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In .vnich the ahitrufe Dodrme of the STARS, of MAGIC, DIVINATION, EXORCISM, a;.d Familiarity with Spirits vegetable, aftral, and interna!—the Calculation of Nativities—Horary Quei-tionv—and she Aitrologira Prefcience of FtfTURlT Y—are clearly dtmonflrated and proved; *t.d tf ^ Ability of diung it rnadeealy to themeaneft Capacity ;and wherein all tne intcreit ng and important Alatter, diffulcd throughout the Icarce an J valuable Writings of above five hundred ancunt Hrfiarians and Philofopheis, whoie Works are now either wholly out of Print, or only to be found ,n the Britiih Mufeum, or in iomt few of the public Libraries of Europe, are fele&ed and cumb.ned-


PARI I <in Enquiry into*, and Dcfincc of, AJholo^y, with an intereitinpr Dilcourfe o-> Natural and Occult Philolophy—in which the Wildom andTOmnipot« nee of God ; the inul'ectuil Faculties ot Angels, Spir t», •iid Men ; the Order, Harmony, Sy mpathy, and wunderful Properties, of the CdeRial and Ti rrcilrial Worlds; ihe Signs, Influences, and Effects, of the Heavenly Bodies upon <.11 animal, vegetable, and mineral, SL t (lances; the Numbei of the Spheres; the Method of erecting the Horofcope to call Nativ;ties j and the Dotlrine ot Horary Quoltions; are clearly exemplified and explained.

PART If. Ex impla Jot acquiring a PraBkat Knoultdgt of AJlrokgy, with Rules for calculating, rectifying, and .judging, Nativities; by which the Ri-adei is enaMed to cukover, witli Precifion and Accuracy, rvery material Incident ot his future Life and Fortune. Ilhilrated by a Variety of new, entertaining, and tur.^us, Ciui ft ton , lately refcilved, upon every material Occurrence in public and privat- Lite. With aColleit on of t'-e mod remirkable Nat.vities thi< have been cat for Kings, Punces, and other eminent Men, by tin molt celebrated ProfelTors ot this Science, in all ages of the Wor.d ; with aftomihinj Initiates ot their <xa£t Completion. And including a Series of approved TABLES, conirived toanfvverail the Purpofes of Agronomical Calculation«.

PA ft T III. Mete»f»logicml AJtrMgy dtfintdandexplained: Wherein certain Rule ars laid dc wn for prejudging the Rt volutions, Viciflitii&s, and Mislortunes, with which ever Part of the habi:abk World may beocca-lionally threatened. General Effects produced by great Conjunctions, Echpfei, Tramits, Co~-ts, 1 lazing Stars, and other extraordinary Piijeporuena ; witl t ,e Art of calculating Etiipfes, Tides, and Weather, for any Number of Years to come.

PART IV. Hit Dijlinftion Apology and the Biuhdical P'aQice of Ex»rei/m; ir which the Methods uLd lor roifing up and confulting Spniis are jjud open, with various In/lances uf their Compacts with wicked Men. Account of Appaiit ins and Spirits; including a general Dilplay ot the Myftems ot Witchcraft, Divination, Cliaims, and Necrnmanc . Compiled fiom a Series of intenle Study and Application, and founded on real Exarnp'es and Experience.

The THIRTEENTH EDI HON -Finbell.ih'd with curious OOPi'ER PLATES, which exhibit Rrpref.ntatiuns of the Harnunv and Oonftniction ol the World j-thr fecrtt Intiutm-cs withe HeavtnlvB-idirscunimunifaiinirtul. Nature; acid their Operation and Eflect U]>oii Man. in four Curi' us Print's. The appeaianee of Herb» an! Flowers in It..! bloon., pr «Ju^td by a Ample Spirit extracted from each Herb or FTowtr. Edwai d K. nr, >n thr Art ot railir.t up the Gin.ft of a d«->-ated Purfoii n Walton Churcti-yard, 111 Lancalbire. Tlans and Pr nls of tne txttrior ar.d interior of Magical Cin les, Implements, and Ciiaiacters, uted in cxorcifing pr calling up Spirits or (Jliofts. Portraits encircled witn the Nativities of many exlraurd.aary Perfonages; with a variety of other Plates ixjualiv mtcrt ftiug and valuable.


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