Lesson 6 Putting Astro to Use Looking at a Personal Horoscope

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Now that you have gone through the first 5 lessons you should have some idea what you are looking at.. The best way to show you how to look at a personal horoscope is to briefly go through a few. In this case we will look at the charts of the two candidates for president in 2000. This quick read is not a full delineation only an attempt to show you how basic interpretive work is done.

Al Gore

Al is an Aries Sun. His Sun is in the 9th house of travel and philosophy. This combination makes him an aggressive proselytizer of his beliefs. His Sun is opposed to Neptune which is an empathic but potentially delusional aspect. He is indeed known to lie especially when he believes it is for a "good" cause. His Sun is also in a trine aspect to Saturn, Pluto, and Mars in Leo in his first house. He indeed comes off as a "strong" personality and makes a habit of imposing himself on others. This can be an overreaction to a self conscious perception of himself as being weak. A rising sign and the planets in the first house are an indication of what he is striving to be but is not yet.

His Sun in Aries is squared to his Moon which is an indication he was born by parents that did not get along very well at his birth. Natal Sun and Moon squares are common in children from a divorced couple. Maybe he was separated from his politically active father a great deal as a youth.

Al's Mercury is in Pisces giving him a high visual ability but again not necessarily knowing the difference between wishful thinking and reality. Venus is in Taurus so his sense of value runs to the material side. He has great pride in his appearance.

Al's Moon in Capricorn is conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius so he has a high need for achievement but is not discouraged easily.

Overall I would say that the Gore persona of strength is more the way he comes off than how he really is. This is not necessarily a great quality as president because he will be inclined to impose his will on others to validate his positions.

George W. Bush

George W Bush is a Cancer with the Sun in the 12th house of sacrifice and compassion. This is not a strong Sun position and is why he may come off as a "soft" personality. George has Moon in Libra which is not an emotionally aggressive sign either. His Sun is also squared to his Moon so Mr. Bush Sr. and Barbara Bush may not have been getting along very well at the time of Bush Jr's birth. The Moon is conjunct Jupiter in Libra so he has a very bright and optimistic emotional side and loves to socialize. George was well known as a party animal in his youth and with a Sun square to Neptune and Moon in Libra it is no wonder.

George has a Mercury Pluto conjunction on his ascendant. In fact he is very smart but Pluto is subtle. This is an aspect of persuasion by psychological means. In fact with weakness in other areas of his chart this aspect is probably the singular reason he came to run as president.

Mars is in Virgo in the second so he is a hard worker when it comes to money but gets bogged down by details. A nit picker.

Jupiter is trined to Uranus so he is quite lucky and probably more progressive than he lets his conservative constituents. know about.

I consider Bush a "nicer" man that Al Gore by nature. I am not sure the office of president needs "nice" so I classify him as ill equipped for the job in some ways. If the president has become more a salesman than statesman, as it seems over the last few years, George may in fact be as good a president as Reagan was.

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