Weekly Commentary

Starting in August 2001 only weekly commentary will be posted due to an acceptance of a very good job.

Astrological influences both of short and long term duration are analyzed every week.

I incorporate technical analysis to generate both short and intermediate term outlooks for the U.S. equity market. Technical methods rely primarily on price support/resistance, trend lines, and Elliott Wave analysis. Alternative wave counts are always provided and outlooks include guidelines that confirm or invalidate the preferred scenario.

Each week's commentary includes a summary of long-term planetary influences (such as aspects made by slow-moving planets which can last for several months), short-term influences (often triggered by the fast-moving moon or other smaller planets), and a reference listing of exact times of planetary aspects including intraday periods when planetary location may impact trading behavior on a specific U.S. exchange. A specific commentary on a particular day may predict the market's reaction to a major economic report (e.g., non-farm payroll, PPI/CPI) based on the report's coincidental timing with known astrological aspects. Another might focus on whether a speech by Alan Greenspan might jolt market psychology by making a surprise statement. How eclipses or other significant planetary alignments may trigger geopolitical events are also considered. The weekend commentary summarizes the prior week's trading action and takes a look ahead based on long-term astrological events.

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