FIGURE of the Horoscope or Twelve Houses of Heaven

rhefe twelve houfes are each diitir.guiihed by the;r refpcctrre figures, and arc either angular, fucctdent, cr cadept. The angular houfes are four, called the afcerdant, mid-heaven, or med im-cceli, the leventh houfe, and the bottom of the heaven; thefe are deemed the moil powerful and molt fortunate houles. The fucceeding houfes are the eleventh, feccnd, eighth, and fifth; and are ranked next m force and \irtue to the angles. The third chfs, or cadent houfes, are the third, twelfth, ninth, and iixth; and arc coniidered of the leait efiic^cy of them all. But notwithflanding *hey are divided into only three claifes, or orders, whereby their force and efficacy are eftimated, yet is there a regular gradation

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