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This aspect pattern is very important but may be considered by some to be a more minor aspect pattern. It consists of a Sextile (2 planets at 60 degrees) that is opposed by another planet. This forms an "arrow" shape that focuses energy on the planet that is opposed to the other two in the sextile. I do not consider a Yod a Minor aspect pattern because I have done enough work with midpoints to know that they are very significant in timing events.

Mars is ON THE MIDPOINT of the Uranus / Pluto sextile on Monday November the 17th 1997. The Yod on November 17th brings a very violent aspect pattern with Mars and Moon in opposition as a focal point of Uranus and Pluto. Just a few lines from the book "Combination of Stellar Influences" by Ebertine should be sufficient to get the gist of November 17th Mars = Uranus / Pluto energies. "Fanaticism, An act of violence, the mania of destruction, a state of precipitation, the stage of bending or breaking, injury, accident". A Moon placement at the midpoint of Uranus and Pluto carries this meaning "Intuition, restlessness, daring and audatiousness, ambition, determination, bringing about change by force". In the above example a Moon Mars opposition is also involved. Its meaning is "impulsive actions, strong excitability, quarrelsomeness. fluctuating energy, rashness or haste, rebellion against restriction, irritability". Wow! This handwriting in the heavens on November 17th appears to make some sort of violent encounter very likley on or about this date.

As you can see there is more to astrology than just looking at each day one at a time. Complex aspect patterns can and do produce effects that are OUTSIDE the realm of static cycles and are perhaps far more important than normal cyclic market behavior. Lets face it the EXCEPTIONS to the rules are what confound cycle theorists and the reason for these times of divergence from the norm are in once in the lifetime astronomic events that must be judged as singular events.

Triskelion 1987

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