of courtship and fair maidenhood with him.

Creative Often Gifted Selfpromoting

Her creativity can be put to use everywhere. She can fire up her mothering, sex life, or career with it. She may plant friendships with her wit, teach, design stage sets, or excel at travel advice and scheduling. Her presence vibrates in her words, her looks, her furniture anything she touches. It is a sad thing if Leo neutralizes herself in order to blend with the Smiths next door, for in denying her style, she is restricting her self-expression.

Chinese Love Signs Karmic Connections

From these examples, and countless others, it is evident that physical appearance, professional aspirations, and social circumstances are not responsible for the surprising attraction that exists between certain souls. This attraction is not based on sexuality alone. These deep and unseen connections underlie close family members, best friends, special bonds with specific pets, as well as love and sexual relationships. They are spiritual rendezvous, if you will, between kindred and familiar souls.

Neptune In The Twelve Houses

Neptune in the Eleventh House and well aspected shows a person of high spiritual aspirations and the ability to attract others of a similar nature who will be of help to him in realizing his desires, hopes and wishes. When Neptune is afflicted in the Eleventh House it indicates deception and treachery on the part of people who pose as friends this will bring loss and trouble. Therefore people with this position should be particularly careful whom they cultivate and admit their friendship.

Sexually Broadminded Erotically Inhibited

One of her most attractive traits is her nonjudgmental friendliness. She is capable of coexisting with people whose belief systems are vastly different from hers, and though she is a natural teacher and an often autocratic lecturer, she is not apt to try to convert everyone around her. If her best friend is having a different man every night while she herself is monogamous, the difference in sexual values and behavior will not affect the friendship. The Aquarius Woman is able to give people a lot of space, and she expects similar treatment.

Symbolisms for the Planets

Where Vanuatu Located The Map

* Venus symbolizes attraction of all kinds, infatuation, desire, attachment, and emotional needs. Venus has dominion over intimacy and sexual energy and desire in the woman it also signifies sex appeal, beauty, grace, fashion and being fashionable, socializing and sociability, and partnerships and the act of unification (such as a wedding), but not the marriage itself. Venus has dominion over combining and coordinating different things, including parts of the body, countries, companies, ideas, and any two things whatsoever. Venus rules the companion and companionship, friendship and friends, being together, joining, cooperating, and merging also possessions, money, social standing, jewels and adornment, and luxury. This is very interesting Venus rules seduction, the act of making love, female sexuality and sexual energy in the woman and it is representative of charm, harmony, and a sense of humor. Venus is a BENEFIC, and therefore symbolizes good luck and elevated levels. A benefic is...

Gemini in permanent relationships

Both partners should have full say in discussions and decision-making, and the day-to-day problems of life should be resolved jointly. If the non-Gemini partner is too quiet and not very forthcoming, it is likely to frustrate the Gemini, who will in all sincerity want to know what is going on in his or her partner's mind. The key factor here is friendship - important in all permanent relationships, but absolutely vital with Geminians.

Uranus In The Twelve Signs

Uranus in Aquarius, when well-aspected is at its very best, for he is ruler of this sign and therefore in harmony with its vibrations. Hence this position strengthens the intuition and originality, and directs the energies into humanitarian lines of endeavor, unselfish devotion to the cause of friendship, and a sincere desire to help all who are in trouble. These people make many friends and generally realize their hopes, wishes, and ambitions because they are of such an unselfish nature that they desire what is good for humanity at large rather than that which is for personal gain. This position also gives considerable mechanical ability, originality and inventive genius.

Uranus In The Twelve Houses

Uranus being lord of the Eleventh Sign, Aquarius, is more at home in the Eleventh House than in any of the others, therefore he exerts a strong influence in bringing about strange and eccentric friendships with people of an original, creative, or inventive turn of mind who will be a benefit to the person if Uranus is well-aspected. This also indicates that through such friendships the wishes, hopes and aspirations will be promoted and reach a successful culmination. If on the other hand, Uranus is afflicted in this house, friends are apt to turn traitors or at least use the person for their own selfish ends as far as possible.

Of Aquarius And Uranus

URANUS Here are very friendly people who in a subtle way like to keep their distance, not wanting to get too close to anyone. They are free spirits and independently minded. Sudden breaks with friends tend to occur. NEPTUNE The social life will be full and greatly enjoyed, but these people are gullible and can be easily taken in by friends and associates who will sometimes exert a negative influence or take advantage of them. PLUTO These individuals will have extremely powerful ties of friendship and may have a tendency to become obsessed with particular friendships. Other people's attitudes will be considered seriously. CHIRON This placing adds dynamism and verve, and also considerable charm. There is a distinct need for personal space and a hatred of clutter and being smothered or under too much of an obligation to friends. Doing their own thing is important.

Early Sex Experiences

She may develop intense crashes on movie stars and have special friendships with older people who can familiarize her with a world outside her own. She is usually quite social and may be a cheerleader, club leader, neighborhood sex expert, or everyone's advisor on boy girl etiquette. She is receptive to peer pressure and must be careful about fads, including drugs. She may find it difficult to say no and may therefore become sexually involved before she really feels the urge.

Demanding Magnanimous

Though Leo is not the most complicated woman you are likely to meet, she has her idiosyncrasies. For example, she may be both extremely demanding of people and excessively generous to them. She seldom gives without expecting a great deal in return. Moreover, she may want it all on her terms. Though she may not be conscious of it, she often wants others to express affection and friendship in the same way she does.

The Aspects Of Jupiter

Possessors of these aspects beloved by all with whom they come in contact everybody is glad to see the person with the perpetual smile, but they do more than smile --they earn the friendship universally bestowed upon them by deeds of kindness, by words of sympathy, cheer or hope as the occasion may demand. They are trusted by everybody for they never betray a trust they have good clear heads, good judgment and executive ability so that they are well fitted to help others. These characteristics also favor their own financial fortunes so that they accumulate wealth, but theirs is never tainted money, they never benefit by the loss of others. They are conservatively religious and may be aptly described as pillars of society. They shine particularly in governmental offices.

Comparison Of Life Paths And Related Traits

Both Georgine and Blaine are sensitive people (all that 2, 3, 6 and 9 energy). She's probably emotional, tactful and cooperative. Her patience, care and consideration are appreciated. She's likely to be a good friend, expressing and receiving friendship and love (2 Life Path).

L mercury in the tenth house

You like cultured friends, love new ideas and are intuitive and often idealistic. Friends and groups are very important to you, and you like to join with them to achieve common goals. You enjoy sharing your knowledge with your friends, since your friendships are more mental than emotional. Very social and unprejudiced, you probably have many younger friends. With challenging aspects, you tend to be critical, cynical, impractical and at times eccentric. If you do not choose your friends carefully problems or scandals could arise.

Uranus In The Eleventh House

Your friends may be strange and original, and you want to help humanity in some unusual way. You have interesting aims in life and are a non-conformist. You make friends and new acquaintances quickly but shy away from close relationships. Although you may appear arrogant and snobbish, you like to surround yourself with people and you like to be admired. You'll probably have two different sets of friends artistic or bohemian (Uranian) friends and more conventional traditional (Saturnian) friends. Your approach to sex is unusual and you may have some sexual problems or hangups. Writer Thomas Mann, Senator Robert Kennedy, writer Erich Maria Remarque, astronaut Neil Armstrong.

Selfconfident Capable

The Scorpio Woman is loyal and chooses her commitments carefully. Normally she selects a small circle of friends who, once hers, are hers for life. She is cautious in allocating her affection, as she expects others to be. She neither likes nor understands flighty people or quick friendships. When she opens up to someone, she expects to have that person around for life. If something goes wrong, she is bound either to withdraw without explanation or to lash out. Scorpio, I advise you to try to voice your expectations about friendship and loyalty. Interpretations of such things vary widely. If you count, for example, on having a Gemini type for a friend, you may be disappointed. State your hopes and needs clearly and early. Listen carefully to the response, and decide whether you are in the right place to give and get what you need.

Maturity number with no strong similar energy

At maturity, new sub-lessons are introduced (1) learning the deep pleasure in handling responsibility and (2) learning to give and receive friendship, affection and love. Since the 6 energy hasn't been a factor in the life up to this time, it's likely that there have been few problems in relation to responsibility or affection. At maturity, there's apt to be a shift in the life, bringing problems of responsibility or affection to center stage. This shift may be due to one of the following Along with the change in responsibility, there's likely to be a desire for friendship, affection and love, a desire which may not have been particularly strong in the years before maturity. At this time in the life, the individual is likely to face some decisions about attitudes and actions in these areas in order to achieve more satisfaction out of life.

Midheaven And The Equal House System

SUN Here are friendly and often glamorous people who enjoy a vibrant social life. They also make excellent members of committees -particularly those that are involved with fundraising for charitable causes. MOON Humanitarian qualities and great sympathy for suffering are usually present. The need to be an active member of a group or society is sometimes psychologically linked to lack of acceptance as a child. MERCURY Meaningful friendships formed early in life by these folks will usually last. These are very sociable individuals, and the type who'll make sure they have their say at committee meetings or parties. VENUS The social life will be extremely important to these individuals, who will often opt out of working hours to attend social functions. There is a sincere need to please friends, and to entertain lavishly. MARS Here is the pack leader among friends - the organizer of long Sunday hikes or bike rides. Here too is the stirrer, the devil's advocate of the committee, and one...

The Houses And Their Analogy To The Signs

The seventh, like the seventh sign Libra, indicates relationship and partnership. The eighth, like the eighth sign Scorpio, shows sex, death, the occult, vice and the hidden side of life. The ninth, like the ninth sign Sagittarius, shows our religious, philosophical or ethical principles or opinions. The tenth, like the tenth sign Capricorn, indicates our public status in life and our achievement in the material world. The eleventh, like the eleventh sign Aquarius, refers to our aspirations and goals, as well as intelligence and friendship. The twelfth, like the twelfth sign Pisces, shows our subconscious and our hidden emotional nature.

Temporary Planetary Relationships

Planets in the same sign as a particular planet, or in the signs fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth from it, are to regarded as its temporary enemies. By this we see that friendship occurs according location in the quarter of the zodiac preceding and the quarter succeeding the particular sign in which a planet is located. They are in proximity but not on top of each other. Enmity occurs when a planet is distant from a particular planet or occupying the same sign. They are either too close or too far away for their rays to combine harmoniously.

A LADY of her Husband imprisoned when he should be delivered

This Question belongs to the 12th house Jupiter Lord of the 7th signifies the Ladies Husband, in Cancer Retrograde, lately, or the day before, in Trifle with the Sun, the Moon applying to a Sextile of Saturn, Retrograde, then to a Trine of Jupiter, with a most forcible Reception from hence I made not many words, but told the Lady, she should neither care to make Friends to his

North Node N in the Eleventh House South Node n in the Fifth House

With an eleventh-house North Node and a fifth-house South Node, you're learning to move beyond being a sole creator in order to create for a more global community. You need to trust your big dreams and learn the value of friendship and the greater good. In the process, you need to let go of pride and self-consciousness and become a part of the collective ego. Your past creativity and love are needed for larger purposes in this lifetime, and once you develop objectivity, you'll be able to achieve them.

The Moon progressed sextile or trine to radical Uranus

These are excellent aspects for those who are sufficiently advanced to respond. If Uranus was well aspected at birth, the original, intuitive and inventive faculties will find an outlet at this time which may be very advantageous to the person. If he is interested in the study of advanced thought or occultism this is a particularly good time to pursue such subjects, for an expansion of consciousness may most easily result under these directions, friendships are formed with advanced people who will be of benefit to the person, and advantageous changes or removals may be made, hence it marks an epoch in the life which is likely to leave a permanent mark for good.

If Prince Rupert should get honour by our Warres or worst the Earle of Essex What should become of him

The very truth is, I was twenty four hours studying the resolution of this Question, for much may be said in behalfe of the Prince, and the hopes might be expected from him at last I came to this resolution, that he should gain no honour by this War, because neither of the Luminaries were in the 10th house, or in perfect aspect with his Significator, but at last fall into the hatred and malice of all or many, by his owne perversnesse and folly, and in the end should depart without either honour, love or friendship, but should not be killed The Lord of the 10th in his Detriment, argue his depraved Fancy and being in a fixed Signe, shewes his obstinatenesse, self-opposition, conceitednesse and continuance in his erronious judgment, for let all the Planets assist in a Question concerning Warre or Souldiery, if Mars himselfe, who is Significator thereof, be unfortunate, or not strongly supported by the Luminaries, it's as good as nothing, the party shall be preserved, but doe no glorious...

Planetary Relationships Composite

The factors of both natural and temporal friendship have to be combined to get an accurate measure of the relationships between planets in any specific chart. The correct ascertainment of planetary relationships is essential for determining the value of planetary location or the effect of aspects. As aspect between friends proves beneficial but one between enemies gives difficulty. Moreover, planets in a relationship of friendship function well for each other, even if not in any aspectual relationship, just as those in a relationship of enmity function adversely.

Ufe And Training Of An Astrologer

To erring men, especially those bound to you by ties of friendship, show the right road of life so that, trained in your principles, they will easily avoid the errors of life. Never be present at nocturnal sacrifices, whether they are held publicly or privately. Do not bring forecasts to anyone by stealth, but openly, as we have said before, and in the sight of all exercise the discipline of this divine art.

Chap Xxxviii If I should purchase Master B his houses

Aspect with Saturn Lord of the thing sought after and as Sun is Lord of the 11th, which is the 5th from the 7th, so a Daughter of the Sellers was my very good friend in this businesse, and suffered no interloper to intervene, though some offered fair (to hinder me) for Mars in my 2nd house Retrograde, argues I should get none of my owne Monies to supply my occasions nor did I Jupiter Lord of the Part of Fortune in Sextile with Sun no wayes impedited, but by being in detriment, in Sextile Platick with Venus Lady of my Ascendant, shortly entering his exaltation, gave me such hopes as I doubted not of procuring Monies when he entered Cancer, and Mars became direct, which he did 12 days after, at what time a friend lent me 500 L. The quality of the houses are signified by Capricorn the Signe of the 4th, and Saturn Lord of the 4th, who having no materiall debilities, except Retrogradation and Cadency, also being in Trine with Sun the houses were really old, but strong and able to stand...

Mars In The Twelve Signs

Intuitive, ingenious and original, enterprising and ambitious, a hard worker for success in whatever line he chooses in life. Hence he will gain friendship from others who are able to help him realize his hopes and wishes. These people are also very mechanical and ingenious, particularly in things connected with the electrical science. They also succeed well as managers, officials or workers in and for a philanthropic society or public utility corporation.

What Kind of Lover She Needs

Her man must develop a high tolerance for attempts to make him jealous. She will often form platonic friendships with other men for the sole purpose of testing her mate lover. The more jealous he becomes, the more she thinks he loves her. He needs to wean her from this tactic by providing adequate proof in other ways. To avoid frustration, he should only allow his jealousy to surface occasionally. However, if he totally ignores her and doesn't provide feedback, she is apt to leave because she feels bored. She likes some fireworks in her relationships on the sexual level. Her man can take her aside at a party and say, Your flirting with other men is getting me so aroused that I'm having difficulty concentrating on polite conversation. This will often send her sexual anticipation soaring, and she'll probably begin moving towards the door.

The Sun In Aspect With Other Planets

Jupiter conjunction, parallel, sextile or trine to Sun. The conjunction gives a tendency to apoplexy, especially if it occurs in Aries, but with that exception we may say that these configurations are sure indications of health, wealth and happiness. They give the person an abundance of vitality which is proof against very severe onslaughts of disease, and even when particularly unfavorable planetary influences succeed in breaking down his resistance, recovery will be so rapid as to seem miraculous. This nearly impregnable condition of health is all the more unassailable because it is backed by a disposition at once sunny and jovial, and that latter characteristic also makes the fortunate possessors of these aspects beloved by all with whom they come in contact. Everybody is glad to see the person with the perpetual smile, but they do more than smile -- they earn the friendship universally bestowed upon them by deeds of kindness, by words of sympathy, cheer or hope as the occasion may...

Lovers and Others Intimates

She usually has few friends, and of these, most are bound to be men. She lacks the empathy and easygoing qualities other women seem to want in female friends. What she herself fails to realize is that she could control a lot more territory if she cultivated female friendships. The Scorpio Woman is bound to experience many intense friendships, mostly with men, and several stormy romantic breakups. She may also have, or narrowly avoid, an emotional breakdown. Mountains and valleys are the terrain of her romantic wanderings. She burns a lot of bridges behind her, sometimes needlessly.

Aries Relationships

In love, friendship, and marriage, the Aries Woman ideally wants to be totally involved, both sexually and emotionally, but it may take her decades to find out how. Usually it is not until her thirties or later that she learns what she truly wants and needs in love and partnerships. And it generally takes her just as long to find out what she is willing to give. It will often take a wrenching effort for her to learn to replace her me, myself, and I mode of relating with a relationship characterized by mutuality. The Aries Woman in general relates better to men than to women. Many a romance starts as a friendship and then becomes a working relationship. She usually needs to be mentally stimulated in order to be physically turned on more than once by the same man. The Aries Woman who does confront her deep fears and who begins to share without resistance may be pleasantly surprised. She may find out that what she called love or friendship until then was only an imitation of the real...

Aries Lifestyles

As a mate, the Aries Woman is ardent, loyal, sentimental, and practical. If she is satisfied with the choice she has made, she may direct her need for excitement into sexual passion with her husband, but the Aries Woman often carries on several pla-tonic friendships with men. Her need for people, stimulation, and challenge can be met in multiple relationships that celebrate her multiple selves. 2. Boredom with husband. Sooner or later, the Aries Woman may find that pla-tonic friendships do not fill the vacuum created by the waning of marital passion or by lack of growth in the partner or relationship. Although she can be driven at times into melodramatic and risky affairs, she is far more likely to be revitalized than to be destroyed. SINGLE WOMAN INTIMATE NETWORKS The independence and self-determination of the Aries Woman make this a frequent and viable choice. The Aries Woman will willingly and wholeheartedly participate in this approach to relationships, which implies friendship...

Moon In Aries

His impetuous nature and lack of patience are his major drawbacks. It would be good to advise him to attempt to establish a tolerance of thought and action as this will enable him to balance out his impatient nature. For a successful love or friendship relationship the native must be both dependable and sympathetic.

Gemini Sexuality

Gemini's search gives her an opportunity to develop numerous close friendships and have many acquaintances. It can take her on journeys for which she may lack the fortitude, but along the way she picks up much of the vast knowledge she keeps stored in her head. When and if she decides the search is indeed fruidess, she can relax and enjoy seeing new places, meeting new people, facing new adventures.

Long Term Cycles

There's apt to be emphasis on friendship, much activity, social life, possibly travel. Be careful not to scatter your energy or to act capriciously or self-indulgently (3 Second Period on the 5 Life Path). At more serious times, you may be seeking illumination through philosophic, religious or metaphysical studies. 11 Fourth Pinnacle. This Pinnacle is only briefly mentioned because Hal has little energy to invest in this potential.) Perhaps with your earlier restlessness tamed, a flowering of your loving responsible side now may provide much beauty in life (A comparison of the current long term cycles with earlier ones).

The Houses

The social houses are the third, seventh, and eleventh houses and in them is shown the nature of our relations and various classes of souls we meet in life. Brothers and sisters to whom we are bound by the time of blood are shown by the third house, the companion of our heart with whom our blood blends in another way, is shown by the seventh house, and the friends, more precious than pearls to whoever has earned friendship, are designated by the eleventh house.

Social Relations

Two people with the same or compatible Life Paths may delight in developing similar opportunities together or on parallel paths. With the same or compatible Expressions, friends may be involved in the same vocation or avocation, with both contributing in a harmonious manner to the ongoing work. With the same or compatible Soul Urges, two people may view the world similarly and form a friendship. The compatibility of just one core element in two individuals' charts may be enough to sustain a relation, particularly if the Temperaments, First Letters and First Vowels are likewise harmonious. Occasionally, if only the directing modifiers are compatible, that link by itself may be enough to lead to friendship. If the same or similar numbers appear as different core elements in two individuals' charts, an attraction may result. Ivan, with a 7 Life Path, may be attracted to Peter, with a 7 Expression, because Peter has the ability to express the very abilities and attitudes which Ivan is in...

Jupiter In The Signs

He has a tendency to be over-critical of his friends and he may lose some good friends this way. This position indicates the formulation of sincere and lasting friendships with much pleasure and benefit obtained through them. It strengthens the intuition and refines and spiritualizes the mind. The native will have original and independent views. He favors the manifestation of almost any of the higher qualities of mind and he may have uncommon psychical or spiritual experiences.


Jupiter and Venus together in the same degree or the same sign indicate the highest position and great personal charm. The natives are always associated in true friendship with great and good men. They are always known for good character and are devout in religious rites. They will have great physical attractiveness and be joined in close friendship to kings and judges. They will always have a good reputation, and will attain high position and possessions through the protection of powerful women.

The Eleventh House

The impact of Aries in the Eleventh House indicates that the native has a strong desire for enduring and lasting friendships. The personal drive of the native in dealing with friends is intensified and impulsive decisions can result, which may cause problems. The implication here suggests that the native should employ his natural powers of discrimination when seeking friendship. Submission to impulse can only lead to disillusionment. The Taurus native of the Eleventh House does not have a wide variety of friends, but the friendships he does make will invariably be permanent and enduring. Once he has The Gemini influence in the Eleventh House suggests a wide variety of friendships and associations. The native is popular and well-liked, and his uncanny knack as a conversationalist brings him into contact with people from all walks of life. His main interests are in the intellectual realm, and most of his serious friendships will emanate from this. Cancer in the Eleventh House implies...

H Saturn In Aquarius

You are ambitious, hard working and impartial. Your attitude toward people and relationships is responsible, and you are loyal in friendship. You work well in groups or organizations, as long as you can preserve a feeling of freedom and independence in all you do. Social relationships are important to you, but others may misunderstand your levelheaded ways, and interpret them as too cool and collected. With difficult aspects, you may be selfish and resent doing anything that does not please you. You have too much intellectual pride and may lack gratitude or become a total loner. To overcome these tendencies you need time for deep reflection. Physically, you should keep your vital forces and circulation functioning well.

Sun sign Aries

Geminian flirtatiousness adds an interesting perspective to the Aries individual, who will be especially brilliant at chat-up lines. the temptation to have more than one lover at a time will often prove irresistible. here there is less passion and a greater need for friendship within a love relationship. A lively business sense is usual but there will be difficulty in saving cash.


The native of this sign is endowed with a quiet yet ambitious, persevering and persistent spirit, capable of enormous efforts towards the attainment of a desired object at times melancholic, and frequently malicious and revengeful, he is in some respects martial and warlike, yet always self-possessed, and of firm will. The native frequently has some marked peculiarity in his step or in manner of action, while the body is oftentimes angular and awkward in carriage he may be deformed from the cradle or meet with bodily hurts through accidents. The speech is brusque and direct and the native though often eloquent has generally an impediment or peculiarity in the speech. The temper is strong, forceful, and enduring, the mind suspicious and melancholic and in spite of inordinate ambition and much courage, frequently resulting in great achievements, the life is often unhappy. The desire for power is strong, and the native is, though quiet and reticent in the presence of strangers, yet...


The native will be quick-witted, apt at writing or speaking, quick at retort, witty, observant, and sharp sometimes given to exaggeration, sarcastic, enthusiastic or excitable. He may write or publish, and will make friends among writers, readers or literary people. This position favours short writings rather than elaborate works, but the native may be a quick and very prolific writer, with a fertile mind, original and inventive. It is good for the occupations of Gemini and Virgo (q.v.) and may co-operate with other influences in bringing any of them forward. The native will be the cleverest of his family or the most celebrated in matters governed by the planet. If afflicted,* it threatens some trouble to the head or bowels, giving also a liability to feverish complaints or to accidents affecting the above parts. There is likelihood of many short journeys.


Whoever has the ascendant in the 22nd degree of Gemini will be a lute-player from this profession he will gain great fame and the friendship of kings, but he will die a violent death. Whoever has it in the 23rd degree will be strong in virtue, noble in war, and have a favorable reputation from these characteristics. He will die without children.

Virgo Anger

The woman who shows her anger is quickly called a bitch. She has no role models to help her transform anger into a positive force. Yet anger causes blocked communication. It also can cause low self-esteem, physical illness, psychosomatic illness, or outbursts of temper that may result in the loss of a job or a friendship and can even cause divorce. Anger is also a huge obstacle to healthy sexual expression. The angry woman closes down sexually. She may justify this as a means of punishing her partner or all men, but she is primarily hurting herself.

The Aspects Of Venus

CONJUNCTION Enhanced sexual appeal and sheer enjoyment of sex. The coarsening influence of Mars is countered by Venusian charm and romance. The sign and house placing are important. POSITIVE ASPECT Similar to the conjunction, but pay special attention to the two signs' elements, as this will colour the sex life air additional flirtation and friendship water and fire passion and emotion while earth bawdiness. NEGATIVE ASPECT These enliven the love and sex life, adding increased desire. However, these individuals have a tendency to rush into relationships, which can result in disappointment or embarrassment when sudden rejection occurs.


Unlike the planets, which are associated with a wide range of phenomena, the smaller asteroids are said to represent a single principle. George and Bloch give Sappho's principle as romantic and artistic sensitivity. Zipporah Dobyns has found it prominent in the chart of people involved with poetry and the other arts, as well as in the charts of people involved in nurturing others (the semilegendary Sappho was devoted to nurturing young women). Contrary to the connotations of its name, Sappho does not appear to be associated with homosexuality. J. Lee Lehman associates Sappho with impersonal sexual drive, although the libido represented by this asteroid may be channeled into other endeavors, particularly work. Jacob Schwartz gives the astrological significance of this asteroid as friendships, artistic expression of sex.


Amicitia, asteroid 367 (the 367th asteroid to be discovered, on May 19, 1893), is approximately 20 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 3.3 years. Its name is a personified form of the Latin word for friendship. When prominent in a natal chart, Amicitia indicates a friendly personality. The sign and house position indicate both how one interacts with friends and what one's friends are like.

Part The First

There was a certain Irishman, whose name was Butler, being some time great with James, King of England, he being detained in the prison of the Castle of Vilvord and taking pity on one Baillius, a certain Franciscan Monk, a most famous preacher of Gallo-Britain, who was also imprisoned, having an erisipelas in his arm on a certain evening, when the Monk did almost despair, he swiftly tinged a certain little stone in a spoonful of almond-milk, and presently withdrew it thenc e. So he says to the keeper--'Reach this supping to that Monk and how much soever he shall take thereupon, he shall be whole, at least within a short hour's space.'--Which thing even so came to pass, to the great admiration of the keeper and the sick man, not knowing from whence so sudden health shone upon him, seeing that he was ignorant that he had taken any thing for his left arm, being before hugely swollen, fell down as that it could scarcely be discerned from the other. On the morning following, I, being...

Eighth House

When Uranus is posited in the Ninth House there are indications toward travel of an unusual nature. Sometimes this is connected with space exploration and scientifically related matters. The inventive aspect of the character is strongly accentuated and the native may become involved with affairs of an exploratory nature. The religious interests of the native are likely to be directly connected with the areas of the occult. There is an indication that the native may form some strange and uncommon friendships with people from the off beat areas of life. When the Sun is in the Eleventh House the indications are that the native will make friendships with powerful people in influential positions. These friends undoubtedly will be in a position to give the native assistance with his plans, hopes and wishes that would not be possible otherwise. It also implies that in some instances these friends may be of tremendous financial aid. This position of the Sun is extremely favorable for social...

Saturn In The Signs

Saturn is generally well placed here and it brings success to the native through societies, associations, companies or groups of people having some common object. This position lifts him up and indicates either general success or else prominence. It lessens certain of the restrictive significations of Saturn and assists both the progressive side of the native and the opportunities for making progress in everyday life. The capacity for making friends is intensified, and the friends made can be relied upon when troublesome conditions arise. When Saturn is in Pisces the native is usually very hard to understand. The position indicates that he will have a certain amount of trouble expressing his inner feelings, desires or thoughts. In many instances there will be a marked difficulty in making progress. Matters related with companionship, friendship, marriage and partnership should be very carefully considered.

Fourth House

Saturn in the Fifth House indicates difficulty in love affairs and it interferes in the forming of friendship associations. More often then not, these problems will originate through a personal difficulty of the native to express himself freely. Because of this difficulty, delays and awkward circumstances will surround the native. Saturn here restricts the family circle and a small family is depicted. Difficulty in the rearing of children is indicated here, but the native can rise above his problems and have a successful life. It is not a good position for speculation, but it does show a very good capacity for investment.

Lesson V

He is the humanitarian of the Zodiac. He loves mankind and holds the integrity and dignity of the individual in high esteem. His sign is associated with the eleventh house of universal friendship and attainment of wishes. His purpose is to unite humanity into the true brotherhood of man, with each individual free to follow the dictates of his own conscience.

Firmicus Maternus

Babylonian Astrology

The other planets' relationships to the Places and signs add further predictions. Mars in the fifth Place by night, in the house of Saturn, indicates good fortune in possessions. Honours will be decreed by the people, and friendship offered by great men.7 Venus in a middling Place, but in her house and in favourable aspect to Mars, suggests

Virgo Lifestyles

There are women who are content with monogamous marriage and never seriously consider taking a lover. There are women who fantasize about an affair but don't wish to bring the fantasy to fruition. Some women are so bound by their upbringing and the need to conform to societal sanctions that they do not admit, even to themselves, that they are bored, frustrated, and unfulfilled by unswerving, full-time physical and emotional exclusivity with their mates. Some women may cheat on their husbands and feel guilty others may commit adultery and live happily. Many women practice serial monogamy. A few have an open marriage for some months or years, freely pursuing sexual and nonsexual friendships, supposedly without guilt or fear of disease.

Gemini in love

The getting-to-know-you period of a relationship will go on rather longer with a Geminian than with many other zodiac types, whose aim is simply to get their partners into bed as soon as possible. With Geminians it must be remembered that friendship -even in highly-sexed relationships - is very important, and must be soundly established right at the start.

Venus In Aquarius

Venus in this sign is cool, calm, collected and detached. How can the personal Venus feel happy in the impersonal, aloof sign of Aquarius She isn't I She can function well in friendships, with acquaintances, and hi groups. But when it cranes to the personal equation she does not do very well. Venus in Aquarius finds it very difficult to understand the emotionally oriented for she strains her feelings through her mind stuff. She has a clear cut mind but icy and cold emotions. Often has a background of an early life where demonstrations of lovingness were missing. If Venus in this sign is afflicted by Saturn, Uranus, or Mars, the love life will be unfortunate until a true sense of love is inculcated. There would be a debt from a pest life where love is concerned. Until that debt is paid by willing sacrifice and of love that asks nothing in return, the individuals would not have the love in their lives they would like. A person with Venus in Aquarius could be righteous, ethical and...


Philia, asteroid 280 (the 280th asteroid to be discovered, on October 29, 1888), is approximately 26 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 5.0 years. Its name is a personification of a Greek word for love. The Greeks distinguished Philia love from Eros love, identifying Philia more with friendship than romance. When prominent in an natal chart, this asteroid indicates a friendly personality. The sign and house position indicates both how one interacts with friends as well as what the friends are like.

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