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Mars is next located to Tup iter, and is the firil planet above the earth and moon's orbit. His aiitance from the fun is computed at une hundred and twenty-five millions of miles; and, by travelling at the rate of forty-feven thoufand miles every hour, he goes round the fun 111 fix hundred and eighty-fix of our days, and four hourswhich is the exact length of liis year, and contains fix hundred and fixty-feven days and three quarters ; but every day and night togetl which is but a fifth part fo large as the earth. Ile is of a deep fiery red colour, and by his appulfes to feme of the fixed Oars, feerns to be en-comp^fTed by a very grofs atmofpbere. His mean motion is thir ty-one degrees twenty-feven minutes ; and his iwift motion from thirty-two to ibitv-four minutes. His exaltation is in twenty-eight degrees of Capricorn ; his fall in twenty-eight degrees of Cancer, and his detriment m Libra and Taurus. His greatefl north latitude is four degrees thirty-one minutes, and his greatefl fouth latitude fix degrees forty-feven minutes. He is retrograde eighty days, and ftationary two or three days before rétrogradation, and two days before direction. His 01b or radiation is fe\en degrees before and after any of his afpe6ts.

Mars is a rnafculine nocturnal planet, in nature hot and dry, cholerc and fiery, the fmaller infortune, author of quarrels, rliflcntions, flnfe, war and battle; and rules the gall, left ear, head, face, fmell, imagination, and attractive faculty of man. This planet, prehdmg at a birth, renders up a ilrong well-fet body, of ihort ftarure, but large bones, rather lean than fat; a brown ruddy complexion, red, Tandy, flaxen, or light brown, hair, round face, fharp hazleeycs, confident buid countenance, active and fearlefs. If well dignified, the native will inherit a courageous and invincible ciiSofition ; unfufceptible of fear or danger; hazaiding his iife on all occa'ions, and in all peril's ; fabje6t to no reafon in war or contention ; unwilling to obey or fubmit to any fuperior ; regardlefs of all things in comparifon of triumphing over his enemy or antagonift ; and yet prudent in the management and direction of his private concerns. If the planet be ill dignified, and aifliite'd with crcfs af petts, the party will then grow up a trumpeter of his own fame and confequence, without decency or honcit* -, a lover or malicious quarrels and a Trays: prone to wicked-nek and fhughter, and in danger of committing murder, of robbing on the highway, of becoming a thief, traitor, or iucendiary ; of a turbulent fpirit, ohfeene, raih, .nhuman, and treacherous, fearing neither God nor man, given up to every fpecies of fraud, violence, cruc itv, and oppreflion. Jf the planet ne oriental at the nativity, the native wiil be above tVie middle flature. very hairy, and of « clearer complexion. If occidental, the native.

us. His diameter is four thoufand will will be fhort, of a mere ruddy complexion, a fmall head, with yellow hair, and a dry conititution

.rv • -'( AMfwcj/J V.ftt 1!!.t ?t X/Uft l&jlOitlDiKJjKiO^ "^ifc^^Bf- '« '

Difeafes under Mars.—Peftilemial levers, plagues, murrains, tertian agues, megrims, carbuncles, yellow ,aundice, burnings and icaldzr^s, Tingworms, bliilers, phrenzy fevers, aU hot ana feverith complaints .in the head, bloody flux, fiftuias, difeafes oi the genitals, wounds of every dcfcription, Hone m the reins and bladder, the difuria, ifcuna, diabetes, ftrangury, fmall-pox, fhingles, St. Anthony's fire, choler, and all choleric c'ifeafes, wounds, or bruifes by iron or fire, overflowing oi the gall, and al effects proceeding fiom intemperate anger and paifion,

Herbs and Plants.—Arfe-fmart, aflarum, barberry-bu Pi, broom, fweet bafil, broom-rape, butchers broom, bramble, brook lime, betony, crowfoot, madder, wake-robin, cranes bill, cotton thifile, toad flax, garlic, hurt-buih. hawthorn, hops, irafierwort, rocket, muftard, hedge-muitaixL onions, (littanv, caiduus benedittus, radifn, horie-radiOi, rhubarb, rha-phontic, monks rhubarb, thiilles, woolly-thiftle, itar-thilile, treacle-mufiard, dyer's weed, wormwood, bnthwort, camehon-thiiile, danewort, Hlue, cornel-tree, euphorbium, fpearwort, white hellebore, fponge, laa-rel-ltcel, monks hood, leeks, fcammony, eolloquintida, elatenum, devil's milk, nettles, ginger, pepper, red landers, briers, cammoc, horehound, and ali trees that are prickly and 'horny-—Rule for gathering, the fame 3s before.

Stones, Metals, and Minerals.—Thebloodfione, loadftone, lafper, ¿ouchit one. adamant, amethyit of dives colours ; antimony, llone-iulphur, verrrillior, white arfcnic, &c.

Arimals.—The maihff, wolf. 1 i -;er, cockatrice, panther, and all furh beafts as arc ravenous and wild. Alfo the fhark, t>.ke, barbel, fork-fifn, all flinging water ierpents and voracious iiih. C! birds,"the hawk, kite, raven, vulture, owl, cormorant, crow, magpye, and all birds oi prey.

Weather and Winds.—Of Mars proceed thunder and lightning, fiery meteors, pefhlential a;r, and all ) range phenomena in the heaven. He rules the weilern winds; and is friendly with all t he planets except the moon. Tuefday is his day • he xulcs the firit and the eighth hours, and Friday nights.

Signs and Triplicn'y.—A ies is his day-houfe, and Scorpio his night. He bears rule over the watery tngon, viz. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pilces.



Regions under Mars — Jcrufalem, the Roman Empire, Evento, Saro-matia, Lombardy, Batavia, Ferrara, Gothland, and the third climate.

Jourr.eys.—In journeys, he portends danger of robbery, luís oí"life, and all the other perils attendant upon the traveller.

Years.—His greateft revolution-year is two hundred and fourteen; hi* great year is fi\ty-fix; his mean year is forty ; his leaitycai is fifteen.

The Moon is next below Mars, being a fatellitc or attendant on the earth, and ^oes round it from change to changc 111 twenty-nine days twelve hours and ortv-four minutes; and round the fun with it every year. '1 lie moon's diameter is two thouiand one hundred and ei> tity miles; and her diilance from the earth s centre is two hundred and forty thnufand miles. She ^oes round her orbit in twenty-feven days feven hours and forty-three minutes, moving about two thouiand two hundred and ninety miles every hour; and turns round her axis exactly in the rime thai ihe goes round the eaith, which is the reafon of her always keeping the fame fide towards us, and that her day and night taken together is as long as our lunar month. She is an opaque g obe, like the earth, and (bines only by re-fle£fn g the light of the fun ; therefore, whilft that half of her which is towards the fun is enlightened, the other part mull be dark arid mvifible. Hence ihe difappears when ihe comes between us and the fun: becaufe her dark fide is then towards us. When Ihe is gone a little way fu. ward, v:e fee a little of her enlightened fide; wnich ihll increafes to our view as ihe advances forward, until ihe comes to be oppofite the fun, and then her whole enlightened fide is towards the earth, and fne appears with a round illumined orb, which we call the full moon, her dark fide being then turned away from the earth, from the full ihe feems to decreafe gradually as (lie goes through the other half of her courfe, íhewing us lefs and lefs of her enlightened fide every day, till her next change, or conjunction with the fun. and then ihe difappears as before. Her mean motion is thirteen degrees ten minutes and thirty-fix feccnds; her fwift or diurnal motion often varies, but never exceeds fifteen decrees two minutes in twenty-rour hours. Fie r greated, north latitude is five degrees and feventeen minutes ; and her greateil fouth latitude is five degrees and twelve minutes, or thereabouts. She ts never ftationary nor retrograde, but always uirett; though when ihe is flow in motion, and goes leis than thirteen degrees in twenty-four hours, ihe is confidexed equivalent to a retrograde planet. Her exaltation is 11 the thiid degree of Taurus j her detriment in Capricorn, and her fall in three degrees of Scorpio. Her No. 6 B b ' orb, orb. di radiation, is twelve degrees before and after any of her afpe£ts ; and ihe rules over all infants until the feventhyeai of their a

The Moon is feminine, nofturnal. cold, rfirdift, and phlegmatic Iler influence, in itfelf, is neither fortunate nor unfortunate, but as Pie happens to fall in with the configurations of the other planets, and is then either malevolent or otherwi e as thofe alpc6ts happen to be. And under tnefe cucumilances fne becomes the moil powerful of all the heavenly bodies in her operations, by rcafon of her proximity to the earth, and the fwifmefs of her motion, by which (lie receives and tranfroits to us the light and influence of all the fuperiors by her configurations with them. When flie has rule in a nativity, (lie product's a full flature, wi.h fair and pale complexion, round face, grey eyes, lowering brow, very hai y, ihori: arms, thick hands and feet, fmooth body. inclined to be fat, corpulent, and phlcgmatic. If fne be impedited of the fun at the time of h rth, fhe leaves a blennih on or near the eye ; if (he he impedited in fuccedcnt houfes, the blemiih will be near the eye; but if with fixed ilars, and in unfortunate angles, the biemilh will fall in the eye, and will affect the fight. If fhe be well dignified at the nativity, the native will be of foft engaging manners and dilpolition, a lover of the polite arts, and of an ingenious imagination, fond of novelties, and . iven to travelling, or ram ling about the country ; unliable, and1 *ov ling only for the prefent urne, carelefs of futurity; timorous, prodigal, and eaiily affrighted •. but loving peace, and deliring to live free from the cares c.nd anxieties of the woi d. If the native be brought up to a mecharical employment, he will be frequently tampering with a variety of different trades, but purfuing none of them long together. If the Moon be iff. dignified at the birth, the native will t en e flothful, indolent, and of noforecaft; f ven up to a drunken, difordeny, be garly life, hating labour, or any ¿"..id of bufinef9 or employment. < hen oriental, (he ,n- " clineth more to corpulence; but, wlien occidental, rather lean, auk-ward, and ill-formed.

Dijf.afes under the Moon.—The palfy, cholic, complaints of the bowels, the ftone and gravel, overflowings or obilru£bons cf the terms, droply, fluxes and dvfentery, all cold and rheumatic complaints, worms n the belly, ciforders of the eyes, furfeits, coughs, convulfions, falling fick-nefs, king's evil, impoflhumes, fmall-pox, lethargy, mealies, phrenzies, apoplexies, vertigo, lunacy, and all crude humours in any part of the body. In conception (he ru'es the Seventh month; and governs the bram, the ftomach, bowels, bladder, the left eye in man, and the right ftyt ;n woman, and the whole expulfive faculty.


Hah and Plants.—Adder's tongue, cabbages, colewort, ducks-meat, water-fla^, lily, water lily, fleur de leuce, lettuce, fluellin, moonwort, loofe7ftrifc, inoufe-ear, orpine, poppies, purilane, privet, rattlegrafs, turnips, white rofes, white and burnt laxifrage, wall-flowers, willow-tree, toadiiool, water plantane, water alimony, water betony, houfelcek, moon-herb, hy/iop, cucumber, endive, muOirooms, poppies, linfeed, rapefeed, and all inch herbs as turn towards the moon, aim increafeand decreafe as (he doth ; the palm-tree, which lends forth a twig every time the moon rifes, and all iucli trees and plants as participate or fympathize with her, and are juiov and full of iiip. In gathering her herbs, the fame rule is to be obferved as with the. othei planets.

Stones and Metals.—All iloncs that are white and green, the mareafite, the cryltal, the ielenite, and all fofi (tones. Silver, and all hard white metals. And the colours white, pale green, and pale yellow.

Animals under the Moon.—All amphibious animals, or fueh as delight in water, and al) that fyinpathize with the moon, as the camtlion, dog, hog, frog, hind, goat, baboon, panther, cat, the c ivet cat, mice, rats, &c. Among Eihes, the felurus, whofe eyes mcreafe and decreafe according to the courfe of the moon, and all other filhes of the like nature; the tortoife, the echeneis, the eel, crab, oilter, loblter, cockle, mufcle, and all kinds of fhell-fifli. Among birds, the goofe, fwan, duck, rlive-dap-per, moor-hen, the night-owl, night-raven, bat, and ail forts of water-towl.

Weather and Winds.—She produces weather according to her conjurations with other pianets, viz. with Saturn, cold, inoiil, and cloudy weather; with Jupiter, warm and temperate air; with Mars, winds, clouded Iky, and fudden itorms; with the Sun, (he varies the weather according to the time of the \ ear; with Venus, warm and gentle (howers ; with Mercury, ilormy winds and rain. But m the th;rd part of this woik we {hall treat of this fubjeM more particularly. The moon ahvays occafions thofe winds Pgmfied by the planet to which (he applies in her conf ,juration.

Signs arJ Tnplicity.—Of the celeitial figns, (he has only Cancer allotted to her for her houfe. She rules the earthy tr:phcity by night, viz.»Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. She is in friendihip with Jupiter, Sol, Venus, and Mercury; but at enmity with Saturn and Mars. Of the weekly days, fne rules Monday and Thurfday nights.

Regions.—She has dominion over Denmark, Holland, Zealand, Flanders, Nuremberg, and North America.


Tears.—Her greatcft year L> three hundred and twenty j her great is one hundred and e'ght; her mean year is fixty-fix; and her leafi. year is twenty-five.

Venus is the next pianet below the earth and moon, havmg her orbit within that of the earth. She is computed to be fifty nine millions or milâ3 from the (un; and, by moving at the rate of iixtv-rine thoufand miles every hour, Ihe paifes through the twelve ÎïgrtS of the zodiac m two hundred and twenty- "our days feventeen hours c ' our time nearly. Her uiameter is feven thoufand nine hundred ond Gx miles, and by her diurnal motion (he is carried about her equator forty-three miles even hour, befides the fixty-n ne thouland above-mentioned. When ihc appears weit of the fun, (he rifes before him in the morning, and is called the motmng Jiar; but when file appears eaft of the fun, {he llnnes in the evening after hefets, and is then called the ei<enit;gjiar; and continues alternate ly for the f'pace of two hundred and nînet) days in each of thefe fiUutions. It may perhaps bethought furpiifing at fir ft, that Venus fnould continue longer 011 the eaft or weit fide of he iun than the whole time of her period round him '; but the difficulty vaniihes when we confider that the earth il ail the while going round the fun the fame way, . hough not fo quick as Venus; and therefore her relative motion to the earth muft in every period be as much flower than her ablblute motion in her orbit, as the earth riurng that time advances forward :n the ecliptic, which is two nun Ircd and twenty degrees. To is ihe appears through the telefcope m all the various {tapes of the moon. Her mean motion is fifty-nine minutes eight féconds ; and her daily or fwift motion is iron, fixty-two minutes to one dt gree twenty, two minutes, but never greater. Her utmolt latitude, either north or fcuth, never exceeds nine degrees two minutes. Her exaltation is in twenty-feven degrees of Pifces ; her detriment m Anes and Scorp'O ; and her fall m twenty-feven degrees of Virgo. She continues retrograde forty-two days, and is ftationnry two days before and two days after ier ftate of retiogtada'ion. Her orb, or radiation, û feven degrees before and after any of her lipeèts. In the human ftruèturc {he oveins the reins, backbone, feed, and feniinal vefltls; al'o the neck, throat, breafts, and expulfive faculty ; and rules the light blue and white colours.

Venus is a femmme planet, temperately cold and moift, no&urnal, the fmaller fortune, author of mirth and conv iviality, alluring to procreation and to the propagation of the fpecies. When ihe afcends at a nativity, ihe gives a handfome, well-formed, but not tall, nature ; complexion fair and lovely, blight fpaïkîiug eyes of a dark hazle or black, the face round, regular, l'nooth, and engaging ; the hair light brown, hazle, orchefhut,

(hining ihining and plentiful; the body regular and wcli-oroportioned ; and of a rvaat, linart, and airy, dilpofition ; generally with dimples in the cheeks or clvu, and often in both ; the eye wandering, and naturally amorous-, in motion light and nimble; m voice, loft, ealy, fweet, and agreeable, inclined to amorous converfution, and early engagements in love. If weU-digmfied at the time of birth, the native will -e of a quiet, even, a;rf friendly, difpofition, naturally inclined to neatnels, loving mirth and cheer-fulnefs, and delighting in mufic ; amorous, and prone to venery, th^iigh truly virtuous, a woman; yet the will be given to jealoufy, even wit -out caufe. If the planet be ill-dignified, then will the native be riotous, proiligate, abandoned to evil company and lewd women, rc^ lrdlefs of reputation or chara6ier ; a frequenter of taverns, night-houfes, and all places of ill-fame; delighting in all the incitements to inceiiuous and adulterous prattices ; in i nnciple a mere Atheifl, wholly given up to the brutal paiTions of unbridled and uncultivated nature. If Venus be oriental at the time, the flature will be tall, upright, and flraight; but, if occidental, ihoit and Hooping, thou comely and well-favoured. If the be ficrrii^kator 'n a journey, anil well dignihel, {he portends much mirth, plealurej and fuccefs, and promifes fafety and good foituneby the way.

Difeafes under Venus.—All diforders of the belly and womb, ibffoca-tion, palpitation, heart-burn, diilocation, priapifm, impotencv, hernias, diabetes, all ilages of the venereal complaint, and all diiorders of the genitals, kidneys, reins, navel, back, end loins.

Herbs and Plants.—Ale-hoof, alder-tree, apple-tree, {linking araeh, alkaken,.. i, archangel, beans, burdock, bugle, ladies'bed-ilraw, biihop's weed, blights^ chickweed, chick-peafe, clary, cock's head, cowliips,daifies, devils bit, elder, erir.^o, featherfew, figwort, hlapendu!a, fox-cloves, grumwell, groundfel, krdneywort, lady's mantie, rnaiiows, herb Mercury, mint, motherwort, «¡ragwort, parfmp, penny-royal, periwinkle, primroie, ragwort, rofes, fow-th.itles, ipinach, taniey, tealels, violets, vervam, maiden-hair, coriander, melilot, daffodil, llone-pariley, landers, fatyrion, wild thyme, mufic, the fig-tree, pomegranate, the cypms, iweet-apple tree, peach, myrtle, walnut-tree, almond-tree, apricots, the turpentine-tree, ambergreafe, gum, laudanum, frankincenfe, and ail fweet odoriferous plants, as the lily, rofe, &c. In gathering, the fame rule is to be obierved as with the other planets.

Animals under Venus.—All fueh as are of a hot and amorous nature, as the dog, coney, hull, fheep, goat, calf, panther, and hart. Among Hihes, the pilchard, gilthead, whiten», crab, dolphin, and tithymallus. And, among birds, the fwan, water-wagtail, lwallow, pelican, nightingale, JSo. 6". C c pigeon, pigeon, fparrow, tunic-dove, flock-dove, crow, eagie, tmrgander, partridge, thruih, blackbird, pyc, wren, &c.

Stones and Metals.—The beryl, chryfolite, emerald, fappfrire, cornelian, marble, <*reen jalper, stites, the lazuli, coral, and alaba'ier; alfo copper, brafs, and filver. She governs the light blue, and white colours.

Weather and Winds.—She denotes gentle ihowers in. winter, and temperate heat in furnmer ; and {he rules the fouth wind.

Signs and Tripncity.—Cf the celenial figns (be hath for her houfes Taurus and Libra. She rules over the earthy triplieity by day, viz. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, She is friendly with Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, and the Sun and Moon ;' but is at enmity with Saturn. She prelides over Friday, and Monday night.

Years.—Her greateil year is one hundred and fifty-one; her great year is cighty-two: her mean year is forty-five and her leail year is fifteen.

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