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dation m this refpedt running through the whole, whereby oiu* houfe is fubordinate to the other, from the firlt to lait. Coniidcred ;n this order, they itand thus :

i 10 7 4 ii 593386 12

According to this rule, if we find two planets, equally flrong, and of the lame dignities, one pofited 111 the firlt houfe, and the other in the tenth, we judge the planet, m the fnlt houfe, or afcendant, to have fupe-riorrb over the planet ki the tenth houfe; and 111 pradtice we infer from luch a pofition, that the perion whofe fignificator was in the firil houfe, would get the better of his opponent, whofe fignificator was :n the tenth houfe.; but both being So nearly equal jn point of dignity, great ltrug-"Jes and difficulties would intervene, as the nature of the cafe in point mat- happen to be. This rule hold;, good from the tenth houfe to the feventh; the feverith to the fourth, and fo on through the whole; but it fhould always be remembered, that planets in angles, that is, thofe which are feated in the angular houfes, are the mojl forcible and potent in their operation.

The firit houfe, which is denoted by the figure 1, Is called the jfcen-ihni, hecaufe, the point of its angle being level wi'h the horizon, whatever planet afccnds from under the earth, mult afcend upon this line, and become vifible firlt in this houfe. The line upon which the planets afcend, or move, !s called the cufp of the houfes; and that of the afccn-dant is generally reckoned to extend about five degrees above the earth, and twenty-five degrees beneath, ready to afcend. But, if figns of long afcetifions afcend, t ien half five degrees above the earth, and thirteen below, are us utmoit limits. If figns of fhort afceniions afcend, then five degrees above the honzon, and fi ty degrees below, are ulually allowed. Now the quality of w hatfoever part of the heavens occupies or fills up the degrees of this houfe, carries along with it the health, life, and nature, of every infant or thing that ^s conceived or brought forth wiilun its jnrifdidtion. And hence hath this point of the heavens a faculty of attracting or rcceiv-ir- the virtues of the celeltial matter that is accidentally afcending in that part of heaven at the birth ; and alio of the planets and fixed ltars in their tranfits, and all the rays of the planets in their alpects and conjunctions, are attradted into tins part of heaven, in order to the formation of the fhape, fixature, temperature of the body, quality of the mind, and all accidents and contingencies which iliall befall the native's body, or health, oc life unto his djingday; fuch a fympathy is there between this part of the heavenly frame, and of every adt and thing tint is produced, or that receives life, under it. For as the feed in the ground after it has taken root, buds forth, and appears above ground, 1b the heavenly intelligencers,

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