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the week, the reader may always fee what planet governs in that hour, as its character is placed in the fame line with the figure. For example, fuppofe I want tc know what planet rules the fifth hour on Sunday morning-—I look down the fhfi: column of the table, over which is placed Sunday planetary hour, and at the fifth hour I find Saturn governs. Agam, fuppofe it be required to know what planet governs the ninth hour on Friday afternoon—look down the column over wh:ch Friday planetary hour is printed, and in the ninth hour .t will be leen that Mercury governs. Or if it be alked, what planet rules the nineteenth hoar on Wednefday night ? Look: down the column over which Wed-nefday planetary hour is prefixed, and at iy, which fignifies the n:ne-teenih hour, or the feventh hour after the Sun is let, -t wiil be found that Mars governs; and fo for any other time lequired.

But a planetary hour not agreeing with the common division of time, and being peculiar to ailronomy and adrology ouly, we fhali explain it more fully. T he planetary hours are reckoned from the time of the Sun's riling to *ts fettmg, which fpace of time is divided into twelve equal parts, and thefe are termed the twelve planetary hours of that day. Then the lime from the Sun's fetting to its riling the next mormng is in the fune manner divided i'nto twelve equal parts, and thefe conilitute the twelve planetary hours for that night. H^nce it i.i obfviou«, that when the days are lhort, a planetcry hour docs not confifl of above forty miautes, more or lefs, according to the twelfth part of the whole time from the Sun's riling to its letting; and, the nights being then long, a planetary hour by n.ght may conlitlof an hour and ten or twenty minutes, or more ; and fo vice verfa when the days are long, and the nights fhort; fo that the duration of planetary hours, both by day and night, are continually vaiying, and never agree with the common ineaiure of time, except on thofe two days In every year when the Sun enters Arits aba Libra, end then equal night and day isdifpcnled to all parts of the world. Thrcfore, to enable the reader to rind the length of the planetary hours without the trouble of calculating, I fubjoiu the fo'lowing table, by which they may be found, both night and day, for ever.

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