Lesson 6 B Putting Astro to Use for trading

Revised and copyrighted by Robert Hitt 10/6/2000

Now that you have gone through the first 5 lessons you should have some idea what you are looking at. The best way to show you how use astro for trading is to show you one step at a time what was done in one time period.

HERE IS A PRACTICAL EXAMPLE OF ASTROLOGY IN ACTION This was taken directly from the subscriber updates posted from 11/28/2000 into 12/6/2000. During this period the Nasdaq made a low on 11/30/2000 at 2523 and rose to 2878 on the open on 12/6/2000

Here is a 30 minute bar chart of the period from Novenber 22nd to December 7th Here is a list of the aspects from 11/29/2000 till 12/5/2000. PM update Wednesday 11/28/2000

Today was not as extremely negative during regular trading as tomorrow should be. We are due for a capitulation day and all the astro ingredients are in place for one between now and Friday morning. The addition of an emotionally confusing Moon Neptune conjunction into the astro mix at 6:23 PM will only aggravate the worry factor from Mercury opposition Saturn exact on Friday morning at 9:08 AM.

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