The Grand Cross and the T Square

These patterns are when planets line up at 90 and 180 degree angles. These are VERY stressful even if the planets involved tend to get along with one another. The most striking example I know of the T square between slow moving planets occurred in July 15 th 1931 when Saturn opposed Pluto and they both were squared by Uranus. This is a nasty long term combination which was generally in and out of orb during much of the decline into the great depression low. I picked this day 7/15 because a New Moon was conjunct Pluto on this day.

During a T square 3 planets are in stress. In a Grand Cross a 4th planet is involved which makes a cross. This is 2 oppositions and 4 squares which really must be considered quite chaotic and difficult to control. The old saying "S%#t happens" applies to this kind of aspect pattern. Fortunately Grand crosses are not all that common. 7/21/1931 had this pattern form when the Moon moved into opposition to Uranus.

A recent example of a grand cross occurred on August 11th of 1999. A solar eclipse was opposed to Uranus and squared to Mars and Saturn. This Grand Cross was the source of much angst as it became exact due to warnings about this kind of eclipse by Nostradamus. As it turned out much of the violent energy of this alignment was manifested at the Turkish earthquake a few days after the solar eclipse that killed over 40,000 people.

A recent example of a T square is the one that occurred on October 4th 2000. There was an opposition from Jupiter to Pluto nearly exact and Mars squared both on this date. This concoction of astrological energy produced the worst internal violence in Israel in it's history. Stock markets tanked dramatically before and after this alignment as well.

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