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Leo is the only hcufe of the fun, by natu-e fiery, hot, diy, mafcullne, choleric, barren, and commanding; eaftern, and of the fiery triplicity; and claims twenty-leven cf the fixed ftars. When this iign ifcends in a nativity, It denotes that the native wi 1 be of a large mafcuiine body, broad ihoulders, Lnd auftere countenance; dark or yellow.ill hair, large commanding eye, l'prightiy look, ana ftrong voice; the vifage oval, antl ruddy, or fuigume; a refolute and courageous fpirit, afpiring micd, free and generous heart, wi.h an open, bold, and courteous, difpofiL.cr. It muft however he remarked, that the beginning and rn:dd'Je of th.s fign produce all the above faculties in the greater! degree of fcrength ; and chat; in the latter part of the fign, the native will be rather lpare and thin, with light fiaxen hair, and of a weaker conilitution and temperature. The dikafes produced under Leo, are all the paflions and affections of the heart, as convullions, fwoonings, ttembiings, qualms, violent fevers, plague?, peftiiences, imall-pox, mealies, yellow jaundice, pleu-riiies, ¡fore eyes, and all difeafes arifing from choler, and all pains in the back, ribs, and bowels. The provinces under the ruie of Leo are, Italy, the Alps, Siiioia, Bohemia, Phoenicia, Chaldea, part of Turkey, and Apulia ; alfo the ci'«ee of Rome, D mafcus, Crenrona, Prague, Linzi-nus, Philadelphia, Syracufe, Bristol, Crotona, anc Ravenna. In man, t governs the heart ar.d back, the vertebra cf the neck, and pericranium. It rules the colours red ar.d green.

Virgo "s an earthy, coid, dry, barren, feminine, fouthern, ncdturnal, melancholy, fign, of the earthy fiplicity, and the houfe and exaltation of Mercury, confuting of twenty-four fixed liars. When this iign afcends,

it perfonatci a decent and wcli-compnfcd body, Sender; and above the middle flature, of a ruddy brown complexion, black or duk brown lank hair, the vifagc fomewhat round, the voire linall and fiHl!, a witty a'.d ingenious mind, lludious, hut rather unliable; and, if the afcendant bs free from the malevolent afpe&i of Saturn, and ibis f:gn alcends wi'Ii Mercury therein, the pcrlbn who hath them fo fituited at his birth will be an excellent orator. The particular oileafes of this iign, are thoie produced by worms, wind, and obllructions; hardnefs of the Ipleen, mother, hypochondriac melancholy, cholic, and iliac paifion. '1 he regions under the government of Virgo, are Babylon, Mdopotamia, Alt/rii, Athaia, Greece, Croatia, Cormthia, Crete, the Duchy ot Athens, part of Gallia Comata, part of Rhenus and the Lower Silefh, with the cities of Jerufalem, Corinth, Navarre, Arethiu.n, Brundufium, Pjdua, Touloufe, Paris, Balil, Cratillavia, Heidelburg, Sigina, Erphordia, aid Lyons. Ii man it governs the belly, bowels, fpleen, omen'um, navel, and diaphragm ; and it rules the colour black fpeckled with blue.


Libra is a fign aerial, fanguine, hot, and moirt, equinoctial, cardinal, moveable, ovafculine,"weitern, diurnal, and humane; the day-houle of Ve-pus, of the airy tnplicity, and cor fills of eight liar.-. At a hirth it produces one of a tall, ltrair, and weli-made, boJy ; of a round, lovely, and beautiful, vifage, a fine fanguine cornplexiun in youth, but .n old ige commonly brings pimples, or a very deep red colour in the face; the hnr yellow, orfomcwhat tending to fiixen, long and lank, grey eyes, of a courteous friendly difpolition, With a mind juil and upright in alt irs purfuits. The uifeafes common to this iign are, the llone, grave!, hs.it, wind, cholic, and difeales ri the loins, impoilhumes or ulcers in the reins, bladder, or kidneysj corruption of blood, weaknei's in the back, and gonorihe^s. The regions under rts peculiar fway, are Baclriana, Calpia, Seres, Oafis, Ethiopia, Sabandia, Alfa'ia, Sundgavia, Livonn, Aultria, Pj.anonia, Portugal; and the Dukedom of Savoy. Alio the cities of Lifbon, Spria, Placentia, Lauday, Fritibarg, Ilcilhom, Antwerp, Frankfort, Vienna, Olyfiponis, Arafatum, Cajetj, Charlea-Town, Sutlia, Argentum, Velk-kircbium, and Ilalafrifinga. In man it governs the runs, kidneys, and bladder; and the colours under i ts rule are black, dark crimfon, or tawney.

Scorp.o is a tnuill, cold, phlegmi*'c, ftminine, nocturnal, fixed, northern, lign ; the night-houle and joy of Mars, and is of the watery tiigon; and includes twelve liars. It gives a ilrong, robull, corpulent, No. 5. Y ' body,

body, of middle ftatuie, broad vifage, brown complexion, and brown curling hair ; an hairv body, iburt neck, and fhort thick legs, qukk in bodily motion, but referved and thoughtful in, conversation. 'j he dif-eafes incident to Scorpio, are the ftofie and gravel in the bladder, llran-guary, 3i;d other imperfections -n the urinal palfcge; ruptures, fiflulas, hemorrhoids, venereal Cikafe, running of the reins, p iapiims, icurvy, and piles. It bears rule over the regions of Matragcnitida, Commagena, Cappadoc'a, Juries, idumca, Mauritania, Cetulia, Catalonia, Norwegia, the Weft Sileiia, and the Upp-r B ivaria, the kingdom of Fez, and Bar-oary; together with the ci'ies of Algiers, V\dentia, Tranizuntia, Aquila, Poilorh, Camerir.um, Petavium, Mefiina, Vienna of the Allobroges, Gedar.dum, Crema, Arimirum, and Frankfort upon Oder. In man it governs the privities, feminal vcifds, groin, bladder, and fundament} and prefers a brown colour.

Sagittar us is a fiery, hot, dry, mafculine, d.urnal, eaftern, common, bi-corporal fign, of the fiery trigon ; the houfe and joy of J up' ter; co.itdin-ing thii ty-or.e flars. At a birth if endows the native with a well-formed body, rather above the middle flature; with ?n har.dibnie comely countenance, a tfifagc fomewhat long, ruddy complexion, cheinui-coloured hair, but fubjeCt to baldnefs; the body llrong, aCtive, and generally mak^s a good horfeman ; ilout-hearted, intrepid, and carelefi of danger. The dileales proper to this fign, are the fciatica, windy gouts, runnug fores, heat of the blood, peililcntial fevers, and ditbrders produced bv intcm-peratenels, and fails from horfes. The regions under i'.s government are thofe of Arabia Felix, Tyrrhenia, Celtioa, Ilifpaniola, D.dmatia, Scla-vonia, Hungaria, Moravia, Miihia, Provincia, Lyguria, and Spain; the cities cf Toledo, Mutina, Nar bonne, Avignon, Cologne, Agrippma, Stutgardia, Rotteniburgus, Cullen, Tuberinum Indemburges, and Buda,. In man it governs the :highs, hips, and os lacrum, and rules the yellow ■ eeti coiour, tending to red.

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